Seek Salvation with Crossover Thrash Punk Metal Band Iron Reagan


Check out the Televangelist-inspired informercial for Crossover Ministry, Iron Reagan‘s next album.

It’s election day in America, and I can’t think of a more appropriate way to celebrate the entire rotten affair than with the announcement of a brand new album from Virginia Beach’s own politically hostile band, Iron Reagan. On Februrary 3rd, you’ll get 18 new anthems for hating politicians, the church, your neighbors, and anyone else that’s ever pissed you off. Mixed by Kurt Ballou, Iron Reagan’s 3rd LP promises to be a pretty rockin’ affair.

The band put out a low budget infomercial to promote the album and it’s well worth two minutes of your time. Not only will you get to hear samples from a handful of songs, you’ll also get to see a throwback Jimmy Swaggart impersonation. Not bad!

Crossover Ministry is out February 3rd. Relapse has all kinds of totally siqqq pre-order packages, so check it out and buy me the baseball tee.

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  • This video is worse than going to a local improv show.

    I will probably still enjoy the album though

    • I thought the vid was fun. NOTHING is worse than an improv show.

      • Kevin Nash’s Jackknife

        I agree. Improv groups are awful.

      • Joaquin Stick

        Yes, AND…

      • As someone who grew up in the south, even you should be able to tell this video was made by a bunch of people who have never actually spent any time around far right southern conservative christians. It’s not funny because they’re not even close

        • Have you ever watched any of the real OG huckster televangelists? Swaggart, Bakker, Falwell???


            If you’re going to mock us, get it right


          • Howard Dean

            Robert Tilton!

            “Isn’t the lord good?! The lord is SOOOOOO good!” [frppppppp prpppp]


          • Dude man, farting preacher is classic internet. I remember a guy literally brought it over to our house in the late 90s on a disc so we could watch it hahah

          • Howard Dean

            Yeah, I remember blasting those vids like crazy in the computer lab in middle school/high school. Some of my fondest memories from my early internet days. That and using movie sound boards and Miss Cleo clips to prank phone call people. Fuck that was a good time.

          • Dubya and I are gonna start a Joel Osteen-themed black metal band. Øysteen.

          • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹

            Oh man, that guy is the worst. When you look at his face, it just makes you feel like you need a shower.

          • There were more than 10 years in my life when I thought Osteen and Ovaltine were the same thing, and Joel owned the latter

          • ¡Jajajajaja! Classic gringolandia with those weird pastors in TV.

        • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹

          I did think it was funny to include a prayer candle with the yellow splatter vinyl, but it does kind of clash with the southern tone of the video, since that’s more a hispanic thing (as far as I know, anyway).

          But the way I see it, good for those guys not having enough firsthand experience to have as convincing a parody as they could’ve haha.

          • Your second paragraph basically puts it into words better than I tried to express it. OBVIOUSLY it’s fake, but the accents and acting are so far off that it puts me off and i can’t enjoy it

          • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹

            Actually, now that I watched it a second time, it really is kind of grating. I think the first time through I was too focused on the song previews behind it to really notice haha.

            That one line “I used ta think mash was how my momma made her puhtatuhs. . .but now I know mash is how I like ta dance” was solid gold, though.

          • You are sounding quite poser-ish, bro.

          • Because I want true southern parody?

          • You just sound afflicted!

        • Óðinn
      • You guise aren’t going to the right improv shows then.

        • “Whose Line is it Anyways” is the ONLY good improv

        • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹

          Comedy Bang Bang never quite did it for me. I like most everything about it but the Scott Aukerman dude. I mean I’m sure he’s a super cool guy, but his particular personality on the show is just more annoying to me than anything.

          Maybe it’ll grow on me with time, but I also haven’t seen anything since Reggie Watts left the show, and he was a major reason to check it out for me.

          • The CBB show is tame compared to the podcast. Not in content, but in structure. And yes, Reggie Watts >>>>>>>>>>

          • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹

            You’re the 2nd person who’s told me the podcast is much better. I need to check it out one of these days.

