News And New Music Roundup: High On Fire, Shape of Despair, Prurient, Refused, Symphony X And More!


Get some new music, maybe you’ll like it.

If by some unholy miracle you missed that High On Fire’s seventh full-length – Luminiferous – is coming out on June 23th on eOne Music then plz go and die, rid the world of your worthless existence you can congratulate yourself for having kept off the interwebs for quite some time. High on Fire have always delivered and De Vermis Mysteriis of 2012 was a surprisingly good effort from the band reaching to their best recordings so one might say I am eager to hear their latest effort. Last year the band released “Slave The Hive” as a Scion AV- single and even though it was good I wasn’t super impressed, apparently it’s going to be on the album – hopefully re-recorded. Anyways here’s “The Black Plot” an all-new song. [Disclaimer: I went back and listened to StH, it’s actually very good.]


Shape of Despair have released yet another single from their upcoming comeback album (pretty sure you can call 10- years of recording inactivity a comeback). “The Distant Dream Of Life” is the shortest song on Monotony Fields and supposedly the catchiest. We’ll see on June 15th. In the meanwhile I recommend this track to all of you, even if funeral doom isn’t exactly your thing because it is indeed a rather upbeat and catchy song. I have not exactly been sure what to think of the previous songs, despite feeling good something that used to be an integral part of SoD seemed gone. That something isn’t back here but the song is the best we have yet heard from the album. You should be able to stream it here, here or here.




June 30th will finally see Refused join the ranks of reuniting more-than-just-nostalgia legends with their “musically most radical” album – Freedom. I still stand by what I said last time, which was: ” ‘Elektra’ already sounds better than anything on TSoPTC.” Now the band have premiered another song and you can stream it below. It sounds alright, I’m unsure of what to think about this one.


The world’s only reindeer-metal band A.R.G are streaming their new album Redemption From Refaim in full at this location. I wasn’t impressed by the lyric video they previously premiered posted (or the song it contained) but if I was to judge their semi-death-metallic-reindeer-thrash by the first song on the album, “Overlord”, I would give it a rather high score. I haven’t gotten any further yet but by the time you read this I most likely have an opinion on the rest of the album as well.

Symphony X have released a new song – Nevermore – from their upcoming album Underworld out on July 24th. Russel Allen sounds good but less so than I’d like, song sounds like SymphoX and not far removed from the vein of Iconoclast. You’ll probably dig it more than I do but I didn’t mind jamming it, once.


  • Unleash The Archers released a new song “Tonight We Ride”, this is where you can hear it.
  • August will see W.A.S.P release their yet unnamed 15th studio album, according Aunt-Alma also known as Blackie Lawless, the album will continue in the vein of it’s nearest predecessor – Babylon – released in ’09
  • If for some reason you did not check out Cult of Endtime’s In Charnel Lights, a very good Finnish Death Metal album, after I blurbed it on the last ThisToiletTuesday this is what I had to say about it: “In Charnel Lights sounds massive as it sways between fast punishment and slower, doom-y sections. It’s heavy and riff-oriented as death metal is wont to do but the band finds room for melodies as well. Occasionally CoE removes themselves quite far from their template, riffing in the spirit of stoner-blues but never do they sound like a herd gone astray.” And this is where you can stream it in full.
  • Speaking of kick-ass FinnDeath here is the full stream of Shrapnel Storm’s debut full-length Mother War, if death metal in the vein of Bolt Thrower is something you enjoy this is something you are obliged to try. The stream is up until Friday.
  • Nile announced a new album What Should Not Be Unearthed to be released on August 28th
  • Fear Factory announced a new album Genexus to be released on August 7th
  • Maruta’s Remain Dystopian can now be streamed in full over at… here (I feel so dirty, ugh)
  • Oh and finally, Prurient will be embarking on a tour in support of Frozen Niagara Falls, This will be Prurient’s first U.S tour in seven years and will be in support of Godflesh. Dates are:


