Nazi Metalheads Fuck Off


You got fired because your boss discovered that you run a neo nazi distro. Whoops!

Earlier this week Minneapolis City Pages published an excellent exposé on Behold Barbarity, a metal distro/label that is notorious for specializing in virulently racist music and merch. Through Behold Barbarity, edgelords could purchase all manner of dull, ignorant records from Grand Belial’s Key and Spear of Longinus while dyed-in-the-wool nazis could purchase Race War records and t-shirts advocating for the murder of Jews.

I first came across the webstore a couple of years ago while looking for a release from Fin, a black metal band that I don’t believe has any political leaning. Upon seeing their album surrounded by Der Stürmer and The Raunchous Brothers records I let out an audible, “Fuck this shit” and bailed without making a purchase.

A Raunchous Brothers t-shirt, sold proudly on Behold Barbarity

Behold Barbarity is the work of Aaron Davis, a powerlifter and Intellectual Property lawyer from Minneapolis. Immediately after City Pages published their Behold Barbarity piece, Davis was scrubbed from his firm’s website and placed on “administrative leave”. Patterson Thuente released a brief statement about his employment:

“In light of allegations in a local article regarding one of our partners, Aaron Davis, Patterson Thuente Pedersen, P.A. has placed Mr. Davis on indefinite administrative leave effective immediately. As a firm, we are in no way affiliated with any of Mr. Davis’ outside pursuits. At Patterson Thuente Pedersen, we are committed to conducting our business ethically and with integrity. Hate, bigotry and intolerance have no place in our society. We value and respect the rights of all and foster a culture of mutual respect and inclusiveness within our firm and in the communities where we live and work.”

It’s staggering that Aaron Davis operated Behold Barbarity and organized NSBM concerts for so long without anyone in his professional circle becoming aware of his activities. Regardless, it’s completely understandable that his employer would immediately distance themselves from Davis when his work was exposed. As anyone with a basic understanding of the United States Constitution is aware, the First Amendment protects citizens from punishment from the government for expressing extremist views. Private businesses are not subject to the same standards. Davis’s webstore, since suspended by Shopify, declared:

“Behold Barbarity believes in the First Amendment and is against any and all censorship, weakness, or political correctness!”

Designed to protect politically unpopular or subversive views, fascists wield freedom of speech like a cudgel. Screaming at critics with outraged cries of “free speech!”, white supremacists merrily spew their toxic views with overinflated confidence in the scope of their rights. To claim that Behold Barbarity is dedicated to the First Amendment is flimsy on the surface and preposterous upon further analysis. Davis never once sold records from aggressive leftist artists like Liberteer or Fall of Efrafa or Leftover Crack through his distro. Not once did he offer anti-P.C. t-shirts advocating for the murder of landlords instead of Muslims. No, Aaron Davis specialized in explicit fascism with Aryanwulf shirts sold for $18.88, two easy references to Hitler in one low price. It was never about countering censorship. It was about selling hatred.

Order of Death’s Head patches, sold proudly via Behold Barbarity

Hatred is allowed to fester in extreme metal under an auspicious banner of “Keeping metal dangerous”. White supremacists long ago realized that they could market their ideology to kids within a genre that revels in fantastic depictions of violence and misanthropy. Metal fans are inured to outrage from outsiders their music as scary or even dangerous. Combined with The Satanic Panic and PMRC battles of the late 80s and early 90s, metal heads often feel extremely defensive of calls for censorship of their music. It’s this mindset that allows otherwise forward-thinking men and women to protect fascists and allow them to spread.

Metal is big and loud and angry. It celebrates violent fantasy and inaccessibility to normies. It’s no surprise that most of us got into metal when we were young. We were probably angry and definitely confused. Don’t think for a second that hate merchants aren’t aware of this. They take great pleasure in using your beloved genre to expose kids to anti-Semitism. They want to teach young metalheads that hatred for Muslims is necessary. They will try to ensnare angry white kids with white supremacy.

