New Music Roundup: Kayo Dot, Fides Inversa, Old Man Gloom, & More


There are some things in here. Things for you.

First, because we really like Kayo Dot around these parts, Noisey is doing a full stream of their new album, Coffins on Io. It’s weird. In a good way. A really good way. It’s experimental, avant-garde, progressive, and all those other fancy-pants adjectives we use to explain things that somehow manage to transcend the norm. These guys are pushing the boundaries of pretty much whatever they want, and they refuse to be pigeonholed into even the most abstract combination of genres.

Coffins on Io is Kayo Dot’s seventh album, and the very first being released by The Flenser. It’s dropping on October 16th. STREAM HERE DO IT!


Next, Fides Inversa. Their 2009 album, Hanc Aciem Sola Retundit Virtus (The Algolagnia Divine) existed. Did you know that? Neither did pretty much anyone else. Including me. Now, the Italian duo is about to release their second annoyingly-titled full-length, Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans. Nobody is ever going to say that out loud. They may as well just title it Fides Inversa’s Second Album because that’s what people are going to call it.

Anyway, this time around, I’m taking notice. No Clean Singing just premiered “IV” yesterday and it’s pretty gnarly. I don’t have the stream for you here, so you’ll have to go to NCS to hear it. But don’t worry; that’s a good place to be. This right here is some lawless, swirling black metal intensity. For fans of: Deathspell Omega, bending notes, lifehating.


Here’s a story. One time I saw Mamiffer open for Anathema. I didn’t like the music, but I bought a patch from Aaron Turner so I had an excuse to shake his sweaty hand and then rub it all over my body later. Anyways, here’s a new song from the heaviest of Aaron Turner’s post-Isis projects — Old Man Gloom. It’s called “The Lash” and it’s the first song to be released from their upcoming album The Ape of God, set for release on November 11 via Profound Lore. Stream it below. Bask in sludge.


Not too long ago we talked about supergroups and how much they suck. Here’s a new one! The Skull features Eric Wagner, Jeff Olson, Ron Holzer (all ex-Trouble). Eric Wagner, by the way, is the man and can be heard singing in such classic Trouble albums as Psalm 9 and The Skull (get it?). They’re teaming up with some dude that was in Pentagram for a year and a member of some other band called Sacred Dawn. “Till the Sun Turns Black” is their brand new single, streaming below. Super group to gush about, or super poop to flush about? You tell me. I’ll tell you this, and this alone: That riff fucking slays.


There are very few people on this earth who can be both bald and cool at the same time (one of your beloved editors happens to be one of them). There are even less people who can put fart samples into multiple songs and still be almost universally heralded. Devin Townsend pulls off both. A few days ago, he released a single from his new album Z2, featuring everyone’s favorite coffee-demanding alien puppet overlord, laser beam sound effects, additional intentional stupidity, headbanging, and singalong choruses. Check out “Deathray.” Z2 is out on October 27th.

What did you think, what did I miss, what’s going on, etc.?

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  • We got Kayo Dot’s new album to host and stream in this here toilet. Unfortunately, your EIC is an idiot and I was unable to get the necessary backend changes done in time to put it up. I apologize. BUT Noisey is a pretty rad site when they’re not putting up clickbait troll shit. If for some reason you’re not familiar with them give it a click.


  • Edward Meehan

    There really is stuff in here, for me!

    • Stockhausen


  • Tyree

    There is a riff in that Fides Inversa song that reminds me of the Gilligan’s Island theme song.

  • Stockhausen

    Great round up MSD. When I die, I’m donating my body to The Flenser.

    • George Clarke


  • Guacamole Jim

    Mmmmmmmmm dat Kayo Dot. Everything else can wait.

  • Death

    Nooo, I have to be strong! I don’t want to listen to the Kayo Dot before my cd arrives.

  • Link D. LeonhⒶrt V.

    Listening The Skull, thanks for the run of recommendations, Toilet users!

  • You totally missed the new Old Man Gloom they released yesterday :/

    It’s called Predators

    • Edward Meehan

      I can’t wait to listen to this album. I may ignore all the advance stuff until then, like I successfully did with Blut Aus Nord. It took courage.

      • I’m also very excited…ever since i them post those in-studio pics…plus they should have a DVD coming out soon, or some sort of video feature.

        • Edward Meehan

          I heard / read about that DVD, sounds cool I agree.

          Profound Lore is really covering all kinds of metal in the best way.

          PLR >>>>>>>>>

          • One of the main ways I discover new bands is by following the labels: Relapse, Metal Blade, Ipecac, Southern Lord, etc… Profound Lore is one that I’ve recently added to my following list, after that Lord Mantis release. They sure are something special.

          • W.

            I’ve been doing the same for Willowtip

          • One label i miss was Guy Kozowyk’s Black Market Activities….They’ve gone dark since they put out the newest Bird Eater, earlier this spring.

          • W.

            He’s too busy arresting people.

    • They’re too quick for me!

    • Mother Shabubu III

      “The Ape of God” has summoned the Boner of Anticipation.

  • KJM

    Dat Skull.

  • Nordling Rites Ov Karhu

    Is it just me or is Deathray just plain boring.

    The Skull beats the new Trouble easily though.

  • you’d think that a “supergroup” would be capable of putting out something better than an 8th grade school rock band would come up. but alas.

  • Mother Shabubu III

    I am continuously disappointed not one of you has started a Ziltoid account yet like Matt Damon or others.

    PS: I love Townsend such a cheeky bastard. I wish there was a Ziltoid Adult Swim-like show.

    PSS: Dat Old Man Gloom bruh.

  • crazytaco_12

    Man, this Fides Inversa is fucking bomb.

  • Wizard Aura

    Fuck, new Kayo Dot is rad. Goth prog is a thing now, I guess.

  • Lacertilian

    Some people I think are simultaneously cool & bald:
    Larry David
    Danny DeVito
    Patrick Stewart
    Joe Satriani
    Bruce Willis
    Scott Ian

    Feel free to add more.