09/11 – Atlanta, GA @ Terminal West

09/12 – Raleigh, NC @ Hopscotch Fest

09/13 – Washington, DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel

09/15 – Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw

09/16 – Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts

09/17 – Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club

09/18 – Montreal, QC @ POP Montreal

09/19 – Toronto, ON @ The Opera House

09/21 – Cleveland, OH @ House Of Blues

09/22 – Buffalo, NY @ Tralf Music Hall

09/23 – Pittsburgh, PA @ The Altar Bar

09/24 – Pontiac, MI @ Thr Crofoot

09/25 – Chicago, IL @ Cold Waves Festival

09/27 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon

09/28 – Vancouver, BY @ Venue Nightclub

09/29 – Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre

10/01 – San Francisco, CA @ The Independent

10/02 – Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre

10/03 – Pamona, CA @ The Glass House

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  • MoshOff

    SymX fanboi rant incoming: people need to stop complaining about Russell sounding “weak”, he sounds just fine and a break from his recent “tough guy” vocals is a welcome one IMO. Also the song is better than most stuff on Iconoclast; this nerd, for one, is excited.

    You may resume your daily activities.


    New symphony x? Shaping up to be a great year for power metal.

    New nile? Boner intensifies

  • Guacamole Jim

    Loving dat new Symphony X. Allen’s vocals seem a little less energetic than on Iconoclast, but they work, and they rule. Also, that Hot Dad EP rules buttz.

    • MoshOff


  • Edward/Breegrodamus™

    I’m giving that Maruta another attempt. Soundcloud was disagreeing with me yesterday.

    • DO IT! it’s gonna compete with Antigama‘s The Insolent for best grind rekkid of 2015
      (edit: and Scab‘s Sounds from the Sewer)

      • Edward/Breegrodamus™

        I cleared my cookies in a feeble attempt to negotiate with Soundcloud.

        Jimmy are you or have you been fucking with Blurring’s Blurring? Got damn. I checked out The Insolent once but need to check it again.

        • we shall touch dicks, then each listen to each other’s recommendation. on it…….

        • That’s a paddlin’

          Never had any problems with Soundcloud, ever.

          • tyree’sscarletjohanssonLuckyYoutattoo.jpg

          • Dagon

            Just reading this made me start sweating. Maybe I need treatment.

          • Your thirst is slowly taking over your body, soon you will be but a vessel through which the thirst will execute its will.

          • Edward/Breegrodamus™

            When I play albums on Soundcloud a lot of the times they just stop on me. I have that problem far less often on other streaming services.

          • That’s a paddlin’

            Never encounteres that. Dat’s a bummer though.

        • Dagon

          Sometimes BC fucks up and I have to clear my cache and cookies for it to work again.

      • That’s a paddlin’

        Never got around any Antigama. Apparently I should.

        • Edward/Breegrodamus™

          that’s a paddlin’

        • i like how you felt so dirty linking to that Matura stream. but did you see that they linked to CO’s fart songs post?

          • That’s a paddlin’

            Yes I did! A happy surprise! Also JackBauer linked the same stream from PRP right after I submitted this.

          • Edward/Breegrodamus™

            I was going to post / email you about that but you said you had wrapped this up – nice job, by the way, you’re good at these.

          • That’s a paddlin’

            Danks Ed

          • Edward/Breegrodamus™

            Maruta is streaming their album here

            I could take notes from you, really, that’s all a person has to write. Lol

          • co-flushing-signed!

    • I listened to it yesterday and I can vouch for it. It’s some quality death grind with some skronk mixed in here and there.

      • Edward/Breegrodamus™

        I thought it sounded really good. It seemed short too, so I might check it out again today!

  • Dagon

    WASP? Someone summon the JAGermesteir.

    • I honestly haven’t listened to too much WASP past their mid-nineties release “Still Not Black Enough.”

      In other news: Fuck off Beargod with the childish jokes about how people don’t look awesome when they’re old. Poser.

      • That’s a paddlin’

        Blackie Lawless looks like a dog.


          • This is “Real Metal,” not some extreme sub-genre thereof that latter-day turds use the blanket term “Metal” to retroactively judge historical heavy metal by.

          • You comment is a tongue twister. But I follow ya!



          • Probably some terrible sentence structure there for sure haha.

