Primordium: The ToH Interview!


When we first met Primordium, they stabbed us through the chest with their first song “The Incursion” from their upcoming debut EP Aeonian Obsolescence (out September 19th on Lacerated Enemy Records). We dug the track so much that I had to reach out to this Indianapolis tech death group to pump some more info out of them. Steele Sleight and John King, the creative forces behind Primordium, were kind enough to answer my questions. We proudly present this exclusive Toilet ov Hell interview with Primordium (the band’s first!).

What is the Primordium origin story? How did you guys get together?

Primordium started out with Steele Sleight and John King getting together and writing songs in storage units in the dead of winter. Every song with the exception of the last track on Aeonian Obsolescence was written by the both of us. Brandon Howe came on solely as a vocalist, but when it came time to record and we couldn’t find a suitable bassist, he picked up bass like a bad ass, and learned it within a few months. When Jesse Curtis came on board, we tweaked a few parts in a couple songs to accommodate Jesse’s leads.

Our first taste of Primordium came from your track “The Incursion”. The riff that opens the song is a monster. Who wrote it? When you first played it did you know you had something special in your hands immediately? How is songwriting divided within Primordium?

Thank you for the kind words! Steele wrote “The Incursion” in its entirety, aside from Jesse’s solos and harmonies, along with all the other songs on Aeonian Obsolescence, with the exception of the Instrumental which was a group effort. After listening to Ulcerate‘s “The Destroyers of All,” I decided I wanted to write a song a little more dedicated to the usage of chords. When I had first written it, I was a little disappointed, to tell the truth. It wasn’t exactly what I had wanted. I didn’t understand dissonance well enough at the time to do what I had set out to do. But due to John’s ability to provoke a constant groove to the odd time signatures, we decided to keep it. And as it turns out, the song grew on me. I still favor “The Opaque Semblance” and “Esoteric Purification” over “The Incursion.”

What can listeners expect with your debut EP?

We set out to write a concept album heavily influenced off of books such as The Necronomicon and Children of the Matrix. Brandon Howe did an amazing job writing the lyrics. He spent upwards of a year perfecting the lyrics. They should tie in seamlessly with all the tracks. The lyrics consist of the reclamation of Earth itself washing away Humankind in all its entirety.

Are you currently playing live? Are there any plans to tour to support the EP?

Our first show was about 2 years ago with Kamikabe and Rivers of Nihil in Indianapolis. We have only played a handful of shows with this set, which is the forthcoming EP Aeonian Obsolescence. Depending on how well the EP is received, we will retain 2-3 songs from the EP with newer material for upcoming tours. As far as upcoming tours, we have nothing concrete, however there are several tours in the works later on down the road. The band started out as a 4-piece but due to creative differences we had to part ways with our bassist/vocalist Brandon and lead guitarist Jesse. So we are in currently in search of members. If people are interested in trying out for the band, we will send guitar tabs to The Incursion.

We’re all very stoked to hear Aeonian Obsolescence when it drops September 19th. In the meantime, do you have any side projects that we can check out to sate our appetite for new music?

I (John), have two ongoing side projects, one with Steele and another with a group of previous band mates. We don’t want to release too much information about them as of yet. However, if people are interested enough, they can add our personal Facebook pages and can stay up to date that way. (Steel Sleight & John King)

I have to ask this question for the gear nerds. What does the Primordium guitar rig look like?

Steele’s rig consists of the good ol’ Peavey 6505+ with a TC Electronics G-Major 2. A very simple setup, and sometimes he doesn’t run the G-Major live, just the 6505+.

Who are the most exciting new acts in metal today?

Sorry for the long-winded diatribe. This is not necessarily new music, just music we are currently jamming.

Steele – First, I personally love Deathspell Omega‘s new album “Drought” and Ulcerate’s “The Destroyers of All”. Deeds of Flesh‘s “Portals to Canaan” was amazing, especially since they got Arkaik’s Craig Peters on the geet. LUC LEMAY from Gorguts is one of my heroes when it comes to composition. I absolutely fell in love with “The Colored Sands.” After listening to it, I went back and checked out the entire Gorguts discography, I couldn’t believe what I had missed out on all these years. I love Archspire, but I suppose anyone that plays extreme metal faps to their riffs. Our label mates Reciprocal‘s new album “New Order of the Ages.” Hannes from Infecting the Swarm did great on his debut release “Pathogenesis.” Our buddies from the Windy City, Kataplexy, always put out great music and we enjoy playing shows with them. Rivers of Nihil are great dudes as well, and put out great music. Inanimate Existence‘s “A Never-Ending Cycle of Atonement,” I can sum this entire CD up in one word: Perfection. Hieronymus Bosch‘s “Equivoke.” Spiral Architect‘s “A Sceptic’s Universe.” Sadist‘s “Above the Light.”

