Red Fang Release Free Acoustic EP


I’m a wizard. I just know it. It seems like whenever a band releases free music, I just happen to be wearing one of their shirts. It happened with Absu. It happened with Revocation. It happened with… some more bands that I can’t remember right now so fuck off… and today I wore a Red Fang shirt.

You know what that means? Today those rowdy Portlanders released a free acoustic EP through Apparently it’s one of their Absolute Music Bunker sessions, whatever that means. It sounds like acoustic Red Fang, and I’ll let you decide if that’s a good thing or not. Even if you don’t like it, the original versions of the acoustified tracks are included in the EP, and I can assure you that they rock hard. Click that pretty picture below to download it, or just stream it below.

Red Fang EP

Once I figure out how to harness this sorcery you all may send me free shirts of your favorite bands and they will have no choice but to bend to my will and release free downloadable tunes.

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  • I’m not familiar with Red Fang’s work but I’m a huge fan of free. Pretty much guarantees I’ll check it out and go from there 🙂

    • Everyone loves free!

    • They make some hilarious music vids.

    • Negrodamus

      I love any and all Bandcamp albums that are offered at NAME YOUR OWN PRICE. Makes me feel like a skilled negotiator AND I am (barely) supporting musicians.

      • Steve Smithwick

        You ARE a skilled negotiator, NegroD!

        • Negrodamus

          I am.

  • RuIN?

    Whales and Leeches is some really good throwback type shit. It is good driving music and would go well with all that good beer they be brewing up in Portland.

    • I’m a Murder the Mountains type of guy, myself.

      • RuIN?

        I’ve only just kicked that one around a little. got stuck on W a L and just never let it go man. Most def will give it another go.

      • Renan Ribeiro

        Favorite album IMO. Throw Up is my favorite Red Fang track.

      • Between The Buried & Smee

        I go s/t. That was my introduction to Red Fang. Prehistoric Dog is such a killer track.

  • Masterlord, I’m gonna send you an Insect Warfare shirt. See what you can do. Gonna need it back though, shit’s valuable.

    • Masterlord SteelDragon is not responsible for shirts that end up lost or stolen (by Masterlord SteelDragon).

    • New free Insect Warfare would be awesome! I think we’ll have to settle for the greatness of War Master though…


      Joe you crafty devil, you have some kind of boob blocker on here don’t you ! hahahhahh, now i can’t show the one penthouse model i have spoken to. My grief is so great i may now end it all. I have to start my own site and i will no doubt take 1% of your commentors. So be ready for exodus chapter 2.
      hahhahhahah, nah, you still the man bro !

  • Can you please put on a Cattle Decapitation shirt?

    • The Devil

      or maybe a Necgrophagist or Tool shit

      • That would imply that either of those two bands releasing something soon was plausible.

        • iheartcrack

          a Pantera shirt

    • Lacertilian

      that combined with Rivers Of Nihil shorts, Revocation socks, Clutch cap, Meshuggah shoes & a pair of Decapitated undies.

      • New Decapitated and Revocation are already on the way. Do you really want to waste the socks/undies slots on them?!

        • Lacertilian

          Yes, I know they’re recording but when he dons the shirt, it gets released. I’m impatient.
          If I was to give his shirt-theory a real test I would ask for an Animosity release,
          or if I wanted something impossible I would ask for a Death release.

    • Ayreonaut

      I’ll send my super old human is as stupid does one






      • FeelTheDarkness

        Those prequels were total garbage. If they would have done them properly and not CGI’d to death they probably would have been way better. The casting was also horrible as well.
        The Indiana Jones trilogy was great because of Spielbergs influence. Crystal Skull was a slap to the face to the first 3.
        I am intrigued to what JJ Abrams take on these new movies since he did a outstanding reboot of Star Trek.

    • Barbarians are metal, CONAN THE BARBARIAN.


    CONAN knows this penthouse pet – has talked to her ( no shit )

  • Spear

    Masterlord, I’m gonna need you to put on a Wintersun shirt asap. The Time II wait is killing me.

  • Gurp

    …Tell me about this free Absu.