          • Óðhinn

            Black Sabbath is real Metal. WASP is just some gimmicky sub-genre retroactively labelled “Metal” for 1980s so-called metal fans. 😉

          • Sabbath is definitely real metal.

            WASP was definitely “gimmicky” in the same way that Alice Cooper was a/k/a “cool.” (But srs: I never heard WASP referred to as anything but “heavy metal” until later when ppl like the Seattle bands came along and started calling bands “hair metal” and stuff.)

          • Óðhinn

            You must have heard the term Hair Metal for other bands though? Not sure how it was where you grew up, but as a Thrash Metal fan in the 1980s we definitely hated hair Metal. We used to call hair metal musicians posers. This was years before the term Grunge became a part of the vernacular.


            I get the impression that in certain parts of the world, people had a different experience though. I actually never really had a problem with W.A.S.P. Sure, they are a bit campy, but when I was 14, I didn’t mind the shock value and the show. We mostly hated the purely Glam Metal bands (e.g. Poison). W.A.S.P. doesn’t really fit nicely into the Hair Metal genre, even though they did have big hair. There’s a bit of shock and speed in there too. They are Heavy Metal / Shock Rock (arguably with a touch of Hair Metal, I guess). They did rely heavily on the gimmicks though (I mean, a circular-saw blade glued to a tiger-print jock strap is about as a big a gimmick as you can get). Points for originality.

            I strongly believe that its a misconception that Seattle bands solely killed Metal. Bad Hair Metal, capitalism, greedy record companies, marketing and over-saturation killed Metal (more specifically Hair Metal). The Seattle bands listened to a lot of the same stuff that I listened to growing up (Motorhead, Venom, Celtic Frost, DRI, Black Sabbath, COC, Voivod, etc.), so I never had a problem with them. They weren’t fans of the whole preening Hair Metal scene, and neither was I. Bands like Tad, Green River, Mudhoney etc, would have their albums alongside Thrash Metal bands like Dark Angel and Possessed at the local independent record stores where I grew up.

          • Dude with the stupid hair in that documentary is a pretty extreme example. I hated Poison too. Only one friend of mine actually liked them…it was mostly girls otherwise.

            I just never knew anybody who listened to ONLY thrash or ONLY Crue-type stuff. Metal wasn’t nearly ad oversaturated then and school doesn’t pay for records 😉

            Younger ppl act like they would have been listening to crap like Exciter then but not one person I knew had even one dubbed cassette from third-rate bands like that.

          • Óðhinn

            Ha ha. I remember Exciter. Never had their albums though. if I recall correctly, they weren’t very good. I don’t know how extreme of an example that guy was, maybe a little. I put it in because it’s kind of funny. But there were some seriously weirdos in the Glam metal scene. Hell, some of the get ups Crüe wore in the Theatre of Pain era were more ridiculous than what Black Veil Brides wear today. Some dudes back then were wearing spandex pants with red leather boots, poofy hair, and make-up. It was pretty weird, and all for show.

            Well I definitely was not listening to Motley Crüe. Never bought one of their albums. Let’s be honest, by the time Theatre of Pain was released, they couldn’t be taken seriously as a Metal band. That shit was pop/rock music with thin Metal veneer. But, I do accept that my experience can be different from others. I did listen to mostly Thrash, but loved Sabbath, and also liked Dio, Ozzy, Fates Warning, Maiden etc. A lot of people like Mötley Crüe. I’m just not one of them.

          • Óðhinn

            W.A.S.P.’s Single “Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)” from 45″ vinyl played on 33 1/3 RPM



          • I have a mint British pressing of that 12″ single in my record collection. It’s only been played once…by me after I opened it.

          • Óðhinn
          • Óðhinn
        • Who cares what he looks like? Maybe he could just put on some corpse-paint and join the tens of thousands of bands you listen to who are generally indistinguishable from one another.

          • das a lot of black merol! m/

          • That’s a paddlin’

            To make it clear it naturally doesn’t affect the music but I do have eyes and I do make remarks, bitter man.

  • Thanks for this news roundup, Beargod!

    I’m waiting for this new Symphony X, I liked the song.

    From your other picks, I’m listening Cult of Endtime and it sounds very good too! I can always count on you with some death/doomy goodness.