Last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, a 20-year old white supremacist murdered a young woman and injured 19 others. When we allow hateful ideologies to flourish, violence always follows. Aaron Davis, a highly educated man with a high-paying, prestigious job, likely lost his job for sowing the seeds of hatred. On one hand, it’s fun to see what happens when keeping it kvlt goes wrong. On the other hand, Aaron now has more time on his hands to further infect metal with racism.

More bullshit sold by Behold Barbarity

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  • Brutalist_Receptacle


  • Óðinn

    Fuck racism!

  • KJM, Anla’Shok
  • I can’t even believe that being neo-Nazi or anti-semitic is even a thing, let alone something practiced and fought for by adults. Like, I remember seeing people draw swastikas on the wall in junior high, and hearing Jew jokes around the same time, when you’re too immature and stupid to really understand the hurtful context behind it all. But here we are, with white supremacist rallies and Nazi black metal in 2017. What the fucking fuck is wrong with people??? Then again, my 8 years living in South Carolina taught me how goddamned racist people still are, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

    • My opinion is that it’s a cult and that Orange Shitgibbon is their leader.

    • Fart Johnson

      There’s a prety good recent book called Kill All Normies that goes into what drove teenage internet edgelords from a decade ago into becoming full-on neonazis.

  • Freedom Jew

    All Nazis should get exposed, fired from their everyday Joe jobs, and have to go out and do manual labor – if the only way they can survive by doing the jobs nobody else will, then that’s what they deserve.

    Alternatively, they can all just fuck right off of the planet. Preferably in a painful manner.

    • Pagliacci is Kvlt

      What do you have against Joe’s job?

      • I definitely need my Joe job.

      • Freedom Jew

        Joe isnt an everyday Joe.

        • JWG

          He’s a Real American Hero.

          …I may be thinking of a different Joe…

    • Óðinn

      Yup. Some manual prison labor would definitely do some good to white nationalist terrorsists.

      • We can swap out the wrongly imprisoned poor people of color for these guys to keep the private prison slave labor going. Fuck, who’s going to vote for conservative shitbags then?

      • Freedom Jew

        Plus, I was thinking that since all of their jobs will be empty, they could be filled by some nice immigrants.

        • Óðinn

          Good idea. Jobs for actual nice people.

      • gacharicmeatspin

        Like carrying 100 lb sacks of salt to the other end of yard and back?

        • Óðinn

          Picking crops 12+ hours a day while being supervised by violent guards with cattle prods and bullwhips is probably more appropriate.

    • Elegant Gazing Globe

      Save for buffoons like this, it seems as though the bulk of these posers are already at the lower level of the employment totem pole.

      • Count_Breznak

        Those are the harmless ones, they mostly just latch onto something that makes them feel important and gives some resamblence of meaning to their lives (you know, like ppl on social networks). You can actually make em get doubts in drunken conversations when you catch one out of it’s herd’s savety.
        The suits on the other hand….

    • Dave O’Reilly

      Well they are the ones who keep whining that illegal immigrants are stealing their jobs. I understand there are a lot of fruits and vegetables to be harvested. I suggest these white supremacists get busy picking the crops.

  • tigeraid

    I agree with the above.

    And I really want to know what Death Metal Underground thinks of this now.

    • They’ll see the headline and immediately assume it’s about them

    • nbm02ss

      One would hope they scurry away like cockroaches, now that the light is being shined on them.

    • First thought is probably “where am I going to buy all my merch now?”

  • nbm02ss

    It’s sad that it took the death of a young counter protester to get many in the nation to stand up and take notice to these emboldened facists; it isn’t like there wasn’t plenty of warning beforehand.

    • nbm02ss

      Also, I hope everyone expressing outrage online at least will go out and vote when applicable.

      • Count_Breznak

        Maybe, just maybe, some ppl got the hint from the last election: Retweeting an opinion doesn’t count as a vote.

