Skronk Death Thursday


Everything you’re about to hear is ugly and shitty, and I know you wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re getting gross with a trio of EP’s from NegativaNightmarer, and Sunless.

Before that though, some slightly more conventionally palatable news:

  • Lord of War just announced their new album, Suffer, will be out July 8th through Unique Leader. While none of the new songs are up yet, you can acquaint yourself with the band’s first album right here. I highly recommend it if you like the more melodic side of tech death.
  • Speaking of melodic tech, Archaic Decapitator have a new song streaming at HBIH. I guess it’s not really tech death so much as it’s slightly proggy melodeath, but a) I don’t care, and b) it’s still really cool. Light of a Different Sun will be out on June 7th; give their previous release, The Catherine Wheel, a listen in the meantime.
  • Black Crown Initiate are streaming a new song over at MS. I know a bunch of you guys in the Facebook group weren’t really digging it, but I already like it more than most of the material on Wreckage of Stars. It has a menacing crawl to it that’s pretty different from anything on the previous two albums, and I’m curious to see where they go with it. Selves We Cannot Forgive will be out July 22nd on eOne Music.
  • Anata have taken over their Facebook fan page and apparently have something in the works. My butt is prepared.

I imagine a fair amount of you already know about Negativa, as I seem to recall somebody bringing them up awhile ago. For those of you who don’t know them, they were essentially what formed in the wake of Gorguts’ split in 2002. They only ever released one self-titled EP, not long after which Luc Lemay left the band to reform Gorguts. The band had plans to continue, but they were ultimately put to rest with the untimely passing of guitarist Steeve Hurdle in 2012.

But this is a damned monster of an EP. It’s ostensibly Obscura part two, but in a smaller, more easily digested package. It carries many of the same themes and ideas of that album (hell, “Rebellion” has a riff that sounds like a slightly twisted variation of a riff from the song “Obscura”), so if you wish that Gorguts had continued further down that path, then this EP is for you. It’s also worth mentioning that PRC music (linked above) has, at the time of this writing, a very small handful of physical copies left. Jump on those while you can (digital version here).

Up next we have Nightmarer, a War From A Harlot’s Mouth side project. It’s probably the most straightforward of the three bands presented here (ironic, given their main project), but it’s monstrously heavy. Musically, Chasm is a far cry from the mathcore trappings of WFAHM; it’s filled to the brim with nasty dissonant chords and slimy vocals, pushing through the choking atmosphere with a grim and steady pace. There’s a touch of synth present as well that shows up near the end of “Ceremony of Control,” meshing with the already somewhat congested guitar and drum parts, creating a wall of sound that’s almost overwhelming. Don’t mistake that for an insult, though; it’s a powerful effect, and I still have to pick through these two songs to find parts that I missed.

One of the things that distinguishes Nightmarer immediately from others of their ilk is the immaculate production. The guitar tone reminded me of Coma Cluster Void of all things, and the drums and vocals cut through surprisingly well in the mix. It’s bizarre to hear such a clean sound in such ugly music, but it works here. The band still achieves a sound worthy of their peers in spite of (or perhaps because of) the production. Don’t skip this one. (h/t Son ov Wolf)

Finally, we have Sunless, a super new band from Minneapolis. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys play in the shitty backroom of a pizza restaurant with our very own baby-in-a-pumpkin’s band Maeth back in March, and they totally blew me away. Fortunately, that powerful live performance translates really well to the studio; this is a killer-sounding demo. It never sounds cluttered and each member gets an equal share of the sound’s space, and it all sounds very organic.

Musically, it’s very much along the lines of Ulcerate with a little bit of a Luc Lemay howl making its way into the vocals. The drums run at a constant frenetic pace and progress mercurially, rarely sticking on a single idea and lashing it all together with chaotic fills. The guitar and bass are interwoven masterfully, alternating between each other as the driving force of the songs and building on each other in swells of sound and complex riffs. Two songs is just too few, and at the end of “Aberrant Clime,” I am left ravenous for more.

