RIP Neversoft – The Pro Skaters Have Retired


Sad news for anyone who ever played the greatest PS1 demo disk in the world: Neversoft, the studio responsible for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, closed its doors yesterday.

As a video game-obsessed kid growing up in the middle of nowhere, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was a cultural godsend. The first entry alone turned me on to Primus, Dead Kennedys, and Suicidal Tendencies. For a boy without cable television, THPS was the hippest thing in the world. 

As the series progressed, the soundtracks expanded further into metal, hip hop, punk, and hardcore. Within the span of a few games I was turned onto NWA, Motörhead, and Entombed. I bet I’m not the only kid out there that learned a little something about music thanks to Tony Hawk. The games were OK too, y’know, if you were into the whole BUSTING MAD TRICKS ACROSS THE PLANET LIKE FUCKING SUPERMAN thing.

In addition to a legacy of MOSTLY killer soundtracks (looking at you Papa Roach), the Pro Skater series inspired kids across the world to try their hand at skateboarding. Though I never pulled off a Christ Air, I did manage to fracture two ankles, concuss myself, and utterly strike out hitting on the attractive woman who hit me with her SUV. So thanks for that, Neversoft.

What was your favorite THPS tune? Which game was best? How damn good is “Have a Cigar”?!
Let’s grind  it out below. (image via)

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  • Negrodamus

    Nicely written article, Joe! No need to flush.

  • W.

    Superman by Goldfinger is all you need to know.

    • I’m a full-on ska hater. But damn that song rules.

    • Deputy Dipshit



    There’s no telling how many countless hours I lost as a child playing the original. I remember being SO stoked every time “Jerry Was A Race Car Driver” came on!

    • Me too. I wonder how many albums Primus sold as a result of that one song on THPS?


        Confession time: There are only 3 Primus songs I actually enjoy, ‘Jerry’ being one of them. :/

        • Which ones? “My name is Mud” has to be there right? “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver”?

          • Steve Smithwick

            My Name is Mud is good. Jerry Was a Race Car Driver is good. But this is better than anything listed here:

          • Christian Molenaar

            I’m partial to this one:
            Though I also like Over the Falls, Southbound Pachyderm and American Life. Honestly though, pretty much every Primus song sounds the same, so if you like one you’ll probably like every other one.

          • Cock of Steele
          • SHITSONTITS

            Nailed it.

            Primus is one of those bands that I really SHOULD like, but I just can’t get into them like a lot of their cult following do.

    • Call the Slambulance

      Sailing the Seas of Cheese was one of the very first CDs I ever owned. It still gets fairly consistent rounds. “Jerry…” still makes me do the “bass thump and thrust” everytime I hear it.

  • Deputy Dipshit

    Zero flushes, clean wipe!

    Seriously though, this game stole a good portion of my gaming time. The soundtracks in all of the games seriously made this so much more of an awesome experience on top of doing crazy shit. Sad to see you go, but thanks for the fun! m/

    • Negrodamus

      Some of the Fight Night series also had nice soundtracks…

      • I think I bought and played the living hell out of every one of those games. Shame, but I think they’re done making them.

        • Negrodamus

          I loved the last one, I own it on PS3 but later in the game when I would get to the bigger arenas the game would always suffer from major lag and or freeze problems, damn shame too cause that shit was fun but I never could beat it.

        • Steve Smithwick

          Complicated; EA officially still has rights to run the Fight Night series, but it’s currently ‘on indefinite hiatus’ while EA focuses on making UFC games.

          Could be we have a next gen Fight Night in two years, or it could be that the next boxing game made is made by some other developer. Either way, I’m with you- boxing games are great.

  • I am required to post this.

  • Ayreonaut

    They all had good jams on the except for that American wasteland where crappy pop punk bands covered classics by fear and descendents and such.