  • Señor Jefe El Rossover

    Well done, Joe

  • Behold Unemployment! And rightfully so I might add.

  • time and time again, regardless of whose constitutional rights are being this’d or that’d, the one thing i have never understood is this: why do some people enjoy being full of hatred? it is an intrinsically negative emotion. smoke some weed you hateful motherlovers. life is awesome, try and enjoy it for once.

    • Guacamole Jim

      NO CORE
      NO MOSH
      NO FUN

      … or something

      • Freedom Jew

        ♫ I think I’m turning intolerant , I think I’m turning intolerant, I really think so ♫

        • Ashamed that I know what you are parodying here.

          • Freedom Jew

            I feel like GJ fed that to me. Ignoring it would have been criminal.

          • Holy shit. I never realized Mayhem’s dumb motto sounds like that Turning Japanese song

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            Mayhem is overrated.

          • Count_Breznak

            You didn’t ignore it, therefore you didn’t turn ignorant. qed.

      • Jeff Manteiga


    • Answer to your question right here: President Lyndon B. Johnson once said, “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

      • Óðinn

        That’s actually true. The efforts to divide poor white and poor black people benefits the rich and status quo. This gives back to the post Civil War era, where there were fears that the class war would be between the rich and poor, regardless of race and skin color. Stoking racial hatred amongst poor working class whites via misinformation, stops them from recognizing who is actually making their lives miserable. It’s worked for 150 years now. It’s the reason that Fox News exists. That’s their job, to misinform undereducated or ignorant whites.

      • gacharicmeatspin

        Hatred is not exclusive to white people, tho.

        • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

          Cringeworthiness definitely doesn’t now skin color either. This is just as face-meltingly painful to watch as seeing those overweight white peckerwoods parading around with conservative flags and semi-automatic weapons as if they’re the “master race”.

    • tigeraid

      Deuce speaks the truth, but also keep in mind that people instinctively want someone to blame for their ills in life. It ranges from the littlest thing (my husband doesn’t clean up around the house) to the biggest thing (jewish conspiracy to control the world). Anything to not take responsibility for your own shit. The best of us occasionally slip up and do it, the worst of us live their whole fucking life by it.

  • Guacamole Jim

    Excellent. Fuckouttahere with that Nazi shit.

  • By the way, my first two Dead Kennedys albums were “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” and “Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death.” When I heard “In God We Trust, Inc.”…I mean, Jesus Christ, what the fuck HAPPENED???!!! They went from this weird surf rock/Ramones/rockabilly thing on “Fresh Fruit” to this ridiculously fast hardcore band on the very next record.

    • Janitor Jim Duggan

      The Dead Kennedys rule. Its a shame Jello Biafra is such an asshole.

  • Jeff Manteiga

    “Keeping metal dangerous,” lol @ this concept. Isn’t metal what so many people turn to when their lives are full of real danger, confusion and sadness? Most of the metal I listen to is through headphones at my office job. How DANGEROUS is that?

    • Dumpster Lung

      Go ahead and keep metal dangerous. Just make it dangerous for fascists!

      • Eliza

        This basically.

      • Óðinn

        Keep Metal dangerous by identifying, outing, and kicking the shit out of your local Nazi.

    • Butt Face

      I like metal cos’ of the tunes, not that it’s ‘dangerous’. I think that’s an American concept. I’ve never come across it elsewhere.

    • *steps out of character*
      I agree, but would like to add some other points worth pondering, namely, that I think there is also a significant number of fans who live fairly unstimulating and unchallenging lives and who yearn to feel they are a part of some “great struggle”….they want metal to be ‘dangerous’ so they can continue to pretend that their cosmic-warfare-Conan fantasies are more than just an unusually long adolescent obsession. As you say though, there are a lot of folks who are healthily using metal as a way to deal with real danger (follow Syrian Metal scene on FB, for an inspiring example).
      Metal can indeed be about strength, but I’m afraid there are a significant number of people who feel that the only way to show strength is hold others down or call for violence, and are oblivious to the fact that the truest test of strength is in how you confront your own weaknesses and use that knowledge to help others up.