Nightmarer and Sunless can both be found on Facebook; go give them our Toilety regards. Check them out on Bandcamp, too; they deserve your monies. That’s all for this week, tech-heads. Until we meet again,

Stay Skronk

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  • Dubs
    • why

      • Dubs

        Lord of War

        • more beer

          One of the best beginnings to a movie ever.

          • Dubs

            I don’t remember much of the rest of the movie aside from him snorting cocaine mixed with gunpowder, but the intro definitely stood out.

          • more beer

            I can honestly say the same. But that opening sequence is great.

          • it was a decent movie, but ’twas no Gattaca (same director, Andrew Niccol)

          • ME GORAK B.C.™
          • CyberneticOrganism

            Uma >>>>>>>

          • Ethan Hawke <<<<<<<<<

          • Sploopy Thunderplop

            Gattaca was decent. Good plot, good acting, but sorta boring at times.

        • That movie was pretty good if I remember correctly. One of the rare good movies with Cage.

          • Dubs

            He’s done a few. His movies tend to be either good or really, really bad. Not much in between.

            I really like The Rock.

          • Raising Arizona is my favorite Cage movie.

          • Sploopy Thunderplop

            Almost forgot about that one, but then again, it’s been almost 20 years since I saw it. Only thing I remember was the scene with Brad Pitt and River Phoenix in the sack.

          • What?

          • Not sure what you’re talking about but it’s not Raising Arizona.

          • Sploopy Thunderplop

            Whoopsie daisy! I was confusing that and A River Run Through It, I think. *drinks more coffee and tries to get my brain back in order*

          • Sploopy Thunderplop

            Yep, pretty much! I don’t exactly wake up full of pep and vigor. More like poop and vinegar.

          • It’s also from Raising Arizona.

          • Sploopy Thunderplop

            Cool, might have to Netflix it this weekend. I’ve seen almost every Nicolas Cage film except for the National Treasure movies, Joe (which looks good) and Left Behind (which I will most likely never watch).

          • Dubs

            My wife and I watched Left Behind purely for the lols, and it definitely delivered those (unintentionally) in spades.

          • i saw the first Left Behind film with Kirk Cameron (2000) back when it came out. i’ve enjoyed bad movies for a very long time…
            guess i should try the Nic Cage one (for the lolz of course)

          • Dubs

            You will not (well, in a way, you will) be disappointed.

          • You’ve inspired me to do a Gimme Something to Watch for “Last Ounce of Courage”. It’s awful.

          • BRO. seen it. love it.

          • Sploopy Thunderplop

            I’m surprised the movie bombed, considering how popular the books are.

          • Dubs

            Different decades and political climates.

          • CyberneticOrganism
          • “Mighty fine cereal flakes, Mrs. McDonough.”

          • Dave Vincent’s Perm

            Has he finally come back?

          • …can you smell what he’s cookin’?

    • Sploopy Thunderplop

      Love that movie! Yet another underrated Cage classic (which seems to be the case with any good film he’s done post Leaving Las Vegas). He’s more known for his clunkers and turkeys nowadays (Ghost Rider, National Treasure, The Wicker Man, and the beyond awful Season Of The Witch) versus his really really good recent ones (Lord Of War, Matchstick Men, Knowing, Bad Lieutenant, Drive Angry).

  • Dave Vincent’s Perm

    This EP is death metal as fuck.

    • Dave Vincent’s Perm

      Also, peaceville’s service is insane. I ordered this on Tuesday and it arrived today.

    • Sploopy Thunderplop

      One of the very first DM bands I ever listened to, and first one I ever bought (Turn Loose The Swans).

      • Dave Vincent’s Perm

        Have you heard that EP though? It sounds like somebody went back in time, grabbed some depressed bards and gave them modern instruments.

        • Sploopy Thunderplop

          Nope. What’s the name of it? I can’t read the writing on the side since it’s coming up damn near microscopic on my screen.

  • The greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.

  • Dubs

    Both the Negativa and Sunless EPs have been sitting in my bandcamp wishlist. One of these days, I will conquer that mountain (probably not).

