Samael – Black Supremacy: A Video Breakdown


I do not like it, Samael. I do not like green eggs and kale.

Depending on the religion, Samael is usually considered either the Angel of Death or a demon. Oh, and it’s also a black metal/industrial metal band that’s been kicking around since 1988. Admittedly, I don’t really know much about Samael. Sure, I know the name and I’ve listened to a song before, but it’s always been an “in one ear and out the other” sort of situation. Heck, I just found out they were Swiss. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a Samael fan or seen one of their shirts in the wild, but they obviously have an audience if they’ve been playing for almost thirty years. Maybe their new song will make you a fan. Or maybe it will make you cringe like you’ve never cringed before.

0:08: Illuminati confirmed.
0:13: Evil techno dance party also confirmed.
0:22: I’m not sure what’s happening, but it is definitely happening.
0:27: A cold nose means he’s healthy.
0:31: TIL that Samael’s vocalist is part goat.
0:36: And maybe a dash of Wayne Static.
0:43: You can also find him in the new book “The Big Book Of Swiss Smiles”.
0:48: How does he managed to spend so much time grooming and still look like a mess?
0:54: Uh oh. I don’t like where this is going.
1:01: Okay, now I know why they were just filming his mouth.
1:09: Today is the day of misinterpreting song meanings.
1:17: I didn’t know Al Jolson was in Samael.
1:22: If he says “Mammy!” I’m out of here.
1:28: Is C. Thomas Howell on drums too?
1:36: Anyone else noticing the subliminal Tri-Force symbol quickly popping up in the video.
1:42: Is this really a Ganon propaganda video?
1:50: Actual sentence in the description: “Frighteningly brutal, a colorless bouquet from the withered flowers of BEHEMOTH and DIMMU BORGIR!”
1:55: I know what those words mean, but that sentence doesn’t make sense.
2:06: This whole video was just a prank by the other band members. They told him it was regular moisturizer in the bottle.
2:13: Getting a heavy “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vibe right now.
2:24: Director: “For this video, you’re going to rub black paint all over your body.”
2:30: Vocalist: “Then what?”
2:36: Director: “What do you mean ‘then what?’ That’s it!”
2:44: Probably should have the world “KILL” flash in front of a white man covered in black paint.
2:52: Real should be in quotes.
3:03: I’d hate to see the bathtub when he cleaned up.
3:12: Shaking the camera = something is happening.
3:26: Some tiki torch -carrying chode is probably really mad about this song.
3:32: I hope it gets him fired from Little Caesar’s.
3:43: If the vocalist really wanted to, he would have covered his teeth in Black Jack gum.
3:54: Well that was incredibly uncomfortable.

Samael’s new album Hegemony is out on October 13th via Napalm Records.

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  • ResonanceCascade

    Shiny black paint is the new snowy forests and spikes for black metal music videos.

  • Skankhunt42

    is this that fucked up racist dove commercial everyone got in a hizzy about?

    • KJM, Blood Farmer

      Who in the hell told them that was a good idea?

      • SomeGuyDude

        The Dove commercial? Well considering it wasn’t racist at all, just looked bad if you took a few still images out of context, I’d say their marketing team just forgot that the internet is fucking retarded.

  • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

    This ain’t good, but classic evil-as-fuck Samael is my jam!

  • KJM, Blood Farmer

    Anybody watch The Orville? It’s not bad, and I normally can’t stand Seth what’s-his-face.

    • Óðinn

      Yeah, it’s good. I like it. It’s actually better than the new Star Trek series, which I’ve found to be highly disappointing so far.

      • KJM, Blood Farmer

        I agree 100%. Orville is WAY more fun than Discovery.

        • but the lady from Discovery…

          • KJM, Blood Farmer

            Feh. They killed off Michelle Yeoh.
            The Orville is better than Discovery, Enterprise, and Voyager.

          • Enterprise wasn’t difficult to beat. though i’m surprised you’re giving that much praise to The Orville as critics seemed to not dig it. i’ve just got too much TV to watch these days (i’m at episode eight of Twin Peaks the return, and holy moly it’s the best TV program i’ve ever seen!!)

          • KJM, Blood Farmer

            The critics don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. They’re letting their MacFarlane bias blind them to the shows strengths. Another point: The Orville has episodes directed by Brannon Braga and Jonathan “Riker” Frakes, two guys who know a thing or three about Trek.

            OMG. You finally saw episode 8 or, as I like to call it, “New Mexico, And Beyond The Infinite”. I’ve rewatched it a million times and yes, it’s the best hour of TV I’ve ever seen. Poor girl. She should’ve had a screen on that bedroom window.

          • i haven’t seen eight yet, i recently finished seven. i have heard from multiple sources (yourself primarily) that 8 is incredible!

          • KJM, Blood Farmer

            Oh shit, watch episode 8 first chance you get. If you think Peaks is good now….

  • The Unicorn

    Ceremony of Opposites rips. This is a yawn…

  • Joe Samson

    I think Samael’s renaissance has officially ended.

  • Patrick Bertlein

    Early Samael is some of the best black metal ever. Passage was a brilliant album combining industrial elements.