Flush It Friday: October Patreon Rewards Coming Soon!


Patreon subscribers can count on some extremely cool shit coming their way.

Friends, it is Friday. I’ve been hard at work putting together an extremely spoopy collection of goodies for those of you with the kindness of heart to throw wadded up dollar bills at my g-string via Patreon. You can look forward to a hilarious bonus podcast episode with me, Breno, and 365. You can look forward to an extremely dank Halloween-themed playlist of metal jams from and inspired by horror movies. You can look forward to a physical cassette of that spooky playlist, hand assembled by yours truly (alongside some bonus swag and a handwritten thank you note).

If you haven’t yet joined the Patreon action, subscribe before October 1st and you’ll get these sweet ass goods delivered to your face/ears/address/being.

I’m getting back to dubbing these tapes. The floor is yours! Thank you for your continued support of this iToilet.

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  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    Good: bought a new computer, I get paid next week, the Turok 2 remaster for PC

    Bad: the cost of the computer

    Ugly: Steven Seagal

  • sweetooth0

    That tape picture is trippin me out, can’t tell which way is up! Can’t wait to peep it in person.

    GOOD: It’s fucking Friday and I get to leave early due to having to come in early/stay late mid week for a buncha meetings. Gonna do a little halloween set up this weekend so it’s ready for October 1st. Taking a year off from doing a big house party/organizing a show, etc. This year it’s gonna be chill the fuck out and watch a buncha horror. Almost finished my T-shirt design for a cool local death metal band called Wrought.

    BAD: honestly, can’t think of too much to complain about.

    UGLY: for half the day today my jeans were still a bit wet as they didn’t get quite enough time in the dryer before I had to get to work this morning. Not super cool. Sorta like you pissed yourself, but then let it get cold in your pants and dry halfway.

  • Freedom Jew

    GOOD: It’s the end of the week, and my crosstown business trip didn’t go so bad.

    BAD: I’m tired and I have a long night and day ahead of me…

    OTHER: It’s Yom Kippur. G’mar Chatimah Tovah, bitches.

  • Freedom Jew

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/69bcb94a919a6bf0058503cbd9e629604897f32f20f65c07c36ed2fab2caf602.jpg GOOD: It’s the end of the week, and my crosstown business trip didn’t go so bad.

    BAD: I’m tired and I have a long night and day ahead of me…

    OTHER: It’s Yom Kippur in a few hours. G’mar Chatimah Tovah, bitches.

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    Good: We had a client visit the office today so I did jack fucking squat for work today and got a free lunch.

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    these tapes are LOLBUTTZ

  • gacharicmeatspin

    Finally moved 1700 km to a big big city, got a job and apartment. Shit’s hard, but being in big city and all, I got a chance to see Devin Townsend Project yesterday. Where I used to live, we never got any big bands, because that town is a giant million population shithole. Though I’ve seen a couple international bands when I came over here on vacations. But Heavy Devy is something else entirely, a beast performer and a great entertainer, that guy. They started late and couldn’t play encore, so he came down to the rail for impromptu meet and greet while the crew was packing the gear.
    Bad: Last 7 months of my life being an unproductive mother’s basement turd.

  • Howard Dean

    T-minus two hours until I attack a whole bunch of Korean and Japanese food, so I’m pretty fucking excited.

    That’s about all I’ve got right now.


  • Hans

    Good: Pretty drunk rn.

    That is all.

    • plz make funny drunken comments. that’s what i used to do… drink and dial text.

      • ME GORAK™✓ᶜᵃᵛᵉᵐᵃⁿ


      • Hans

        Sorry, I only had beer, so I’m still behaving pretty well. Just took off my shoes after about 19 hours and even they don’t smell too horridly. I puked a little bit though.

        • Puke away, fair soldier. This world is yours to twist and contort as you see fit. In fact, I yearn for a world crafted by the great Hans.

          • Hans


  • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs


    Bad: I have a sore throat and have been coughing all day, which is usually the prelude to a cold

    Ugly: My current Persona 5 addiction

  • Rolderathis

    G: Going to play Cuphead after I get home from work. I’ve armor-plated my walls in advance of the gamepad that will surely be flying at them. Lots of cool beer at home, including this bad boiii

    B: The next hour in the office.

    U: My addiction to Squalus.


    • sweetooth0

      Squalus is cool shit. Hail JAWS!!

    • The Tetrachord of Archytas

      Been playing cuphead all morning. So far no controllers thrown. The challenge is super addicting as opposed to frustrating so far at least, so when I die I’d rather get right back into it instead of rage

  • Depechemodeisgangsta

    Been super busy at work, going from place to place, until today i was able to be sitting in front of computer.
    Yesterday i saw Toxic Holocaust and Goatwhore great performance by both bands, but as always crowd wise, there is nothing worse than a South Florida show (me included) not a lot of crowd participation, but i didn’t stay for main band, Venom Inc, since i’m not a fan.
    I tried to get into the SNES but not luck, for some reason pass few month i have wanted to play N64, which is funny since i have a ps4 that probably in pass 4 months, i have played 20 minutes.
    Looking forward to listening to new Satyricon today.

  • Scrimm

    Good: Starting to track new material this evening, then rehearsing with a new member(?)
    Bad: Fuck delis
    Ugly: the condition of my guitars

  • Count_Breznak

    Good: Long weekend. Lots of good releases, last weekend of Fantasy Filmfest.
    Bad: MIght have to waste some of the time buying furniture.
    And fuck you too: The speaker bundle I wanted to get sold out two days before I wanted to order.

    • Hans


      • Count_Breznak

        Indeed. A well, I got an actual bed now.

  • KJM, Blood Farmer

    Roger Waters was awesome, and I finally heard from my friend in Puerto Rico.

    Just bought the latest from Monolord & Beastmaker, both great albums.

    • Elegant Gazing Globe

      Went to Roger waters too, hartford

      • KJM, Blood Farmer

        1st night in Boston.

  • JWG

    Late to air grievances. Oh well.

    Earlier this month I saw the neurosurgeon who did my last shunt surgery (done without a full revision) because I’ve been having mildly noticeable neuro issues lately. He put in a request for a CT scan and some x-rays, I got the call mid-week to go out to VGH Friday morning. So I was up around 5:30 to head out.

    Quick turn around, back home to get some work in starting 9-ish but just a bit past noon I was feeling kind of tired so I thought I’d break for a short nap…

    I didn’t sleep through the whole afternoon though. Just most of it.

  • Hans

    Oh, seeing Disillusion tomorrow. Psyyyyyyyyyyched.

  • Bert
    • Óðinn

      That’s not Madonna. It’s Mick Mars. Common mistake.

  • The Mighty Thorange

    Good: Got Arkham City on a Steam sale the other day and the new D&D’ campaign Tomb of Annihilation is badass.
    Bad: Broke the screen of my phone and needed to pay together a lot of money to get it fixed.
    Ugly: Me right now after a long shift at work.