      • *steps back into character*

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    I guess metal does not have an unaddressed problems problem anymore

  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    Nazis are terrible. We fought a war to stop their atrocities.

    • Elegant Gazing Globe
    • Adolf Hitler

      Nein, nein, nein. Ze NAZI’s vere dissolved in 1945 und disappeared to South America – ich know as ich vas zhere.

      Ze so-called Nazi’s in ze US are nothing but ze bunch of ill-informed, stupid, ninkumpoopies. Zhey have comandeered ze Nazi symbols und language to make zhem looks tough und frightening vhen zhey are clearly nicht, vith zheir fat bellies und silly hats.

      Never hide zhier true face with vords from ze past. Zhey are modern day, ignorant, bigoted zealots. Sadly, those zhat oppose zhem are falling into ze same traps.

      Nonethelss, maybes somevone vill come up vith ze idea of finding out vhy zhey thinks ze vay zhey do rather zhan just raging against zhem. Ich suspect zhat some are ze ‘rebels vithout a clue’.

      • Mosh Hoff

        Making White Dudes Type Paragraphs

      • I do not think you shtick is a very good one.

        • Adolf Hitler

          Vaht! Zhere ist no humour left?

          Ah vell!

          • Butt Face

            I’m guessing whatever you’re going to say now is going to be frowned upon even if it’s funny and well-intentioned, even if you had absolutely nothing to do what goes on in the US (and I’m pretty sure you don’t!).

            They’ll hate you by association because of your pic, and I find that deeply saddening.

            Ah fuck it! I’m done with all this shit. Fuck the Human race. Fuck all of it.

          • more beer

            The human race sucks it always has.

        • Butt Face

          He’s been doing that gimmick for ages. So what? Have you let his shtick get in the way of what he actually said, which seems pretty spot on to me?

          Without commenters like him around, all these blogs and websites would be one mega shit show. A lot of his stuff is funny and often he makes a good point.

          Be thankful for them and be thankful some people still have a sense of humour regardless of what so-called Armageddon holocaustic shit happens in the minds of hysterical Americans people. Last time I checked humour does not fuel hatred so don’t let it fuel any resentment in you.

          Peace and love and soft, squishy boobies for all (except the girlies, they can have something, well you know, less squishy). 🙂

          • more beer

            Hey now I know plenty of ladies who like soft squishy boobies.

          • Butt Face

            I need to meet these ladies.

          • more beer

            I am sure they exist where you live as well. You can meet them on your own, if you are just willing to go out and talk to them. You have a god sense of humor chicks eat that shit up. Always remember a good personality goes a long way.

          • With all due respect, since the beginning of this blog I have tried to cultivate a positive commenting section here. I did not feel that a commentator, with the name Adolf Hitler, who comments either positively or negatively, promotes what I would like to see at TOH.

            As someone who comments frequently, I felt obligated to defend my position. Thanks for your time.

          • Butt Face

            With due respect back at you. 🙂

            As you’ve set up this blog, you, of course, have every right to decide what appears in the comments section. I respect your stance and you have no need to defend yourself.

            However, I will put forward my reasons so that anyone else reading this has a full understanding of where I’m coming from as well. If they disagree, that’s fine, If they agree, that’s fine too.

            Adolf Hitler is a gimmick. Like all gimmicks around here, they don’t take themselves seriously and are often satirical about the person they’re imitating. To put it into context, comedians, television programmes and whatever else have been impersonating Adolf Hitler, Nazis, Gestapo for satire or humour since the end of WWII. They’ve done it with every historical figure from Ghengis Khan to Donald Trump. Should all these people be villified for it?

