New Slug-Wrasslin’ Tunes Incoming


Two slugs were sliming down a street…

…and one was a-salted. He then shriveled up and died. I guess he hadn’t invoked the protection of Great Mollusca.

I hope you’ll pardon that terrible joke and indulge me for a minute, because I noticed this morning that Slugdge, the absolute best band whose content revolves entirely around slugs, have premiered a new track teasing album #3.

If you aren’t familiar with Slugdge, they’re a death metal band (with hint slime-trails denoting strains of black and doom) that extol the virtues of our squishy brethren. Now before you write these guys off as just another gimmick band, know that the gooey death metal they peddle is chock-full of slick riffs that slide off interplaying gurgles, shrieks, and droning cleans. In their case, the silly puns and mollusk-obsessed art belie a great talent and a knack for writing memorable songs. Plus, both of their previous releases (Born of Slime and Gastronomicon) are available on bandcamp for whatever price you’d like to offer to Great Mollusca. I implore you, check out Slugdge. They’re a gas(tropod)!

While you’re still reeling from my bad jokes, I thought I’d also introduce you to another gimmick band that is totally worth your attention. Phyllomedusa is a one-man slam/grind/croak band from Maryland that worships at the altar of amphibians. Every album in his extensive catalogue deals with the green pond-dwellers beneath us. Although the music most definitely is not for everyone (especially if you like intelligible lyrics), Phyllomedusa is worthy of your attention if for no other reason than the remarkable consistency with which he releases new material. Phyllomedusa croaks out a new album about once a month, and they vary from brutal slam, incoherent noise, and weird ambient droning. As a scum-addled bonus, many of them are absolutely free. So hop on over to his bandcamp page and check it out.

(Slugdge video Via their Facebook page)

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  • This seems appropriate.
    *And I’m digging this song.

  • I think I need to change my underwear after listening to this…

  • Further Down the Metal Hole

    Slugdge has my attention.

  • George Lynch

    Great article!

  • webb71

    I love me some slugdge

  • Gobshite

    Can’t remember who originally introuduced these fellas on that site whom shall not be named in these hallowed halls, but that track was pure boss.

    • W.

      I think it was Vince, but I first heard about Phyllomedusa from an NCS post and have since downloaded as much of his free stuff as I can.


    what great schtick. not exactly my cup of weakling blood, but props for breaking the medical manual, funeral parlor mold and doing something different.

  • HOLY COW. Is Phyllomedusa trying to compete with Agathocles for sheer volume of releases? I don’t know where to start.

    • W.

      No joke. Maybe try Against the Widest Roads.

      • RomuluxX

        Gotta check that out when I get the time. Love the Slugdge coverage, Dubs! I, for one, welcome our mucusy overlords

  • Cock of Steele

    If we get a nuclear apocalypse, we better get some mutated super-sized slugs out of it.

  • webb71

    wait i just realized u said album 3, didn’t they just release 2 like a week ago lol. Shit, no complaints here, bring on the slug.

    • W.

      Yup, this is from a forthcoming album.

  • UnamusedMusician

    This amuses me.


    These guys are awesome! I freakin love Gastronomicon.

  • Brian_aka_Guppusmaximus

    Meh… The idea & groove at the beginning was cool until the vocals kicked in which were terrible then they fell right back into the generic, color-by-the-numbers Death Metal that has plagued the fucking scene since Necrophagist released their last album. Boy do I miss Ian Campbell…

    • W.

      T’is okay that you have a different opinion! Neuraxis is sweet!


    wrasslin, ju makin fun of me mang ! ?

  • crazytaco_12

    Another gimmick band, their first 2 releases were meh (first one better) but this new track is sounding pretty baller.

    • W.

      That name is doing it for me. Will check them out!

  • Gurp

    Somewhere in a similar category to Phyllomedusa is Wadge, who make Hawaii grind and are totally free on Bandcamp.

  • Love this band. They’re almost local to me. Gonna be putting them on a compilation.