Premiere: “The Insanity Never Stops” for Paganizer


Get in here and jam some vicious swedeath!

Formed in 1998, Sweden’s Paganizer have been around for almost two decades, a pretty remarkable feat by any standard, made even crazier by the fact that they’ve managed to do it in what has become one of the most over-stuffed sub-genres in metal: Swedeath. In recent years there has been quite the chainsaw guitar revival, a fresh new HM-2 wielding band popping up seemingly every five minutes. Though it’s wonderful that so many fresh faces are keeping the sound alive, nobody truly pulls it off quite like the Swedes themselves, and Paganizer show this to be true at every turn on their new album Land of Weeping Souls.

Today we have a brand spankin’ new track from that album for you, the appropriately titled “The Insanity Never Stops.” Although coming in at just under three and half minutes, it feels like half that because the track moves at such a frenzied pace. The guitars occasionally slow to a more manageable headbanging rhythm, but you’ll hardly realize it because drummer Matthias Fiebig absolutely refuses to let up. So what are you waiting for? Smash that mf’ing play button and get to jamming!

Land of Weeping Souls drops on August 5th via Transcending Obscurity. You can order the album here and give the band a like on Facebook here.

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  • Sir Ukkometso The Based
    • Howard Dean
      • Óðinn

        “Zyklon-B”? Isn’t that the chemical that the Nazis used to kill people in the gas chambers during WWII? Not a very good name for a record label.

        • Howard Dean

          It’s not a label, it’s this band:

          They were a short-lived supergroup featuring members of Emperor, Satyricon, and Dødheimsgard. Their output was pretty much limited to an 11-minute EP, but it’s kind of a legendary release in Norwegian BM.

  • Jack Bauer

    Holy fucking premieres Batman!

  • sweetooth0

    had to do it, pre-ordered the two CD bundle. Mad props on that SUPER CHEAP shipping (3 bucks, damn!)

  • Doc Torluv

    Rogga rarely does wrong – and this one KILLS. If you’re digging this and aren’t aware of his quite prolific work, check out some of his other projects: Revolting, Demiurg (which also features Dan Swano and Ed Warby!), and Ribspreader among many others.