  • “Taedium Vitae” is one of the most frighting sounding songs of all time. Fucking so sick.

    • Dubs

      I’d like to hear another Negativa release. Though Gorguts still retain some of that Obscura sound, I think Negativa sounds a bit closer, to be honest.

      • Agreed. I would have been curious to see where they took this project; remember when they announced that they got a female singer to do clean vocals for the next release? That never ended up happening though, for obvious reasons.

        • Dubs

          Hmmm, I’m trying to picture a lady singing normally over this style of music. Very interesting.

          • Yeah, they apparently recorded shit. It never got released unfortunitly. I’m hoping one day Luc will decide to release and finish it. Like I said, I’d be curious. They may have performed some of it live. I’ll check around Youtube here.

        • BobLoblaw
          • Wow, thanks for this. Its probably been over 5 years since I last watched these.

          • BobLoblaw

            It was awesome that Steeve put this stuff up and so incredibly sad when he passed away. He had so much more to offer.

    • Drakkar filled and shipped my order within a day, and Noktu signed my Celestia records.

      To top it all off, as i was checking out, it told me it used 1USD = 1Euro conversion. essentially, saving me like 20 bucks.

  • quick Black Crown Initiate observation: their material has always been varied, even within the constraints of an album. i bet the new album will have 10 (or however many) wildly different songs to satisfy most fans. think about it: Wreckage of Stars has songs you like, and songs you don’t.

    • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

      Correction: Wreckage of Stars doesn’t have songs I like.

    • Spear

      Well, while the songs have always been of varied feeling, you can tie almost all of them back to a collection of themes that’s pretty distinctly theirs. This one sounded pretty different from those ideas to me.

      • you and i are getting pretty analytical here. which is great, because it helps us finely tune our ears. i’ll listen a few more times and see if i agree with you.

        curious: do you consider yourself optimistic about the new album or more “Meh”?

        • Spear

          It’s hard to say. I thought the last album was pretty dull, but I’m curious to see what they do on this one.

  • Sploopy Thunderplop

    Failure For Blogs is mentioned in an article?! Did I suddenly wake up in an episode of Fringe, and this is the Alterna-Toilet? Anywho, this is my first time listening to Black Crown Initiate, and sounds decent. Actually reminds me of Gojira a bit. Judging by everyone’s reaction to the new one, I’m guessing it’s not a good indicator of their sound?

    • Spear

      The only beef I’ve ever had with MS is that they stopped posting content I cared about. When they get something good, I’ll link back to them. Credit where credit is due and all that.

      • Sploopy Thunderplop

        Fair enough, and well done, good sir. 🙂

  • Nightmarer reminds me a lot of Ion Dissonance whom I hope is releasing new stuff this year.

  • CyberneticOrganism

    Nightmarer sounds fucking mean and I love the artwork: a thick slab of blackness.

  • Thanks for the Nightmarer review!

    It’s actually not a WFAHM side project. WFAHM disbanded in 2013 and Nightmarer is the new band of the ex-members Paul and Simon (myself).

    • Spear

      My bad! I should have done a little more research.

      • All good. Feel free to update it if you like. We appreciate the review either way!

        • hey i’m late to the game, but i’ve jammed the EP a few times tonight and it’s so f**king perfect! sign me up for more Nightmarer, dude!

    • CyberneticOrganism

      Cheers on the great work, it sounds fantastic.

  • BobLoblaw

    Little known deal with the bassist of Negativa. Good stuff.

  • HessianHunter

    Hell yeah, Sunless is effin’ tite

  • Waynecro

    I love a little melody in my tech (and vice versa), so I’m super digging Lord of War and Archaic Decapitator. Nightmarer and Sunless are pretty swell too, and I am so pumped about Anata’s actually doing something–whatever that something may be.

  • Xinen

    Oh shit Anata!!! Don’t tease me like that, its been one hell of a long wait. I love all their albums but their last two are some of my favorites.

    • Spear

      It didn’t feel like a tease so much as an announcement. At least we know something’s coming now.