  • Steve Smithwick

    I really enjoy the revelation that when women steamroll you with SUV’s, you hit on them. Frankly, I can’t believe that that tactic hasn’t worked better on a sympathy level at least!


    I think this was from Tony Hawk 3, but I freakin loved CKY’s 96 Quite Bitter Beings

    • Call the Slambulance

      I have “CKY” tattooed on my right shoulder

  • Bozlinger

    Zero flush!

  • Paris Hilton

    Aw man that blows! Neversoft was one of the few companies that could actually make sports games fun. TPS 4 also got me in The Chili Peppers & System!

  • I don’t remember which one of them had number of the beast in the soundtrack, I had all the songs turned off and that one in endless loop

    • Quarter Ounce Harrell

      pro skater 4 is the one I remember it well.

  • Cock of Steele

    I was uncool and got my first taste of heavy stuff with Liberty City Hardcore.

    • That might be a separate post altogether. My favorite thing about the GTA series is the soundtrack. Those dudes have good taste.

      • Cock of Steele

        Dude I will actually listen to the pop stations they have.

        • Same! Vice City was probably my favorite for pop music.

          • Further Down the Metal Hole

            Vice City was probably my favourite for everything music related.

        • Negrodamus

          GTAV has great radio stations in all genres!

      • webb71

        The classic rock station in san andreas was the shit. Loved flying in a plane and listening to free bird.

      • RADIO X

  • Norfair Legend

    First off, Hi…

    Long, long time Metal Sucks lurker who popped in very occasionally to post under random names as I posted so little, I would forget what name and password I previously used…anyway…

    Coming from someone who skated for 16 years and still keeps a board in my trunk…when THPS came out, my friends and I almost blew our minds. The best until then was 720, Skate or Die and Street Sk8er. This game was just a whole new era in awesome.

    Though the series got played out I really was hoping for a strong new gen come back. Hope this can still happen and I wish these dudes luck !

  • Call the Slambulance

    This game introduced me to the Dead Kennedys and Primus, but I recently looked up the soundtrack for some nostalgic jamz. I found this, which has been getting constant plays by me.

    • I didn’t even realize 25 Ta Life was in a game. I can’t imagine trying to deal with Rick to sign off on this.

      • Call the Slambulance

        Actually, I made a goof. It was on Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, not THPS.

  • Dan Burton

    Unsane and Primus. That’s all you need.

  • Max

    The impact of skateboarding upon people’s exposure to metal is something that isn’t remarked upon as much as it should be.

    I started skating in ’89 and as a clueless 14 year-old, there’s no way I would have found out about punk/hardcore/thrash metal besides the skate videos I was watching and the skate mags I was reading that featured music. Such music was nowhere near the mainstream at that time, and I had no idea the underground existed.

    Videos made by Santa Cruz used to seem to have some sort of deal with SST records to be featured on the soundtrack exclusively. That’s pretty much what started me off digging deeper.

    It was a review of Earache’s Grindcrusher compilation in Thrasher magazine which then led me to extreme metal. I was very surprised and stoked to find out much, much later that the Thrasher logo’s font was the inspiration for Earache’s logo. That gave my life story a nice complete arc.

    I haven’t skated for more than ten years, but even today, when listening to music – any kind, but especially metal – I still picture a skate video running in my head.

    • Woah! I didn’t know about the Earache/Thrasher logo. That is so cool.

      • Max

        It blew my mind when I found out. I read it on the “Ask Earache” blog from Digby himself. Someday I’ll dig through the archive again and post it here.

  • I remember a skating game like that had the song that got me into punk and thus metal.
    Not sure if it’s the same studio, but it’s still a shame they shut down.

  • Gurp

    THPS 2 ate up a whole lot of my time as a kid on the Dreamcast.


  • Dagon

    @joethrashnkill:disqus I can’t believe I missed this when it came out. THPS is my shit.

    And “No Cigar” is absolutely fucking awesome. THPS2 on Dreamcast >>>>>>>>