    Btw, I was stalking you and I found this photo of a statue some crazy imaginary artist made of you because of this column. You’re becoming famous, my friend!


  • Pagliacci is Kvlt O)))

    That new High on Fire didn’t touch my private parts like I was hoping it would.

    • Edward/Breegrodamus™

      I was gonna check that out immediately after Remain Dystopian. Unfortunate.

    • Dagon

      The new track didn’t impress me either. It was good but felt too “more of the same”, as if it was an outtake or something.

      • old_man_doom

        I heard “The Sunless Year” live and it is a much better song. I mean, all HoF is good, but I think “The Black Plot” may just be a weak link opener.

  • High on Fire write some really rad songs but I’m not a fan of the vocals.

    • Edward/Breegrodamus™

      They’re great live, at least when I saw them. I’ve heard mixed things from others, which was weird to me.

    • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.

      ‘High on Fire write some really rad songs ‘

    • I will back you on that. Not feeling the Harley Davidson biker vocals.

    • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

      Sounds like a caveman (or is it caveperson now?) with laryngitis.

      • i put up with Megadeth’s vox for 15 years, this doesn’t bother me

        • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

          You poor soul. Dave has one of the worst voices I have ever heard on a metal band that got as somewhat big as Megadeth.

          PS: Neva forget.

          • Fun fact: Mustaine actually took vocal lessons before recording Risk.

          • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

            And he still sounds awful. Some people were meant to be guitarists in the shadow of a man going “YYYEAAAH” and “NOOOO-OOOHHH”.

            Fun fact: Dave’s poorly trained dog tried to bite Jaaaamez the Table, so Jaaaaamez defended himself and kicked it. THAT’s why Dave left/was fired from Metallica. I love animals, but if a dog is coming to rip off my leg, I’m going to do something about it with all due respect to the dog.

          • Dude, I have a dog-story…I’l give you the cliff-notes: Huge mean-ass dog that belonged to a cop threatening my kids on the sidewalk. I almost smoked it right in front of his wife.

          • Hot Squirt Of Best Korea Love

            You rolled up their dog and smoked it?!?!

          • Almost.

          • Óðhinn
          • Óðhinn

            Yeah. You’ve got to be responsible for your dog. People generally don’t like to be attacked by animals.

          • Óðhinn

            Dave’s a great guitarist, but he has never really been a great vocalist. Some more vocal lessons are still needed….possibly psychiatric counseling as well. 😉

          • Hot Squirt Of Best Korea Love
        • I still attempt to listen to them every now and again but I just can’t withstand the vocals. Possibly my least favorite vocalist of all time next to that dillhole from Eikthyrnir.

    • Beau Kemp

      Matt Pike is the man. Yes he sounds like he smokes a pack and eats gravel for breakfast, because HE DOES. High On Fire is one of my fav bands, stoked!

      • Disgustache


  • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.

    Yeah, but…

    Saturday’s OK, but there are literally two bands I would try to avoid on the Sunday. Goddamn you Murica.

    • that fucking Sunday show looks tops!

      • Tyree
        • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.

          We do not speak of Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts.

        • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 WTF?!?!?!
          this has made my week

          • Tyree

            Yup. What a fucking mess of a guy.

          • Even when he “looks” sober, he sounds like he is totally burnt out. Even if he is really sober, I feel bad for him.


          • Tyree

            I don’t.

          • I should clarify, I feel bad for him because he sounds burnt out. The way he talks (and tone) makes him not sound sober, even if in reality he is actually sober. Know what I mean?

          • Hot Squirt Of Best Korea Love

            Fuck that, give him some krokodil! Who would’ve get a laugh watching his hand fall off when he picks up his megaphone, or his jaw falling off mid song?

          • Hot Squirt Of Best Korea Love

            But but but, it was the ear monitors!!!!!

    • Pierre Generic

      Jesus, replace Clutch and Helmet with Halestorm and Avenged Sevenfold and Saturday would be the perfect storm of Clear Channel buttrock.

  • You guys forgot the new asking alexandria song!! Seriously, don’t listen to it. I don’t know why I did, but I think my ears puked.

