Riff Of The Week: The Slick Sikh’s Sixth Sheep’s Siqqq


Say that six hundred and sixty six times. Go on…we’ll wait. Fine, just say it once then. Alright, just read it in your head and scoff internally then. Whatever. I hate you.

Last week we had a good ol’ fashioned Free-For-All and the blistering Ouijidude riff shredded the competition. I’m currently celebrating by destroying a pile of Belgian waffles doused in a dubbel-infused syrup while yelling Flemish obscenities at the neighbour’s cat. Business as usual, really.

This week we asked for riffs from any album’s sixth song. Here they are –


Iced Earth – “Desert Rain”

Waaaay too many choices this week.  Apparently “Track 6” means “epic riffs” for most album composers. In the end I had to be the fanboy once again. Just set aside Jon Schaffer’s… Shall we say “unique” political and societal theories, and focus on the killer, chugging, galloping riffage from old school Iced Earth.

Ted Nu-Djent

Vhöl – “Arising”

By the time this weeks ROTW rolls around it will be my 40th birthday and by the time this weeks ROTW goes live I’ll either be still in full swing and making incoherent comments below or I’ll be in a coma, hopefully in my own bed and not in a gutter somewhere. While with my impending oldness, it was tempting to post something old to remind me of my youth , but as of writing this blurb I am still in my 30’s so I best be offering something you kids might enjoy before I fade completely into dad rock oblivion. So with that in mind I offer you “Arising”, the  6th track off Vhöl’s excellent self titled debut album,  from the 0:30 second mark to about 1.40 they’re be boppin’ and scattin’ and I’m losin’ it. My favourite track off the album and I hope you all enjoy it too. If not, would it be unethical to ask for some sympathy birthday votes? Cheers


Convulsing – “Invocat”

The thirdth riffth in the sixth songth on Convlusingth’s firstth albumth, Erratath, is pretty sickth. So sickth youth gonnath dieth listenthing to itth. Riffth at 0th:51th.


Hæthen – “In Absence Of The Eternal”

After nearly 2 years listening to this album I’m yet to tire of its fog-shrouded mystique, every time I listen it draws me in deeper still. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll still be enjoying this in twenty years time, provided I’m not dead by then, and when such a time comes, the riff at 4:26 will provide a fitting accompaniment for the march towards the unknown.

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Next week, considering BossTheRoss has been going crazy all damn week about some Texan Independence Day, we’re going to be enablers and do Texan riffs. The band you choose your riff from must be from Texas. Your (yes YOU!) instructions are as follows:

  • Choose a riff
  • Copy its YouTube link
  • Write a short description that includes a time-stamp of said riff
  • Use your screen-name as the subject line
  • Send to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com
  • Slap your thigh and yell “Yee-fucken-haw” while firing a revolver in the air.
  • Deep-fry copies of the constitution in crude oil.
  • Fondle your bag of testosterone while talking about secession.
  • Profit?
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    wooooo, dis a little tough. Lassy with the Haethen pick. i lurb dat record

  • Howard Dean

    Duuuuuude, I sent you a riff last Sunday!! And it’s not here?! Double-U Tee Eff!! It ripppped (which is probably why you chose not to include it, because it would’ve destroyed). BAD LIZARD.

    Anyway, even though y’all can’t vote for it, here it is for your Saturday morning enjoyment:

    “Blasphemophagher is one of the few war metal bands that has a knack
    for pairing primal black/death chaos with shit-stomping thrash riffs.
    And mah gawd does it feel good. Their third album is a war metal
    masterpiece, and the sixth track on this album, “Genesis of the
    Antiworld,” is a ripper chock full of riffs. This riff is a monster
    thrash riff–a huge, galloping headbanger. It starts around the 1:30
    mark and then kicks into full on neck-snapping high gear at 1:48.



      dang, you submitted a Blasphemophagher riff? dang

      • Howard Dean

        Yessir, and it’s a good ‘un. About it not being included, I am disappoint. Maybe I sent it too early and it was forgotten? I can’t imagine it got lost in the mix, since there were only four other submissions, haha.

    • Señor Jefe El Rosa

      Did you send it to the correct email? Silly question as it may be, this caused someone’s riff to get lost for a whole month.

    • InfinityOfThoughts

      Yeah, that would have had my vote.

  • Eliza

    I seriously need to listen to that Convulsing record.

    • High on Vallenfyre

      Yeah, that’s sounding pretty damn good.

      • Eliza

        It almost voted for it instead of Vhol.

        • High on Vallenfyre

          Same here. It was pretty close.

  • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

    Now this is gonna be some tough shit.


    • Eliza

      It’s either Vhöl or Convulsing for me. Really hard to choose between these two.

      • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

        It’s Vhöl for me.

        • Eliza

          Good choice. Probably best choice.

  • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

    I’m curious though…which Flemish obscenities are you using?

    • Lacertilian

      ummm….shit…all of them!

  • Howard Dean

    Of the choices here, the Vhol riff destroys them all. That is a good riff. If Ted doesn’t mop the floor this week, I will be shocked. Monsieur Nu-Djent has an ear for good riffage.

  • CyberneticOrganism

    Sixth track off Crown Feral


    • James


  • High on Vallenfyre

    God, I love waking up to some sweet, sweet riffs!

  • Jay Riemenschneider

    So does from Texas mean the band has to have formed in Texas? Or can the riff have just been recorded in Texas?

  • BobLoblaw

    Thanks Grand Lizard and Richter, never heard of either of those great bands.

  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    Dammit, this is gonna be tough

    – Ross The Boss

    • Tough be gonna is this, dammit.

      -Boss the Ross

    • Señor Jefe El Rosa


  • tigeraid

    I’m gonna get trampled here anyway, so I’ll ignore the lizard’s horrible (on purpose) typo in the poll list.

    (And yes I meant the whole baseline riff so I didn’t timestamp, Lacertilian plssssssssssssssssss!)

  • Ted Nü-Djent ™

    So drunk

    • Howard Dean
      • tigeraid

        The shithawks are circlin’, Ran’.

        • Howard Dean

          Ricky: How fucking drunk are you right now?

          Lahey: [slurring] Ah six outta ten, bud.

    • more beer

      That is my plan this evening.

      • Howard Dean
        • more beer

          There has never been a truer statement. But it is for a good cause. A guy from our local scene passed away recently. Leaving behind a wife and kids. I set up a show for a young metal friends 21st birthday. So we are going to set up a donation jar. As well as the brewery where it is. Will also be donating a buck for every pint sold during the show. To help out his family. So it is drinking for a cause.

      • Doom Scientist

        Some Cotton Candy, a little Berry White, a few bowls of Blue Dream, and a ton of MK Ultra OG. A friend gave me a few Petra mints last night. They were nice.

        • more beer

          I picked up an oz of Hemlock, got a free eight of Tango with a THC content of 30.6%. a gram of wax, and 2 grams of live resin today. For 180 bucks. I have to break out the big guns tonight. Since a certain heavy weight pot smoking singer and his band. Are doing me a favor. By playing this show for me tonight.

          • Doom Scientist

            The mints were a big hit with Mom.

          • more beer

            Nice. I was looking at these cherry sours and lemon head candies this morning. I think I am going to grab some next time.

        • Sid Vicious Promos

          I’m enjoying water and Iggy Pop solo albums.

          • Doom Scientist

            Nothing wrong with that.

  • Señor Jefe El Rosa

    So I totally spaced on submitting a riff this week, even though I promised. What a loser.

    Lacertilian, you made my day! TEXAS RIFFS! Disqualify all those who submit Pantera however. That’s basically like submitting Maiden any other time.

    • ME GORAK™✓ᶜᵃᵛᵉᵐᵃⁿ

      GORAK SOUL FOR GOAT!!!!!! GOAT TASTY!!!!!!!!!

    • tigeraid

      Does this mean I can finally use Texas Hippie Coalition – Pissed Off and Mad About It?

      • tigeraid

        (Are they even from Texas? It’d be fucking hilarious if they weren’t.)

    • Waynecro

      *sound of ten people simultaneously looking for a new riff*

    • more beer
      • Señor Jefe El Rosa

        Yeah! Chemicaust is jamming

        • more beer

          Yea, I have been friends with one of the guitarists for years.

          • Señor Jefe El Rosa

            That’s how I know them, haha!

    • Sid Vicious Promos

      What about ZZ Top or The Sword? Will they be disqualified as well?

  • Vhöl for Têd!!!!!!!!!!

  • CT-12

    Unrelated, but any industrial fans may want to check this. Been a fan of these guys for a while and they finally released a new album. Like a doomier version of Godflesh. https://zaraza.bandcamp.com/album/spasms-of-rebirth

  • TrundleTheGreat

    If I submit all of Power Trip’s latest release do I win by default?

    • Señor Jefe El Rosa


  • Count_Breznak

    http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Amethyste/Thrown_Off_Balance/112429 song: Modern times syndrom, riff starts at about 2:00

    No luck finding any audio online sources yet.