New Music Roundup: Sigh, Sulphur Aeon, Erazor, Ereb Altor, & More!


Would you believe me if I said some new music came out during the past weeks? Because some totally did. Once again, the toilet has gathered the best of it all into one place for your listening pleasure. Listen to these songs then say something in the comments like, “Meh. Nothing special. Thanks for nothing. Fuck you, Masterlord.”

Many of you know that Sigh, the weirdest vaguely-metal band ever, has a new album coming out in May. It will be called Graveward. We have the keen, watchful eye of Celtic Frosty to thank for revealing that one track from the album is now streaming on Candlelight Records’ Bandcamp. If you’re familiar with Sigh, you know what to expect. If you’re not, get ready to shit your brain out of your ears. Their sound defies explanation, especially if that explanation is coming from someone as inarticulate as I am. So just listen to the “Out of the Grave” in all its absurdly offbeat glory and see for yourself. If you like what you hear and don’t want to wait until May for more weirdness, I highly recommend their last album, In Somniphobia.


Everyone likes Sulphur Aeon, right? Remember when good ol’ W. briefly covered  2013’s Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide during our Lovecraft & Heavy Metal series? Does anyone openly dislike those Cthulhu-worshiping death metal hymns? Is that even remotely possible? I say nay, but what do I know? Everything, you say? That’s kind. You’re so kind. Anyways, Sulphur Aeon is about to release their sophomore album, Gateway to the Antisphere. It drops via Imperium Productions and Ván Records on April 3rd, and you can listen to the first single, “Diluvial Ascension – Gateway to the Antisphere” right now. Light some candles, break out your green soapstone idols, and press play. As always, ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn and all that.


Erazor is a German black thrash band whom I consider to be a good German black thrash band. Since I’m pretty sure most of you like kickass riffs well enough, I thought you might be interested in knowing that they’re streaming “Total Might” (from Dust Monuments, released in February) on their official Youtube channel, and that I promise it’s not as dumb as their band name. If you like it, you may be pleased to learn that most of Dust Monuments is up on Youtube unofficially. But you didn’t hear it from me, got it? Or, you can just be a good boy and buy if from somewhere on this jank-ass website.


This is a plug for a local band, but I think you’ll forgive me in a second. When you hear the song. Because it’s good. In “The Other Side of Darkness”, Salt Lake City’s Deathblow provides a straightforward, in-yo-face thrash attack. If you, for some reason, are averse to having straightforward thrash attacks in your face, you may not appreciate this. If your first language is that of the riff, you probably will. The Other Side of Darkness drops on April 1st.


I don’t know a whole lot about Ereb Altor, but I think I remember one of you mentioning that you like them. This is for you, whoever you are. See? I care. Nattramn, the bands fifth full-length album, is set for release on April 24th via Cyclone Empire Records. You can listen to the title track right here, right now. I think I’m digging it. It’s hard for me not to dig something so clearly influenced by Viking-era Bathory and Falkenbach. I’d like to know what the unidentified Ereb Altor fan thinks of it. Come forth.

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  • Guacamole Jim

    Meh. Nothing special. Thanks for nothing. Fuck you, Masterlord.

  • Edward/Breegrodamus

    It occurred to me that not everyone here is on Facebook (for shame), but in not-metal-but generally-metal-blog-approved-news, Death Grips uploaded Jenny Death to Youtube last night since someone allegedly leaked it before them.

    • Guacamole Jim

      Meh. Nothing special. Thanks for nothing. Fuck you, Edward.

    • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

      Speaking of generally approved metal blog news two Helix albums have been reissued by a company called Culture Factory. They do vinyl replica CDs. I might buy them.

      • Edward/Breegrodamus

        Is that generally-approved-metal-blog-news?

        • Sir Tapir the Based

          It’s JJD-approved-metal-blog-news.

        • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

          The band is a metal band so it does count.

          • I’m sure they’ve been rebranded as “just hard rock” by now by people who’s intro to “metal” was a parody cartoon called Metalocalypse.

          • Dagon

            My intro to metal were the amazing 5FDP and A7X

            – |,,|_CaRlOsDaMeTaLGoD_|,,|

          • I dislike 5FDP and most of A7X’s output but they’re still heavy metal of some damned type. Just not trve kvlt metuhl that tryhards can be proud to say they’ve ever heard.

          • Dagon

            Just because they are heavy metal doesn’t mean they’re good. People should be capable of realizing that a genre tag does not include a quality evaluation. Then again, people are st00pid.

          • That’s what I get from conversations with a lot of kids: Capital M “Metal” = things I like. I remember one person asking “anybody got some suggestions of metal bands I should check out?” *Someone* suggested Trivium and he goes “I said a metal band!!”

          • Formerly Known As Oli Sykes

            This whole discussion is completely and utterly correct. As much as people joke and take the piss of it here, the whole Metulz/Not Metulz argument is bullshit. If it follows the main ideas of Metal, its fucking metal, whether you like the band or not.

          • Simon “Djentcrusher” Phoenix

            I don’t like Trivium’s music but saying they’re not metal is just stupid.

            Illud Divinium Insanus is metal but it fucking sucks.

            Oceano are terrible but they are certainly metal.

            This argument is and will forever be dumb.

          • this statement is so true it’s extra true.
            same with nu-metal. we may not care for these bands (sorry JJD) but it’s still metal! m/

          • I refer to them as “people who call things ‘brutal’ with a straight face.”