    • i’m sure @formerlyknownasolisykes:disqus heard it

      • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.

        Tbh, all they need for my approval is singer that fits their style (I.e. NOT Danny Worsnop) and a producer who will actually help them write good material, instead of encouraging generic songwriting and caking everything in Autotune and pitch correction.

    • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.

      Due to my ‘meh, they’re OK’ stance on AA, I’m keeping my eye on the opinions to see whether or not I should give it a listen. Not looking good so far.

      • Honestly, doesn’t even sound like metalcore, sounds worse. So yea, apparently that’s possible.

        • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.
          • I’d say its just as bad as this.

          • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.

            How is that possible, that’s near Creed levels of suckage.

          • listen if you dare

          • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.

            It’s not the worst thing I’ve heard, but Oli Sykes (the real one), Lee Malia, Matt Kean, Matt Nicholls and Jordan Fish should sue them for copyright infringement, as it’s basically a shorter, shit version of Hospital For Souls with crappier lyrics and a stolen part from Sleepwalking.
            Need proof…


          • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

            Sounds like Periphery kinda.


          • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.

            I’m still holding out on my BMTH ripoff claim, they’ve been doing it for most of their career, why stop now.

          • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

            Really haven’t heard BMTH since Suicide Season, so I have no reference to go by. All I know is this band and label is the Borg of music.

          • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.

            Nice Star Trek reference.
            Listen to their last two records, they are still really divisive (as in they make Slipknot look like Black Sabbath when it comes to acceptance in the metal community), but general consensus is that their last two albums are leagues above their first two, which is an assessment I personally agree with (and thats coming from someone who likes most of Suicide Season).

          • Hot Squirt Of Best Korea Love
          • I feel embarrassed for this guy.


          • Needs more Gojira

          • *my heart just fluttered*


          • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.
          • I am going to devote the next 5 hours and 35 minutes to Gojira.

            Thank you for this inspiration.


          • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

            Adam Sandler characters are always…wait it’s not???

    • I thought they were dunzo after Worsnop decided to start a normal rock band. They get a new singer?

      • Yea I didn’t mind that last album, had a few good songs. They have some kid who used to be in a band called make me famous or some such.

        Edit: Worsnops band is actually pretty good.

        • I think their next album has the potential to be more-than-decent if they get some great songwriting going on…and if Danny doesn’t OD or something.

          • Danny left for We Are Harlot, which is actually a great rock band.

          • I heard their album on Spotifart. It’s ok.

          • It’s better than the majority of radio rock these days for sure.

        • Phoenix of the House Tendies

          Isn’t Make Me Famous the band that idiot from Rose Funeral who posted dick pics left RF for?

    • Hot Squirt Of Best Korea Love
  • That Refused song was written with the help of that Taylor Swift song writer guy. Think I like the 1st single better.

    • I thought you were joking so I had to look it up. That’s crazy!

      • Definitely bizarre, curious to hear what the rest of it sounds like.

        • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

          So far both of them sound like other bands and not Refused, or a new shape of punk. 0-2.

          • If you’re looking for Shape of Punk pt. 2 you’re probably not going to get it. The 1st song grew on me, I have mixed feelings on the new one.

          • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

            I’m not necessarily looking for that, but rather Refused doing something interesting. I don’t care if they went for something new, it just doesn’t sound like Refused at all, or at least this song. This is newbad on a level of recent Mastodon.

            Also, you can’t just spew out a philosophy about punk, then do the complete opposite on your next album and sound like a rehashed funky rock band from the mid 90’s that has zero identity. Make me go “wow, so this is what Refused has become?” instead of “this sucks, who is this? Refused?? Really?”, ya know?

          • Hot Squirt Of Best Korea Love

            Mastodon hasn’t gotten bad lately, it’s just that their new material is nowhere near the pure fucking awesome of their first 3 CDs. And they’ve lost alot of that insane, experimental edge that made them great in the first place.

          • Phoenix of the House Tendies

            Refused have always been pretentious cunts though, even by punk standards. They made their albums different on purpose just to piss people off.

            If they really wanted to be tr00 punk though, they should’ve stayed broken up. Just sayin.

          • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

            One thing to sound different with every record, it’s another to make something bland and forgetful.

