New Bloodshot Dawn Song “Smoke and Mirrors” RIPS


You guys may remember that Under the Radar post I did a few months ago. You may also remember that the standout band in that post seemed to be Bloodshot Dawn. You all seemed to dig the fuck out of them. So I am here to bring good news! They just released a music video for the first single of their new album Demons. Check it out!

First things first, I noticed the production on this is way better than the previous album. I can actually hear the vocals now! Actually everything sounds top notch now. I love how these dudes bring the thrash and the groove and the awesome. I can’t wait to hear more. Holy fucking fuck that solo! This is great! Here’s a stream of their previous album:

Like these dudes on Facebook, they are gonna be huge. Demons will be out October 26th. Get stoked!

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  • Edward Meehan

    We are the 99%


  • I paused Randall Stroope for this. Choral music master race

  • W.

    I like what you’ve done with the place, Joe!

  • Guacamole Jim

    Ha! The links were great, except for the fact that I had to pause my 10 hour “What is Love” video. #thanksdubyah

    • W.

      You could always just let it run in the background.

  • Where are the riffs? I’m listening to this and it’s just 16th note chugging roots everywhere. Give me riffs or give me death. Here are riffs for anyone unsure as to what a riff is:

    • W.

      Yes! I love this Savatage album. Also, dude, I pre-ordered the upcoming Sanctuary album.

      • You mean the new Nevermore album? haha

        • W.

          Yup. From the songs I’ve heard, it’s what The Obsidian Conspiracy should have been.

          • Not that that was a bad album, by any means

          • W.

            Right. It just left me a bit disappointed after the monumental triumph that was This Godless Endeavor.

          • It’d be the same effect if Bolt Thrower released a new album. I’m sure it’d be good, but after Those Once Loyal!? Suicide!

          • Simon Phoenix

            They thought the same thing. Hence no new album.

      • crazytaco_12

        I love Sanctuary man, still been meaning to check out more Nevermore. I’m stoked for the new album, “Frozen” and “I am Low” both sounded awesome. I never thought they’d reunite.

      • PrincePoopyPanties

        And they just got back together for a concert recently. Whether it’s a one off or a full blown reunion is yet to be seen.

    • Xan

      That’s the feeling I got after I listened to the new Black Crown Initiate album. I was expecting great things but I can’t remember anything about the songs (I realize I am probably in the minority on this thought).

    • crazytaco_12

      This album fucking rules! Any chance of a Savatage Power Metal 101?

  • Mr.CustodialArts
    • Nordling Rites Ov Karhu

      Never enough of Roky, his insanity was our fortune



    • Edward Meehan

      Conan it’s good of you to be with us this morning.


        I never went to bed , been on here and watching horror movies since 5 pm yesterday, so i will be hitting the hay soon unfortunately.

        • Guacamole Jim

          Holy hell buddy, I’m in the same time zone as you (yay daylight savings) and I’m here to say there’s not much point in sleeping now. The Toilet is here for you.

        • TrickleDownTacoRiff

          Rest well my brother rest well…till dawn when you ride again!

        • Mr.CustodialArts
    • W.

      Greetings, Conan. You’re here early.

  • Ignatius the Wizened

    Sometimes when the wind blows just right one can smell the tendrils of sorrow billowing from the sapien cloudburst.

  • Howard Dean

    Thank fuck it’s Friday and primal thrash metal still exists.

    • Cock ov Steele

      Looks like they’re fans of 40K as well.

      • W.

        Heresy! Heresy everywhere.

        • Cock ov Steele

          We’re gonna need a bigger inquisitorial mop for this heresy spill!

  • Fookin Friday!!
    I HATE….I HATE!!!!!!!

  • This is so thrashy and technical at the same time, almost like a heavier version of Allegaeon. Good shit!!!

    • Lacertilian

      Would you go as far as to say a hybrid of Gorod & Soreption?

    • PrincePoopyPanties

      Am I the only one hearing a pretty strong Gothenberg influence?

  • Gurp

    Par Olofsson covers are still great for any occasion.

  • tech death friday mornin’

  • The Satan Ov Hell

    In other news, nearly finished my ambient album