            He’s just doing exactly the same as they have done. If you looked over at Metalsucks where I’ve seen him most, you’ll see that he’s one of the better and funnier commentors over there (and the only ‘negative’ things he’s said are about Matthew and Benny [who are fair game in my opinion], and even then he’s been funny about it).

            In addition, and this is a general statement to all, while some will still have a problem with the gimmick (and I respect that), please don’t make it HIS problem (not that anyone here would, I hope). That would be extremely unfair when he hasn’t been rude, nasty, or done anything else wrong.

            Deep love and all that. 🙂

          • Adolf Hitler

            Vielen Danke!

    • Sir Ukkometso The Based

      Iirc Americans funded nazis at a point. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

    “Keeping metal dangerous” should be “keeping metal interesting” in my opinion; exploring new auditory territories…maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but at least you’re trying something new.
    Churning out standard blackened/death-thrash with supremacist lyrics, isn’t “new” (=”dangerous”) imho. It’s just pretty much retarded.

    (though as a side note – and this is my subjective opinion – I do honestly think that the music itself of that first band name dropped in the article is actually damn good and definitely has its own character – edgelords they may be)

  • Carlos Parlo

    Never heard of this distro though I try my best to avoid NSBM…I do remember the time I was utterly disappointed to put two and two together and realize that Hell’s Headbangers chose Antichrist Kramer to design some of their label and comp stuff and then saw how free they were with the nazi band BS on their site for sale. It honestly has left me conflicted as I dig several bands—who have no rightwing leanings—signed to the label as well as some of the sales they have on merch. I can’t bring myself to order directly from them anymore but I do like several of their acts still.

    • Jeb

      Ugh gas yourself please.

  • Eliza

    “Fuck Nazis” is my biggest political belief.

    • Spear

      Good belief.

  • Butt Face

    No disrespect to Joe but why are Americans so fixated on ‘Nazis’ at the moment?

    This year, in the US alone, there have been 18,000 murders, nigh on 11,000 suicides, 150+ mass shootings, half a million abortions, 130,000 sexual assaults, etc. I know extreme right and left are a pain in the ass and a few people have been killed and injured over the last decade or two but please, some perspective.

    Yeah, I know. The media don’t help – the first I heard about the murders in Spain was when I read about an actress hiding in a restaruant and an American being killed. Oh, and by the way, another 13 were killed and numerous injured but as they weren’t actresses or Amercians so they don’t count so much.

    Damn it! I went all socially political and bollocks. Thought this was that other site.

    • 1) Nazis have been infested in extreme metal for a long time. Aaron Davis was outed the same week a far-right child murdered a woman during a white supremacy rally. This is ostensibly an extreme metal blog, and I think it’s important to take out the trash within our own ranks.
      2) To your larger point about a sudden American obsession with Nazi, there is a huge fascist movement sweeping the country, no doubt being fed by fringe pundits and politicians now being given a huge platform in American media.
      3) Violent crime in America is a problem but has overall dropped over the last several decades. If anything, over-policing is a bigger problem. Our prisons are over-stuffed with non-violent offenders.
      4) It seems misguided to include abortions in your list of what appears to be violent crimes considering abortion is a legal right.

      • Butt Face

        Thanks for the info’ – wasn’t fully aware of that.

        There’s always been a bit of neo-Nazism in Europe but it’s generally low-key with many just doing it to wind the authorities up. Any true violence tends to be committed by mentally ill loners. Sounds different in the US though.

        Oh yeah, the abortion thing. Well, yeah, I’m neutral on it but it’s an issue for some people, legal or not. Just chucked it in as an example of people caring less for something that others are deeply passionate about. But that’s another story.

        • A bit of an addendum – before 9/11, white supremacy was considered the biggest terror threat in America.

          • Butt Face

            Interesting – thanks.

          • Óðinn

            It still is. I saw a statistic the other day, and the overwhelming number ot terrorist attacks in America over the past 10 years have been from right wing terrorists. More than Islamic terrorism, and much much much morethan left wing terrorism (which was at 2%).