        • Holy shit. I just looked at his Wikipedia page. He’s responsible for “So What” by P!nk. This man is my sworn enemy.

          • Hot Squirt Of Best Korea Love

            But but but, she’s a rebel and shit!

          • Óðhinn

            I remember “Sworn Enemy.” Holy shit, I haven’t thought of that band in years. They are very “bro.”


    • Jajaja, that’s so weird.

    • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.

      Same, but still a top tune.

    • Hot Squirt Of Best Korea Love

      Oh shit, you mentioned Tay Tay………. *as Joe descends upon the Toilet slowly a la Magneto or Tetsuo from Akira*

  • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

    What the fuck happened to Refused? That sounds like a better Chili Peppers or Aerosmith! Just awful. Between that and the Foo Fighters song they released, I’m getting nervous.

    Their philosophy behind “The Shape of Punk To Come” looks so hollow and fake now.

    • Dagon

      Lexi Belle was at their concert a couple nights ago and had a great time. Maybe there’s still hope?

      • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

        Unless she’s in the album art of the booklet, hope may be lost.

    • Guppusmaximus

      “The Shape of Punk To Come”

      Didn’t Joe Strummer already cover this ground? Not that I’m a Punk expert…

  • Dagon

    In other new music news: don’t skip A$AP Rocky’s new album!

  • Guppusmaximus

    I dunno… Symphony X sounds tired but they destroyed Iced Earth on the tour for “Plagues of Babylon”, so, I’ll have to give this a proper Hi-Fi listen when it comes out.

    • Hot Squirt Of Best Korea Love

      That’s not saying much. Iced Earth’s been out of steam for more than a decade now, and that poop t-shirt seals the deal on that one.

  • Beau Kemp

    I think at this stage in the battle, I can safely say it’s time to Unleash The Archers!!!!



  • Hubert

    Another week, another batch of saltiness from the Beargod.

    • Hot Squirt Of Best Korea Love

      And Tapir.

      • we don’t get enough Tapir lately

        • Sir Tapir the Based

          Tapir will be free soon. Summer vacation will start next week. Then I can release all my salt.

          • Eew.

          • Sir Tapir the Based

            My salt will be in your mouth. It will swirl around. You will gargle it. You will swallow it.

          • Nah, I always spit friend. ALWAYS. (But the swirling and gargling sound okay.)

          • Sir Tapir the Based

            Spitting is a waste of good salt!

          • Yeah but my doctor says I have to cut sodium out of my diet or I shall die. No more tapirspunk on my eggyweggs. :(((((((((

        • Hot Squirt Of Best Korea Love

          Indeed! It’s slightly less fun without him constantly around.

  • KJM

    High On Fire August 17th!!

  • JamesGrimm

    only song i could really get into.

  • J.R.

    Unleash The Archers! Woo!
    Official JR mini song review: vocals felt a little overpowering in the verse, chorus came together nicely. Something about how the phrase “and wastelands” fit into the music gave me chills.

    I was jammin some pretty iffy female-fronted Rock last night so hearing my favorite again feels really nice.

    Also Mad Max was >>>>>>>

  • nbm02ss

    I’m stoked for the new Shape of Despair, but listening to that track makes me think of how much better the clean vocals would have been with Pasi Koskinen.

  • Hot Squirt Of Best Korea Love

    And I’ll slide this little bad boy on over for ya new-music-wanting folks. Good old fashioned slam from South Africa, like grandma used to make!

  • Sir Tapir the Based

    I still don’t get Hot Dad.

  • Th’load&th’road

    Seen thrice and dig them immensely. Pike’s vocals are a big reason why i dig them, behind Pike’s riffs and songwriting – dahell is wrong with YOU PEOPLE? 😉 they played a couple new tracks in Richmond that killed. In my correct (i mean, humble) opinion, they’re at their best on slower and mid tempo speeds like Bastard Samurai, King of Days, Madness of an Architect, Dii,etc . when the mudslide starts going too fast it loses some peripheral tree limbs and rocks and starts to do less damage. But this new track is killer!- yep sounds just like High On Fire and ain’t nathin wrong with that.