Premiere: Atoll – “Eternal Prolapse”


Stuck at work with the mid-week slump? Atoll are here to cheer up your… rump. With filthy, filthy slamming goodness.

Are you tired of listening to the same old technical progressive atmospheric blackened math metal? Are you tired of lush mixes and melodic interludes? Are you tired of doors being slammed in your face when you apply for a job? Atoll aren’t about to change your perception or understanding of anything, but they’ll sure as hell give you the perfect excuse to mosh around in your cubicle. My only advice is that you don’t listen to them if your line of work involves sharp objects spinning at high speeds and/or alarmingly perilous heights. Not the best of places to try and hate mosh in (#safetyfirst).

If you happen to like any, several, or all of the following:

  • Bass frequencies
  • Gurgles
  • Chromatic riffs
  • Grooves
  • More gurgles
  • More grooves

…then you’re already a fan of Atoll and are wasting valuable SlamTime (TM). “Eternal Prolapse”; an exclusive premiere.

Fallout Frenzy will be out next November 17th on Gore House Productions. If this track is any indication, it’s gonna rip, so pre-order the album on Gore House’s bandcamp in your format of choice. While you wait until November, check out Atoll’s facebook page, throw a like around and grab their previous album here. Slam on, my brethren.

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  • Rolderathis

    I work at an electronic medical record software company, I’ll have you know, the ICD-10 code for a prolapse is N99.3.

    • Brutalist_Receptacle


      // void.cpp

      void vobject; // C2182

      void *pv; // okay

      int *pint; int i;

      int main() {

      pv = &i;

      // Cast optional in C required in C++

      pint = (int *)pv;


      • GrumpDumpus
    • I work for a company that makes medical billing software.
      EN GARDE!

  • Brutalist_Receptacle

    What an unfortunate album title. If you have been diagnosed with or think you may have a prolapse, you can find out about the different types of treatments that may be offered to you, or alternatively, to entitle your follow up record: Bladder Treatments, Surgery, Removal of Uterus, Incontinence.

  • Howard Dean

    Band Member 1: “Yeah, this track is about… well… ahem, it’s about rectums, you see, and how they have a tendency to kinda… invert when used rather vigorously.”

    Band Member 2: “You see the medical community calls this inversion a prolapse. So this here track is about someone whose chocolate starfish is so vigorously abused that they are suffering from an ‘Eternal Prolapse.’ It’s quite tragic, really.”

    Band Member 1: “You know what they say about vigorous abuse of the starfish, right?”

    Band Member 2: “That it takes atoll on the body?”

    Band Member 1: “Ba-Dum-Tss!”

    • Brutalist_Receptacle


      *drops mic in mashed potatoes*

    • KJM, Blood Farmer

      Guy 1: C’mon, ya gotta like this band name: Shoggoth Booty Prolapse!

      Guy 2: (points at practice space door) Seriously, dude, get the fuck out of here or I WILL kill you and make it look like an accident.

  • Hans

    Prolapses seem to be haunting me

  • God ov War

    Generally Death metal artworks are excellent but are ruined by the logo of the bands… I hope they never put the logos or any text in artworks 🙁

  • Xinen

    This is pretty good, I’ll have to check out the full release. I like the lead in there too.

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