Review: Venowl – Patterns of Failure


Rare is the occasion that a piece of music can genuinely be called “indescribable,” but that’s exactly what Venowl’s debut album is.

First released in 2012, Patterns of Failure has been remastered for cassette reissue on Broken Limbs Recordings. As other writers have lamented, Venowl’s music is not an easy beast to categorize. This is sound designed with no purpose in mind but to make you uneasy. There’s basically no way to call this music anything that doesn’t sound like a complaint: this is repetitive, painful, laborious, droning noise and it’s perfect in every way.

I’ve heard Venowl compared on multiple occasions to Khanate or Sunn. The basic touchstones are there: long, low, droning guitar notes, sparse drumming and tortured howls form the backbone of all three bands’ sounds, but neither of the latter come anywhere close to Venowl in terms of pure unbridled evil. I tried to write a review of this record and failed miserably. Words don’t do the music justice, so here are some visuals:

If you like the way that video made you feel, buy this album immediately.


Patterns of Failure is out now on Broken Limbs Recordings. Buy it here or here.

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  • Gorgasm

    I feel the tension, the fright, the confusion.

    -100/5 flushes.

    Truly heavy.

    • Gorgasm

      Jamming the bandcamp page, and i keep getting chills whenever i hear that shriek.

  • Further Down the Metal Hole

    Saw that header picture once before today, it is way too fucking freaky, lol. But I get that it fits the article.

    It continues to amaze me what humans listen to for entertainment. Definitely not my cup of tea, but it sure was interesting and I still have no clue what I actually listened to.

    • Owlswald

      The picture reminds me of Total Recall

      • Get your ass to Mars!

        • KJM


  • *Que hip hop beat*

    “Coal roller, metal roller. I am a bitching diesel roller.
    Fuck your petrol, and your EPA, I roll over Prius’s everyday.”

    BTW: I have no idea what I just watched – but – I left scared. Srs


    • Christian Molenaar

      Like I said, if you like how the video made you feel, get the album!

  • If it sounds like that picture, I think I’m in. I think. (heebie jeebies)

  • W.
    • Christian Molenaar

      Have I been flushed??

      • W.

        On a long enough time-line, we’re all flushed.

        • Mook Styfawker

          I see what you did thar, Mr. Narrator.

    • Cock of Steele

      If only it was always this easy.

    • Further Down the Metal Hole

      This is sad, that trolling was just way too easy.

    • Stockhausen

      Hahaha, it sounds like that guy is trying to hide his accent for awhile. Hilarious.

  • Gurp

    I’d describe that cover for the article as ‘Patterns of Eyerape.’

    • Guppusmaximus

      Yea, the abilities of Photshop are getting f’ing crazy. That picture freaked me out…

    • Mook Styfawker

      It’s got that bizarre and unnerving vibe that David Lynch would pull off. Also, I could see it as a Butthole Surfers album cover.

    • Phuo

      Tip: AdBlock can also be used to block horrifying images that you no longer wish to see 🙂

      • Gurp

        Whoah, it totally can! Didn’t know that, thanks man.

    • KJM

      I’ve seen people on massive amounts of LSD who had smaller pupils than that. Damn.

  • NDNOvHell

    Whoa. Very interesting. Will check out more for sure.



    • Metaphysical Anus


  • Mook Styfawker

    Dafuq is that video?!

  • Loafy D

    Loafy D loves all animals

    • Loafy D

      Even you Mr. Bojangles