Shirt Stains: Oli Sykes Has A Clothing Line For Some Reason


Bring Me The Overpriced Jeans

Bring Me The Horizon frontman and reason why your parents told you to really think before getting tattoos Oli Sykes has a clothing line. I had no idea either. Despite the occasional video breakdown, I haven’t really put much thought into Sykes or his band. Probably because it is a generational and, y’know, taste thing. What’s Sykes’s qualifications for having his own clothing line? He’s famous and has money. That’s not a slight to him or BMTH, that’s just fact. If we had a few million more clicks and Patreon donations, we’d open the Toilet Ov Hell Rib Shack and Video Game Empornium.

Sykes recently announced that his clothing line, Drop Dead Clothing, will be collaborating with the HBO hit Game Of Thrones on some new clothing. Why are Game of Thrones and Bring Me The Horizon teaming up? Did someone dose a business executive’s bangers and mash? Did someone at HBO go “They both talkify the same way! Let’s shift the paradigm and interslice our manuscripts for optimal maximization” or whatever made-up words trust fundies that major in business at Duke say? Your guess is as good as mine.

Sadly, images have not yet be released and the clothing line’s website just has a page asking you enter your email for updates. Since we can’t find out what the recipients of a Bad Religion slapdown have in store for Lannisters, Starks, and Targaryens, we can do the next best thing: gawk and laugh at the shit he already has for sale.


This longsleeve looks like the scene of a brutal triple homicide if a pumpkin spice latte was used as the murder weapon. This is what happens when a Jack-O-Lantern stares into the void. I can’t decide if the line around the collar makes this better or somehow worse. Hey, at least Dr. Frank N. Furter’s son is doing well for himself.


Wow, what a must-have item for mommy’s little sociopath and daddy’s little try-hard.

These jeans, that looks like they’ve gone through a trash compactor at Charlie Sheen’s house are 75£. Get fuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked, Drop Dead Clothing. Get double fuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked if you’re willing to spend that much on jeans that are part Swiss cheese.

Don’t worry, ladies. Uncle Oli didn’t forget about you. This dress-thing makes about as much sense as…well, a Game of Thrones/Bring Me The Horizon collaboration. It’s got that “methed-out chic” look that is all the rage these days inside the minds of people who have minimal connection to the real world. This one is for all the Helena Bonham Carter groupies out there.

Absolutely repug.

I’ll bet Oli is used to getting that look from women in their underwear. “Ugh. At least this will be quick. I don’t want to miss Paramore’s set.”


My “what the fuck” extends to everything in this picture. I just…I just don’t know any more.

Be sure to keep your eye out for the GoT BMTH OMG STD LOL clothing line. I know I will.

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  • Megan Alexandra


  • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan2

    jesus fucking Christ if you want reel metal that has good meanings beside it, listen to black viel brides and bring me the hoizen they are good bands that save life’s on daily basic.

    -PeaceOutBetch, 3 months ago

  • Oli Sykes gonna bury you and cover the tracks…if he’s not too sad.

    • Also, this post totally gave me Stuff You Will Hate flashbacks.

      • Janitor Jim Duggan

        I loved that blog. RIP Sarge.

    • FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper


  • How does a grown-ass man greenlight clothing like this? So. much. cringe.

    • Retchin’ Rites ov Karhu

      Grown ass-man, more like. And also “grown”. And also, lol.

    • chris biersack knows.

      • Retchin’ Rites ov Karhu

        Yo! Dunno if you seen it, but I did finally get around answering your last.

  • themaleshoegaze

    Well, Drop Dead Clothing sure is bad.

    You know what’s really good though?

    Dropdead Music!!!!!

  • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs

    I’m too happy to kill you all

  • That is some A+ red neck clothing.

    10/10 ftw!

  • Howard Dean

    Ah, the infamous “How the fuck did I end up here/What am I doing with my life/Am I seriously modeling clothing for this garbage band?” look:

    • Howard Dean

      Also: Definitely noticed a huge uptick in “tight skin tone-colored clothing” wearage among young ladies. There’s a woman at my office who wears skin-toned colored pants and shirts sometimes (though not on that same day; that would be insane). We all did a double take the first day she wore them because it literally looked like she wasn’t wearing pants.

  • I cringed so hard that my coffee got cold.

    Thanks, Oli manchild.

  • The Tetrachord of Archytas

    First model could very well replace tim curry in a rocky horror reboot

  • Walter White

    DROP dead has been around forever, if u were scene u saw some of those colorful ass shirts

  • Dougie Jones (Dale Cooper)

    Wow, my former self is really defective. I mean he was manufactured for a purpose, but he was really defective, thank god Dougie was better.
    Hey, MIKE, you dropped the ball on that one pal.