RIP Drew Cook of Dimesland and Wild Hunt


It is with heavy heart that we share the news that guitarist and beloved metalhead Drew Cook has passed away.

The news broke yesterday that Cook passed some time around April 21st (according to Metal Insider), forcing mind-melting black doomsters Wild Hunt to cancel their tour plans with Giant Squid and Botanist. Cook was a rising star in the Bay Area scene, most notably laying down schizophrenic riffs alongside his brother in mad thrashers Dimesland. Earlier this year I wrote that Dimesland released one of the most best albums of 2014, and Cook’s distinct, mad-genius play style ensured that Psychogenic Atrophy will remain a staple of progressive thrash for years to come.

Nolan Cook, Drew’s brother and co-guitarist in Dimesland released a statement via Earsplit Compound regarding the loss of his brother:

We are saddened to announce the untimely passing of Oakland musician extraordinaire, Drew Cook, of the bands DIMESLAND and WILD HUNT. Drew was a special guitarist and a wonderful individual who will be deeply missed by the Bay Area music scene and by the many who were fortunate enough to have collaborated with or otherwise known him. We have lost an incredibly kind, funny, and talented human being.

At this moment, cause of death is in unknown. Join us in celebrating Cook’s legacy with the killer music he leaves behind.

(Photo VIA Shannon Corr)

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  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

    How did he die?

    • Dr. W.’s Tentacles

      I couldn’t find details anywhere. Seems he passed last month too, but they didn’t announce it for a while.

      • Jointsalot

        Anyone know how old he was?

        • The W.

          I didn’t see it listed anywhere.

        • anonymous112233

          He was 44

          • Jointsalot

            Way too young to die. Condolences to his family

  • Scrimm
  • Edward/Breegrodamus™

    While I am largely unfamiliar with the tunes contained herein, that’s too bad.

    • Dr. W.’s Tentacles

      Wild Hunt were new to me, but they’re pretty righteous.

      • A Blue Whale’s Used Condom

        Checking it out now, and loving what I’m hearing so far!

    • Slit your goats

      Dimesland is/was super good, you’ll like it.

      • Dagon

        They’re were featured here way back, I instantly remembered the cover art.

        • Dr. W.’s Tentacles

          There may or may not be a link in this very article that takes you there.

    • Virgil the Ghost Poet

      Edward I highly recommend Wild Hunts first CD I believe its titled planes of angels. It is great.

      • Edward/Breegrodamus™

        They’ve come highly recommended a couple of times now, you, W, I should get on that shit.

        • Virgil the Ghost Poet

          The first and last song on the CD are 16 min long I believe and has a couple of 3-5 min songs in the middle. Good post metal sludge.

  • Dr. W.’s Tentacles

    FYI. both bands are on hiatus as of now.

  • Never listened Dimesland until now, the preview song Dubya posted was good.

    R.I.P. Drew Cook.

  • A Blue Whale’s Used Condom

    Never heard either one (checking them out in a few), but sad news nonetheless.

    “Lower the flags, for a good man has passed” -Sentenced

  • Dagon

    It sucks to lose someone so young. Even more so when it’s from a sudden cause (not saying Drew Cook’s was). At least some diseases give you time to try and prepare for death.

  • it must have taken a genius to be involved in the creation of Psychogenic Atrophy. who knows what masterworks he could have created. D.E.P.

  • That’s unfortunate 🙁

  • Rest in peace, Drew 🙁

  • Matt Pike’s Sweaty Left Nipple

    Sad news. RIP brother.

  • Dean the P.I. Staker

    I’m going to guess he didn’t follow in hallowed black metal tradition of being stabbed to death (for being a fake Satanist, being an asshole, et. al.)

  • That really sucks. I loved Wild Hunt’s album. I’ve not yet listened to Dimesland but I’ll have to do that.

  • Óðhinn

    Sorry to hear that. I like Dimesland.