John – I don’t listen to much newer music, however, Guttural Secrete‘s “Nourishing the Spoil” is a BDM masterpiece. Dying Fetus‘ “Reign Supreme” is great. Beyond Creation‘s new album “Earthborn Evolution” sounds amazing, as does their previous works. Putridity‘s “Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria.” Christian Muenzner of Obscura is flawless. Scrambled Defuncts‘ “Souls Despising the God” is Technical Death Metal perfection. Spawn of Possession‘s “Incurso” is great. Vehemence‘s “God Was Created,” Melodic Death Metal GOLD!!! I gotta give a shoutout to Wormed‘s new album “Exodromos,” I remember hearing “Planisphaerium” back when I was like 16 and couldn’t wait to hear more. Defeated Sanity‘s “Chapters of Repugnance.” All of Cynic, obviously. Cloudkicker‘s “Beacons” is great. Blasphemer is another greatly underrated BDM band.

Is there anything else you’d like to add for the readers?

We would firstly like to inform that we will always progress as musicians. We don’t intend on regurgitating the same concept, riffs, music, etc. over and over again. We want to embark in different territories with our music. Steele and myself have ASSLOADS of new material we are currently working on for another release. We can promise that the new material will be a bit different, but we hope the listeners will appreciate as much as the prior release. We put a lot of ourselves in Aeonian Obsolescence, so we happily stand behind it.

Lastly, we would like to thank Joe Thashnkill of Toilet Ov Hell for the interview and reviews. We also want to give thanks and appreciation to our fans for the loyalty and support over the years!
Aeonian Obsolescence is out September 19th. Go preorder that shit right now and then like Primordium on Facebook. 

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    Great interview! I love seeing extremely talented young musicians who aren’t completely full of themselves

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      • Randall Thor

        I added them on FB because John looks EERILY like one of my frat brothers.

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        Nice! Your in for a treat. I hope your digging Immolation. It’s always nice to know people are still checking out the older stuff. It’s the best feeling when you find a band you dig and find out they have a bunch more.

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          I just went through an Immolation infusion a few months ago along with Malevolent Creation. Good times! Immersion

        • Xan

          That is one of the positive things about being born after the first blast of death metal bands. I get to go back and listen to hundreds of albums.

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    Awesome interview. Also, thank you for tossing us gearheads a bone. The 6505+ wins again

    • Scrimm

      I played on a borrowed 6505 for years. I can attest to it’s greatness.


        any thoughts on 6505 compared to Rectifier? Considering one or the other

        • Scrimm

          The guitarist for my old band would only play the Mesa Boogie double rectifiers. Personally I could never get a sound out of it that I liked. Kinda muddy IMO. The 6505 has more bite I think, better suited to the more extreme side of metal I play. I guess it depends what you are into, but I like the 6505 a lot more. I have a Blackstar HT stage 100 now and I love it. It is pretty versatile.


            I’m a Marshall traditionalist so the bite is good. Even better is that these things are like half the price of the Rectos on the secondary market. thanks for the input.

          • Scrimm

            No problem. I had a Marshall valvestate and I loved it. I got the Blackstar cause they are made by Marshalls old design team. It was also a great price.

      • Leif Bearikson

        I have an Ultra Plus, which is pretty similar from what I hear. Just need to find somewhere I can crank a 120 watt amp and spooge myself

        • W.

          Just like a hedgehog.


          snag yourself a small generator and a few gallons of gas and find yourself a nice spot in the middle of nowhere…

        • Scrimm

          I am so thankful to have a 24/7 rehearsal room where I can make as much noise as I want. I haven’t played the Ultra Plus, but a guy in another room down there has one and it sounds good to me.


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  • Gorgasm

    These guys seem really cool.
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