          • Carlos Parlo

            Yeah the Oklahoma City bombing kind of woke us up to that threat…

    • Óðinn

      Personally, with extreme right activism and terrorism being such a credible threat to America right now, I can’t understand why so many people want to ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist. Makes no sense.

      • Butt Face

        It’s more of a threat in Europe – the terrorism bit anyway. But we seem to do alright not jumping around as if our arses are on fire.

        I’m not being rude when I say this but a lot of Americans won’t travel to Europe because of it’s “such a dangerous place”. That, of course, is utter bull and is typical of how we see Americans – rather loud-mouthed nd in your face but run as soon as someone farts. Please don’t think I’m being rude. I’m just saying how it is over here.


        • Óðinn

          I’m not offended. I’m a U.S. citizen, but not exclusively. I hold other citizenships. I guess that makes me somewaht atypical as an American. If anything, Americans tend to freak out more about Islamic terrorism, when statistically, they’re probably more likely to be killed by right wing terrorism.

          Also, one of the fairly unique, and quite ridiculous, things about America is the easy access to firearms. Murder, suicide, mass shootings and other crimes would be greatly reduced with normal gun laws, like the UK or Australia. These right wing asshats (many mentally unstable, misinformed, and undereducated) horde firearms like you wouldn’t believe. Why do they do this? Racism. On top of that, Trump is now in the White House. He is a white nationalist, and he’s also mentally unstable and ignorant. The murders, crime, and suicides you mentioned are all related to our firearms problem. Americans are racist, ignorant, violent and armed people. Not all or them, of course. But many of them are. While you’re watching the BBC, unemployed Joe Six Pack in Iowa is absorbing lies from Fox News all-day, while polishing his multiple AR-15s with a hate boner for anyone who is not white. He can’t wait for the day he gets to kill people either.

          • RJA

            You guys always go to Iowa! Can’t we use Missouri or Arkansas instead?

          • Óðinn

            I meant Arkansas.

          • Butt Face

            Yeah, the US is unique in respect of firearms – I guess stemming from the ‘lawless’ and the need to defend oneself way-back-when which has become ingrained in US culture whereas in Europe, firearms were always a tool (outside war), mainly for hunting and self defence so we’ve tended to have a more ‘mature’ outlook on these things, although in the last few decades where people are exposed to crappy Hollywood movies that tend glorify and sex-up the gun, they’re become more prominent in gang culture (another bad influence of crappy films). I gather that sales of firearms in the US have increased quite a bit in recent years, spiking just before an election!

            …and yeah, the US does seem to have its more than fair share of loonies that will suck up any convenient BS. Sadly, the BBC is no longer a beacon of light and truth but not as bad as the US media (not yet anyway) but they still often make up controversy where there is none.

          • Óðinn

            One other thing that makes the U.S. stand out amongst western nations is our lack of laws governing hate speech, which I find to be absolutely ridiculous. People can stoke racial hatred, to any extent, without fear of any legal reprisal. This leaves it up to the general public to police racial hatred. If no private citizens oppose hate speech, genocidal speech can grow unopposed without fear of consequences to those advocating genocide.

          • Butt Face

            I did wonder why it was so easy to do that. Yeah, you need laws to govern hate speech. No doubt many will consider that a breech of their freedom of speech (it hasn’t been an issue in countries where laws are in place) but those same people forget that with freedom of speech/expression comes responsibility but if they don’t show it then a line has to be drawn.

          • Not quite on topic (and completely out of curiosity (and with no flippant nature intended)), what number of firearm would you consider hoarding?

