Premiere: Come Back From The Dead Horrifies Us with “Endless Bloodshed”


Spain has been a hotbed of interesting metal for decades, and in recent years has been a powerhouse of good death metal. Some of my absolute favorite recent death metal bands, such as the mighty Domains or Graveyard, spawned from Spain’s rich death metal scene, as has one of my favorite newer record labels, the powerful Memento Mori. 

Rising from this same scene comes the next great Spanish death metal band, Come Back From The Dead, featuring members of Bokluk and Nashgul and finally ready to bash in our collective heads with another swirling and seething slab of classic death metal- their first release since their debut full length, The Coffin Earth’s Entrails, came out in 2014. The riffs on this first track, “Endless Bloodshed,” slither and squirm as howling vocals call forth an anthem of death, decay, and endless hunger. The goal of Come Back From The Dead is to swamp us in the twisted leads of the ancient Finnish scene in between crushing rhythms and grave-calling vocals, and this track certainly brings the twisted evil that you’d expect for the style.

Featuring a cover from accomplished artist Cesar Valladares and a mastering job from Henrik Jonsson (perhaps best known for his work with MercilessUnleashed, and Grave), this EP (coming soon on CD from Transcending Obscurity and 10″ vinyl from Mono Canibal) won’t be a release to be missed.

You can hear more of Caro Data Vermibus on Bandcamp! Be sure to also check out Transcending Obscurity’s webpage for more underground goodness. Lastly, say hi to the shambling corpses in CBftD on Facebook!

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  • Doc Torluv

    The vocal delivery/mix will take a bit of getting used to, but those riffs… Good stuff.

  • Brutalist_Receptacle


  • Obligatory Transcending Obscurity comment

    Transcending Obscurity>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • GoatForest

      They do seem to represent a disproportionate number of excellent bands. Kinda like WTC or NED in the 2000’s.

  • Now THAT is a fucking great album cover. Echoes of Sepultura’s Arise.

  • themaleshoegaze

    I’ve built my endless bloodshed next to my toolshed which comes in handy when I need someplace to put away the results of my mishandling of tools from the latter.

    *I’ll see myself out.

  • Spear

    Them’s some meaty riffs right there.

    Also, I feel like eyeball tentacle monster would be good buddies with outhouse tentacle monster.

  • sweetooth0

    I am enjoying this!