          • Guacamole Jim
          • EsusMoose

            Aside from Mastodon, my intro to heavier stuff was because of Metalocalypse/dethklok. I did have to google who they were because I’m unfamiliar with heavy metal bands from the 70’s.

          • There’s nothing wrong with that because everyone starts somewhere. If you recognize the historical definition of “metal” then that’s where my concern begins and ends.

            My problem is listening to fools who say The Black Album is “just hard rock” (because apparently “Metal” is now punk and you can’t have commercial success as a heavy metal band or some shit.)

            Here’s a glaring example of how many people today A. take themselves and their taste in music WAY too seriously and B. are laughably attached to the work of others in a pathetic way of measuring their own self-worth: in the eighties we used to say “I’m ‘into’ metal.” Now people say “I”M Metal!!” …the same idiots who take to a band’s Facebook page because they released an album they didn’t like and act like someone else’s work somehow defines them personally. A bunch of people did this to Trivium when they released Vengeance Falls. One guy was telling Matt Heafy, who for some unknown reason felt it was worth his time to even respond, that “I stuck up for you guys to all the haters and you just made me look really bad!”

          • If you use the word “hater” in any serious way, your argument is invalid.

          • EsusMoose

            I agree, though from watching old documentaries of groups at least around the late 80’s and early 90’s, there still were people who would decree what was metal and not metal. The internet now days gives people a medium to get their opinions heard by more people.

          • Yeah, I remember a few people who would write letters to the editors of metal mags saying stuff like “why is that f_g Kip Winger wearing a Metal Church shirt?! ” …in fact I think I may be able to still dig up that actual magazine from the eighties. It’s in a box somewhere around here.

            …there were some people like that but they really lived their shit and mostly left others alone. I would wear a Crüe shirt one day and an Overkill one the next and never once did some short-haired preppy-looking turd with a desk job walk up to me and give me a drop of shit for any of it 😉

          • Here’s an actual letter from the August 1985 issue of Hit Parader I just dug out for the latter-day lols:

          • Please compile some of these for a post.

          • If I can dig up enough old mags to make it interesting I’ll do just that.

          • EsusMoose

            Death metal freak sounds like a poser we should flush them

          • Yeah check out all those death metal bands he named off; Armored Saint, Queensryche, …

          • CT-12

            Man, you are killing my funny bone today hahaha

      • Sir Tapir the Based

        I’m not giving anyone a fucking R.


    • The Satan Ov Hell

      Really digged this release, like exmilitary 2.0
      or should I say
      death grips 2.0

      I’ll leave.

  • Scrimm

    That Sulphur Aeon should kick a lot of ass. Never cous stand Sigh though.

    • Edward/Breegrodamus

      I’m kind of a Sigh noob, but I like what little I have heard from them since I generally dig the weirdness. That album your homeboy Masterlord referenced got a little bit of bloglove and acclaim the year it came out.

  • Sir Tapir the Based

    Da da, new Sigh song sounds pretty gud. I’m eager to hear the full album once it be released.
    Imaginary Sonicscape >>>>>>

  • CyberneticOrganism
  • Spear

    Sigh: the Oingo Boingo of black metal.

    • I am immediately interested.

      • Spear

        It’s weird in the best way.

  • Stockhausen

    I like dis music. And I like that Masterlord cares. He’s seaux dreamy.

  • Tyree

    It’s snowing like a motherfukk here.

  • Enema For The Free World

    Masterlord is developing a worse hallucinatory scitzophrenia with every article.

    • Enema For The Free World

      Oh Masterlord! You care!

  • Man, that Sulphur Aeon song is just fantastic.

  • Enema For The Free World

    I wouldn’t call Sigh the weirdest metal band. More like totally controlled and even at times predictable but thoroughly enjoyable, wild mixing of genres within moments.

  • Celtic Frosty

    Oh, it’s payday too? Awwwww daaaaaaaaaaamn

  • Sir Tapir the Based

    Oooh, Ereb Altor sounds tasty!

    • Enema For The Free World

      ‘Tis dimmadarn tasty.

  • Chicken Tender Gulag O Love

    I likey this here Ereb Altor. 8/10 tendies.

  • Dagon

    This Sigh track has a section in which they sound like a circus. Weird af.

    • Circusmetal is sooooooooo, like, 1997. But then again, so is Sigh???

  • anyone know what an Antisphere is? i’m eyeing you, GL!

    • A cube, I’d guess. Or a one-dimensional point. Or shutting up now.

  • That Sulphur Aeon gives me such a magical engorgement.

  • frozengoatsheadupanunsarse

    Can’t listen to stuff now ’cause work, but In Somniphobia is sexy and amazing.

  • ChuggaChuggaDeedleyDoo

    Happy vernal equinox

  • Stanley

    Now that’s a fun read on my way over to the pool. Haven’t listened to any of the tunes though. Masterlord, are you talking to us or yourself? Either way, keep it up.


  • Leif Bearikson
    • Simon “Djentcrusher” Phoenix

      Great. Now all I can think of is that poor robotic unicorn crashing into a rock.

      • Leif Bearikson

        He never even stood a chance.

  • Simon “Djentcrusher” Phoenix

    Erazor sounds right up my alley.

    Also, Deathblow sounds good, but this Deathblow is better.

  • Ferris Mueller

    I quite liked Ereb Altor’s ‘The End’, though the music seemed more powerful when they were clean singing.