          • Óðinn

            I can’t really put an exact number on hoarding. But I think that you and I both know that there are many people in America with 5, 10, 15, 20 or more firearms in their possession. How is this necessary, unless a person foresees a situation where they might want to kill somebody? Personally, I consider the maximum number of firearms necessary for most people to be zero. Certainly, 99%+ plus people do not need handguns or military-style AK-47s or AR-15s. Yes, they may want them and find them fun, but the risks far outweigh the benefits. I guess one or two licenced, registered hunting rifles in the hands of licensed, registered hunters who have a proven need for them could be appropriate. If you’re not actually using thenm to hunt, they’re not necessary.

            This is one of the assclowns who organized the white nationalist rally where they murdered that woman last weekend. He shouldn’t be allowed to walk around with at least 5 firearms like we see in the video.

          • Butt Face

            How many weapons are illegally possessed? I’m guessing very high?

            That was the problem in the UK. While the vast majority of legal possessors were responsible gun owners and self-regulating (all invariably historical collectors, competition shooters, or hunters), the gun laws tightened up after Hungerford and Dunblane shootings did nothing to reduce gun violence (which was very low anyway) as it only affected those who legally possessed firearms. Indeed, gun crime has risen due to gang culture illegally possessing firearms.

            It’s different in the US of course as many who are licensed aren’t necessarily responsible or self-regulating (read that as downright stupid or sick as shown by the million and one Youtube videos).

          • I have been really thinking about a response to you all day and cannot find a good way to respond. I guess my tip to you is try to look at firearm ownership as more multi faceted than people hoarding. People collect firearms for value, heirloom pieces, sporting, hunting, and protection. I have 6, I would hardly even call myself a gun enthusiast (believe it or not). Each one has a purpose, exactly like a tool in a workshop.

            I wish I could spend a day with you showing you what responsible gun ownership entails.Things don’t have to be so black and white. For most, it is a great past time. I really look forward passing my great grand father’s shotgun, my grand father’s shotgun, my fathers shotgun, and my shotgun to my baby boy one day. The entire outdoor legacy is something to be cherished. Even if it means peoples only option is to go shooting indoors.

            I also have some ideas on regulations that could work.

            I am not sure I did exactly what I wanted with this post, I just hope you can understand that not everyone is out to kill somebody (which I don’t doubt you will agree with). I just hope I helped give you some general perspective on firearm ownership that you might not have thought of before.

            Thanks for your time Óðinn.


          • Óðinn

            Thanks for your thoughtful reply, GL. You make a good point about firearms being a part of culture and tradition for many Americans. To me, six firearms seems like a lot, but to many, it may not. I actually have taken a firearms safety class, but that was only in the context of being prepared to use firearms on set (on camera) if necessary. I don’t see a situation where I’d actually own one. However, I’m happy to hear your perspective. I actually don’t think every gun owner is out to kill people. I had a friend of mine murdered by the son of a gun collector, so perhaps my opinion is influenced by my experience as well.

          • RJA

            Don’t worry GL, the number is 1 more than you have!

  • Simon PhoenixKing Rising

    Excellent article Joe. Nazis are scum and it will never be not funny watching them get their just desserts for their hatred.

  • The Mighty Thorange

    Fuck Nazi’s/white power/white nationalist/KKK whatever the fuck they want to call themselves. I honestly find it amusing that the majority of these cunts tend to be dim-witted, poorly educated, dead end job working, neanderthal looking motherfuckers, yet they are somehow convinced that they are genetically superior to other people based on the amount of melanin in their skin. If there is such a thing as a master race, I am pretty certain that it isn’t fucking them.

    • Óðinn

      Yes. Why is that the people who yell “white pride” are usually those with the least reasons to be proud?

      • The Mighty Thorange

        Because they are dim-witted and poorly educated?

    • Jeb

      This guy was a lawyer and probably in better shape than your soft fat low T body LOL

  • GoatHorns

    Promoting the censoring of music you don’t like? How very tolerant and progressive of you. Do you cunts even see the irony of what you’re all saying? We fought censorship in the 80s because people didn’t like what they heard. I don’t even listen to the music, but you’re a little bitch if you think it should be banned.