Premiere: Corpsehammer Will Give You The Kiss Of Death On “Beso Infame”


Primal blackened madness! Corpsehammer‘s debut is an unholy onslaught of Scandinavian-style melodic black metal and that archaic death/thrash hybrid sound synonymous with the South American scene. In short, it’s shit-yer-pants level good.

Turns out there’s a damn good reason for the dichotomy found within their sound. The trio who comprise Corpsehammer are from quite disparate ends of the metal scene, with members hailing from Chile and Sweden. Yes, both the frost-chilled Scandinavian squalls and the barbaric blasting that burns below the equator are finally fighting side-by-side, and the combination makes each element exponentially more deadly. The raw riffing style resembles that of Chilean countrymen Invocation Spells, harnessing the ferocity of first-wave but leaving behind the essentially unlistenable production aesthetic. The vocals are suitably mental and are probably best heard rather than described. Honestly, I don’t know why I’m still telling you about this. The band is called Corpsehammer. You already know if this is your thing, you stopped reading and hit play after the title.

Rips, don’t it? Here’s what the band have to say about the track’s theme –

Beso infame is a aggressive serpent but in it’s coil there is calm before the storm, as Satan made his way through the paradise. The concept of the song is about devil worshipping and the female role in the occult (beso infame stands for osculum infame)

Posesión will be released on September 1st through Morbid Skull Records on a cassette run limited to 200 copies. Pre-order your copy here.

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  • Howard Dean

    “…archaic death/thrash hybrid sound synonymous with the South American scene.

    South American scene >>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Howard Dean

      P.S. That linked track fucking rips! Pretty much exactly as described. That riff at 0:48 seconds is choice as fuck. Looks like I’ll have to consider Corpsehammer for a future Riff ov the Week.

      If this band releases this on CD I may have to pick it up. Definitely impressed.

      • You only buy CDs? I’m impressed. I have a huge vinyl collection but it’s mostly non-metal and I generally only buy used, older shit. Almost all my metal is purchased digitally.

        • Howard Dean

          Yeah, it’s always been my preferred format. I like to play them in my vehicle, and they are easy to rip to a computer (so that I can put them on an iPod). I know I could get essentially the same result from digital, but I’m stubborn. I have bought a few digital albums, but in the end I usually go back to CD.

          However, I must say that my album purchases have been cut by a factor of 10 over the last year or two (one part lack of interest, one part desire to save money). I can totally see how a service like Spotify could simplify things, and will probably become an adopter one day (I’m pretty much that guy way at the flat end of the “New Tech Adoption” yield curve).

          • A couple of my friends use Spotify and one uses Google Play Music or something like that. I just can’t properly enjoy music unless I feel that I “own” it, which is I guess a consequence of being old, haha (35).

          • Howard Dean

            I hear ya!

        • Janitor Jim Duggan

          I only buy used vinyl.

          • The way I see it, I can buy four new records and be in over $100, or be patient and wait to find things used and/or look for random weird shit that might turn out to be hidden gems, and get like 12 or 15 records for $100. The city I live in is kinda artsy and our record store is overpriced because they can get away with it, but I do a good bit of traveling and I’m able to scour a few different record stores for good used shit (especially in the US; I’m from Canada). In general, to me vinyl is an old format so I like listening to older music on it.

      • Dubby Fresh

        They only mention tapes in the EPK, but I’ll keep an eye out.

  • Retchin’ Rites ov Karhu


    • Sir Ukkometso The Based

      Älä itke, rinsessani!

  • I sure like that album artwork!


    • GoatForest

      Yesssss. That art is bae.

  • Chile is killing it with this style. This is pumping! Great song.