  • Kevin Nash’s Jackknife

    I saw Iron Reagan with Napalm Death and Voivod. They were good. I’m excited for the new one.

  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

    Crossover????? The little bit I’ve heard of Iron Reagan ain’t bad.

    • One of the greatest live bands ever.

      • It was also rad to see Bat play with Felix Griffin on skins at Hells Headbash.

        • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

          Which I missed!!

    • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹

      It’s leaner, meaner Municipal Waste, with a bit less goofiness (although still a bit), and angry as fuck.

    • Guppusmaximus

      I miss the real D-Beat in these newer bands that DRI employs in this song. It forces the drummer to play a groove.

  • Señor Jefe El Rosa


  • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹

    Pre-ordered that one in the first half-hour. Needless to say, I’m excited. Fucking love these guys, and saw them with Skeletonwitch recently.

    • I caught that Skeletonwitch tour as well. I felt bad that SW had to follow Iron Reagan. They killed it.

      • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹

        So did Skeletonwitch, though. Best show I’ve seen in ages. I’ve also been a huge SW fan for pretty much forever. Hadn’t caught them live since 2010 though, and I thought the new singer Adam killed it at the Atlanta show.

        They also played my favorite song, Gorge Upon My Soul, from their most underappreciated album, Breathing the Fire. They never even played that one when that album came out. It was magical.

        If I could find it, I was going to try find a meme from Zack and Miri about “arcing ropes of jism,” to more thoroughly express my enthusiasm.

        • you mean their last good album?

          • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod


          • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹

            I’m too noob to have any idea what that hashtag means 🙁

          • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

            It means Randall should be banned for being false. A running gag.

          • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹

            Well consider me on-board this bandwagon! (kidding. . .mostly)

          • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹
          • Breathing the Fire was the last album they were buzzy/riffy. After that they turned more into a thrashy melodeath band, and I’m not about that life

          • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹

            I dunno man, you might wanna give like. . .all of it a second listen.

            I thought they’ve struck a really consistent tone in most of their material and there’s riffs for days on every release.

            Not that everyone has to like everything, but. . .actually fuck it, I’m just gonna repurpose that amazing GIF AeonsOvChaos posted yesterday.


          • Howard Dean
    • Man, i really wanted to catch that show but I was low on funds 🙁

      • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹

        Man, that’s the worst. Good thing is SW tours like crazy, and Iron Reagan seems to keep pretty busy, too. That was the 2nd show of theirs I think I’ve heard about that come to the general area (I believe last time was also Atlanta, but I forget when, and I didn’t go to that one either) within the past year or so.

        EDIT: clarity

  • Howard Dean

    “I’m on the Donepezil to keep me from forgetting y’all. Together we’re going to make Gorbachev tear down this wall again!”

    “Iron” Donald Reagan.

  • When I need clean, swift and high pitched punk metal, I can count with Iron Reagan and Municipal Waste!

  • That was a fucking cool video.


  • That riff in broken bottles just makes me want to destroy shit.

    • It has lots of good mid tone. I LIKE

    • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹

      One of the best moments on that album for sure. Might be my favorite. They played that one live. Only song they didn’t play that I was really hoping for was Drop the Gun, from the first record.

  • Dumpster Lung ᴰᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ_ᴵⁿᶜ⁸⁹

    Completely off-topic, but why the fuck are there ice cream trucks still going down my street? I realize it’s the South and it’s not nearly as cold as it should be by now, but fuck’s sake, it’s NOVEMBER. Give it a rest, dude.

    Looked out the window (dead-end street, so he had to pass twice), and this is the plainest ice cream truck I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s just a very persistent pedophile with some space left in his basement, and he wants to snag some extra cuddling buddies before it finally does get cold.

  • Waynecro

    Who still keeps a gun under her pillow. Get with the times, lady: