Infernal Curse – Apocalipsis: A Review


Karhu gives Infernal Curse‘s sophomore album a spin.

I was unfamiliar with Infernal Curse when I received Apocalipsis. The attached notes informed me that the band creates black/thrash in the South American vein (which would make sense, since Infernal Curse is from Argentina). I expected something more along the lines of Vulcano than Abysmal Lord but, alas, things were not to be. Infernal Curse plays a cavernous kind of death metal that has been boosted ever so slightly by a touch of blackness. This was not the only thing questionable in the note; despite having marked Apocalipsis to be released on February 26th, it seems to have been out since sometime last month.

After a thirty-second intro, the album kicks off with “Litanies Unto Djinn” which brings vividly into mind Incantation. Soon, the band starts blasting and pretty much continues on the same path until the very end. Albums similar to Apocalipsis are often tedious as a result of uniform material and never-ending length, yet it dodges both of those pitfalls to a degree. While a few of the songs actually do feature slower tempos, more often than not recalling the aforementioned Incantation, only the seven-minute “Adharma” feels like a shift in the songwriting, spending a considerable amount of its length on slower tempos and doubly sinister atmosphere.

You’ll find plenty of distorted guitars on Apocalipsis, but you’ll also notice an odd lack of lower frequencies, especially in the drumming. The non-existent kick, or anything that isn’t a cymbal really, is somewhat disturbing. The vocals are short, sharp barks and snarls, drenched in echo and almost devoid of a rhythmic pattern, like an afterthought. Yet, in their own way, these faults also add to the album’s atmosphere. The atmosphere, as well as the band’s approach to their craft most closely recall Incantation, if not in the songwriting itself.

Although no song is short, Apocalipsis itself clocks in at a mere 33 minutes and thus avoids pestering the listener for too long. And when it comes to the uniformity of the material at hand, I find myself drawing lines to Bode Preto’s recent Mystic Massacre. The songs’ inter-textual resemblance is intended; the album is as much, if not more, about the feeling you get while you listen to it as it about individual moments or songs. Maybe something has changed in the way I perceive it, but maybe this newfound enjoyment of uniformity is taking the place once occupied by enjoyment of greatly extended albums.

With the vocals, the same-y songwriting, and lack of invention, the band has a lot to atone for, some would say. Others, like myself, just strap on and feel the G. It may not be the kind of album you’d still dig up somewhat regularly twenty years from now, but it is a good record, worthy of 3.5/5 Flaming Toilets ov Hell.

3.5 Flaming Toilets ov Hell


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  • Stanley

    Off topic, like most of my comments but this is unbelievable. As a bit of market research, how many of you flushers bought the vinyl? I’ll post the same thing on the FB Page so only comment in one place if you bought it.

    3000 pressed and sold!!!!!!

    • RJA

      Impressive indeed. I bought it.

    • That’s not KVLT!!!

      • Stanley

        Black Metal Millionaires, the new reality show on Fox.

        • Haha, joking aside that’s goddamn incredible. Mgla is the one popular black metal band that even the grumpiest elitists can still approve of I feel.

          • Stanley

            Yeah, it’s not like they sold out or anything. They just continue to do what they do. No compromises.

          • Yup. Just really fucking good.

            By the way you got that A.A. album in the nick of time. Shit sold out last night.

          • Stanley

            I hope I got it. You never know with BB as they never seem to send a confirmation e-mail, just the one that you get from Paypal.

          • He just got a bunch of new shit in so he’s probably waiting until orders die down a bit until he starts shipping and what not.

          • Stanley

            Yep, they are not the fastest shippers. Normally two weeks for me.

          • It’s about a week for me. He’s only a couple states away though.

          • RJA

            AA? BB? you guys have me intrigued.

          • BB: Behold Barbarity
            AA: Is a band I reviewed recently on Ultimate Satan. I won’t spell it out here. But you can figure it out.

          • RJA

            I’m picking up on what you’re putting down.

          • RJA

            Looking at BB – I had forgotten about the NYOGTHAEBLISZ / HELLVETRON / NEXUL tour – may have to try and make it to the Minneapolis date.

          • Fuck yeah dude! You really should, Nyogthaeblisz is so devastating live. I missed both Nexul and Hellvetron at Hells Headbash last year unfortunately. They sound solid though from this video…

            I’ll be at the Philly show.



            oh, so i can get SJWd at but no one else has the drunken balls

          • COAL ROLL

            what was Ultimate Satan’s take on it?


      I bought one the other day, late to the party. I will have it on Monday.

      Edit: I got it from Hells Headbangers


      mine will be here sat or monday.

  • Now we’re talking. Really enjoyed their 2014 EP on Iron Bonehead Productions. I completely missed their EP from last year and had no clue about this new full-length. *Presses play*…….. Annnnnnnnd it fucking RIPS!

  • Waynecro

    This sounds pretty good. Thanks for the great review!

  • Sounds very similar to Demoncy, Nocturnal Blood, and Void Meditation Cult. I’m all for this.

    • Goddamn that guitar tone is filthy!

      • So much atmospheric dread happening here.

  • Stanley

    This sounds like an unhinged juggernaut of nuclear waste careering down a mountainside with faulty brakes.

  • I am not that fond into this style. But the aesthethic of these Argentinians comrades are making me reconsiderate and I am digging.

    It also made me reconsiderate the detonation of an arcane nuclear bomb I was going to set in that country. You have been forgiven, Argentina. Thanks for Infernal Curse.

    Good review, and spot on argument, Bear God, but I am sold.

  • Maik Beninton™

    I like this more than I thought I would, there is something magnetic about that cavernous sound.

  • Album artwork is pretty lame though. Loved their old logo too.

    • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

      Much cooler than this one.

      • Yeah, not sure if the move from Iron Bonehead Production caused the artwork approach to change or not. It’s sort of night and day.

  • Dubs

    Dig those big vacuous growls.

  • apoc…ellipsis…

    • Apoc…Ellipsis…

      And now I have to change my username…

  • Dig this i can. Undergang reminds it me of

  • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

    This band sounds pretty good. Incantation-like cavernous death metal. Always a winner.

    Kinda off-topic, but since Argentine is featured:
    Some time ago I bought a physical copy of Eyehategod’s Take as Needed for Pain. I found out that instead of a Century Media copy, it’s a copy of an Argentinean record label called Icarus instead. Now the sound quality of the music on the disc, the booklet…it all looks and sounds good. But is anyone on here familiar with those copies and are they legit?
    Their logo is butt-ugly.

    • ME GORAK B.C.™


      • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

        Thanks Gorak. Quality wise, my copy is fine. If only the Icarus logo weren’t so ugly…

    • There’s a lot of reprint labels on Argentina, Brasil and Colombia. Just be careful with the source, Icarus makes good official copies, they’re mostly endorsed by the artists.

      I have a Colombian reprise of a Helloween album and it’s legit. But, there are another labels that aren’t that good.

      • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

        Thanks. I was just wondering if these copies are legit. I’ve noticed my copy of Amorphis’ Tales from the Thousand Lakes is from Del Imaginario Discos. My best guess is that they’re one of those South American reprint labels as well. Sound and booklet are all perfectly fine.

        • Import records, at least in Venezuela, is highly expensive, so underground labels sometimes serve as reprint to larger labels like Nuclear Blast or Century Media so they can offer the records much cheaper.

          But, that art is mostly lost now, sadly. The last record I bought was last year with that Helloween one, and because the inflation all the prices are remarked and getting higher every month at my local record store.

          I missed the chance to buy an Essential Judas Priest, Redeemer of Souls and the Black Sabbath Live record because of that ;_;)

          • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

            Damn, that sucks. Aren’t those labels pressing any copies anymore? Because those copies are all over Ebay at the moment.

          • Not that much, at least on Venezuela the production costs are too damn high. I suppose Argentina and Colombia still have some pressings. I remember that Michael Amott had a deal with an Argentinian label (I have the thought it was Icarus, indeed) that were selling Arch Enemy and Spiritual Beggars records, but the selling was only on Argentina and Chile.

            Since those are the “capitalist” countries right now on the region, they have a little bit more funds to run a label. Countries like Venezuela or Brasil are having too much financial troubles to get the business done.

          • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

            The crisis is really putting a dent in everything.


    this aint rly my thang

  • Count_Breznak

    I prefer the “run over by a freight train” sound to “boombox in a garage”. Jagged, not shitty.

  • Commandant Lassard

    Could be worse; Napalm released a new Otep song today.

  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    Whatever happened to KJM? I was going to tell him about this hilarious thing I watched but I never see him anymore.


      again, he said hed be back eventually

      • Sir Tapir The Based


        • Boss the Ross

          What, you can’t trust the word of a pirate?

        • DVRKBEVRD

          its in the pudding

          • Sir Tapir The Based

            My dick is in the pudding, but ya can’t see it because it’s tiny.

        • RFI

          • Sir Tapir The Based


    • see my image below…

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