• The Guide to Hip Hop for Metalheads

    The late 90s were a rough time for music. Nü-metal left a bad taste in all of our mouths. Floridian rednecks rhyming over mook rock ruined rap and metal for a lot of people. That’s a shame because hip hop and metal have so much in common: Continue Reading

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  • Why It’s Important For You to Listen to Noble Beast

    When your favorite genre’s subject matter typically alternates between death, dying, killing, Satan, and dying, you need something to remind you that there are good things left in this world – like imagining a fantasy world that actually has good things in it. Where the winged dragon roams the skies above castle-crowned hills and everflowing streams. Where valor is prized above all and conflicts are reduced to the glorious simplicity of steel versus steel. Where climbing your staircase doesn’t make you gasp for air and you can hide your frankly impressive acne under an iron crafted helmet. Doesn’t that sound nice? Well, my bummed-out brethren, Noble Beast can take you there. Continue Reading

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  • Lovecraft and heavy Metal: A Macabre Love Story (Part I)

    “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

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  • Popular Band’s Twitter Briefly Hacked By Unpopular Man

    In news that has shaken the metal blogging community to its very foundation, the Twitter feed of a popular band was temporarily compromised by a man with poor priorities.
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  • Mutilation Rites Stream “Harbinger”

    I really appreciate it when a band writes lyrics unique to their own experience rather than simply vomiting the tired themes of their target genre; especially when those themes don’t apply to them in any meaningful way. For example, there’s something about a Brazilian Viking metal band that feels inauthentic to me. NYC-based black metal outfit Mutilation Rites seem to understand this, and their music comes off as honest and sincere because of it. Maybe they don’t need to write about Satan because they’ve seen true evil deep within the dead eyes of the good people of New York. And you know what’s more depressing than frostbitten Scandinavian winters? Trying to park your fucking car in New York City.

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  • Let’s Talk About Dinosaur Metal

    L-R: Flushed, flushed, flushed.

    With the recent release of Black Sabbath™ brand-Converse® brand sneakers, it should be painfully obvious to a superior patrician metal fan such as the average Toilet ov Hell reader that in 2014, Black Sabbath are the last band any self-respecting IMN should cop to liking. I know, I know, their riffs are pretty sweet and they have a sick collab with Ice-T, but corporate merchandising is so untrve. Presented here for your enjoyment and edification are several forgotten dinosaur metal/psych rock bands that any self-respecting elitist should be jocking if they wish to craft an advanced personal brand.

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  • Lunchtime!

    So, uh, how’s work going? Good? Family? Good? How’s that sandwich treating you?

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  • Metal Beginner’s Guide to Making Metal Song Names Metal (With Examples)

    Like most all things in life (except food and maybe pillows if you’re a bitch), you want your song titles to be as metal as possible. While there are a few ways to go about this, the first step is typically the same: Continue Reading

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  • OMG Listen To New Mammoth Grinder : )

    I’m going to fanboy out right now: Mammoth Grinder is my favorite metal band. Powered by Chris Ulsh (Power Trip, Hatred Surge, The Impalers), Mammoth Grinder consistently puts out tunes that make me want to hate mosh all over my cubicle.

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  • Darkest Hour Release New Song “Rapture In Exile”

    Moments ago over on the Facebooks, Darkest Hour unveiled the 2nd track from their upcoming album.

    The band has been performing the track live on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest. If you didn’t see them there, this is your first chance to hear it. It’s called “Rapture In Exile” and it rips. I’m a sucker for any track that opens with “Come on Motherfuckers!”

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