MSD and Friends’ Riff of the Week


“As every man hath received the riff, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of the Riff.” 

Such is the pious calling of MSD and Friends’ Riff of the Week — sharing with each other the riffs which we have so abundantly received. As Snoop Dogg the Enlightened once spake: “It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.”


Masterlord SteelDragon:

This classic riff is the heavy metal embodiment of “simple yet effective,” and to this day I’ve been unable to hear it without belting out TOOOOORCH-LIIIIIIIIIIIT HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLS  along with Robert Lowe, much to Lady SteelDragon’s chagrin.


Lady SteelDragon:

2 minutes and 20 seconds into “Full Moon,” Mount Salem hits you with a enjoyably straightforward snare fill followed by this retro groove. Please like it. K.”


Joe Thrashnkill:

“Starting at 00:09 and continuing throughout most of the song, Magrudergrind’s RJ Ober unleashes one of the most primal, caveman riffs I’ve ever had the pleasure of moshing like a dick to.”



“The descriptor evil is bandied pretty frequently here to portray particularly menacing tone, but if you held me at gun point and asked me to identify the most evil riff in existence, I would tell you to fast-forward 5 minutes and 9 seconds into Pig Destroyer’s “Natasha.” This song is extremely off-putting, and the spoken-word ravings of the lunatic protagonist over this diabolical chord are stomach-turning. Pig Destroyer are a good grind band, but they’re excellent when churning out maniacally filthy doom.”


Christian Molenaar:

“Consider this my multiple riffs of the week because there are way too many good ones in this song to pass up, and it was actually my seventh (!!!) choice after I couldn’t find the first six on Youtube. Between that clean phrygian opening to the stacked major seconds in the next riff and the effortlessly sudden tempo changes throughout, this song really is the perfect death metal arrangement without any gimmicks.”


Rho Stone:

“This weekend everyone has an assignment: put this on in your car in break 50 traffic laws.”


Jack Bauer:

“Can you make something up for me plz, I’m on the road right now.” 0:30.



“The riff starts at 2:14. It sounds like Satan is slowly dragging you naked by the balls across a desert with shards of broken glass strewn everywhere. The bells in the background are the herald of the ritual of audio pain and despair taking place. The riff then slows down and with Dahan’s bellow of ‘PRAISE…FOR ALL TO SEE.’, you reach your unholy destination, knowing that the suffering you endured was just the beginning.”



“The whole intro is great, but wait till you hit 0:42. When a band that is going a million miles an hour all the time takes a step back and  lets you appreciate their layering, it’s a beautiful thing.  Then then song kicks in to full gear and you’re back to wondering how they write shit like this.”


Cock of Steele:

“I dare you to try and not classic headbang to this riff.”



“I’m going to go old school. I can’t keep up with you young whipper snappers. Riffage at 1:15.”


Call the Slambulance

 These guys cover such a gnarly spectrum of extreme metal, while never escaping the blackness. The main riff for this song is structurally perfect and harmonically beautiful, especially coming from a group that dabbles so far into crust. It’s artsy fartsy, but maintains the evil black metal vibe. Would write a poem to/10



“This riff seethes punk angst and is super catchy; few riffs can hold a candle to the one in ‘Candle Holders‘.” [NICE. –MSD]


Amen and amen. If you want your Riff of the Week featured next time, make yourself known.

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  • Mother Shabubu III

    Ah, Magrudergrind. Remember when everyone shit a brick because they released shit on Scion? Now a lot of bands do it and no one says anything.

    • I thought it was so rad! Free download + $6.00 shipping for a 10″ record. The record was actually really solid too. Punk elitists can go jump in a lake. They might smell better.

      • W.

        I’m a fan of what Scion A/V is doing.

        • Mr.CustodialArts

          I am as well…but damn it all to Hell I want physical copies of so much of what they release…also, anybody here buy a fuckin’ SCION yet? 🙂

          • Mother Shabubu III

            They can release all the cool music they want, their cars are still ugly.

          • Kevin Nash and Friends

            I won’t buy a Scion ever since they released a Black Oak Arkansas album exclusive to their dealerships. I hate Black Oak Arkansas. Their lead singer owes me a Palm Pilot Professional as he stole mine.

          • KJM

            Jim Dandy didn’t come to your rescue? Very disappointing.

          • over time, with interest, it should be a … samsung galaxy s5

          • Kevin Nash and Friends

            I’m not asking for interest and I already have a Galaxy S5, so the only way he’ll get my forgiveness is if he gets me a Palm Pilot Professional like the one he stole.

          • Ayreonaut

            Fuck those stupid re badged toyotas but I do like the music they help put out

          • You mean one of those boxes with wheels? Fuck, no.


            FRS is the only decent car in scion stable

          • you can’t ROLL COAL in a scion so……… no dice!

    • Ron_Deuce

      Love that Magrudergrind S/T album. Hope they have something new coming out soon.

    • Count_Breznak
    • when Revocation does it, i say “yay!”

  • B00mhauer

    Dang ol’ great list tellyewhat man jump to dang ol’ 0:30 you got two dang ol’ headbangin thrash in riffs in a row man. Yo.

    • B00mhauer

      Dang ol need to learn how to embed. Yo.

    • RustyShackleford


      • B00mhauer

        Dang ol Dale Gribble. Yo.

    • ParallaxativeHyperStool

      Ah dang Coven! I remember getting to the end of one of their albums to where there is a full Satanic Mass as the last track, and being thoroughly creeped out. It was great.

  • Guacamole Jim

    So much good music.

    • Negrodamus


      • Guacamole Jim


        • Det. Flushin Bohl

          Guacamole Jimbodini! m/

  • Dat description.

  • Mr.CustodialArts

    Come on guys, this is starting to look like the stage at the end of an ANDREW W.K. show-is that an article or a comments section up there? 🙂

    Anyshit, sweet picks…and I love these dudes:

    • The stage at the end of an AWK show just so happens to be one of the greatest places on earth.

      • W.


      • dingus

        I third that


      some more canadians, yea these guys sound like vintage NWOBHM. Outstanding , they don’t tour enough though.

      • Mr.CustodialArts

        They’re too busy mowing Geddy Lee’s lawn. Goat Horn was fuckin’ rad as well. Canada certainly has done her part!


          In canada we had a version of MTV call much music. There was a daily metal show called the Power Hour. The opening music was by sacrifice. But i always thought it was slayer for some reason. Then i found out later it was this band sacrifice , and when i went and listened to slayer sacrifice sounded better to me, if that convoluted story makes sense ! hahahahhhh

  • JWG

    Riffs Of the Week has my full support.

    If the other prime example of Canadian Dad Metal, Anvil, is ‘proto-thrash’ then my contribution this week is proto-Hair-Metal. I was 6 when I first heard the Killer Dwarfs (a few years after this promo), though, so I have the excuse that my musical identity was only just evolving past Raffi.

    • Dat guitar!!!!! I’ve never been so jelly in my life.

      • Kevin Nash and Friends

        I haven’t heard this band since my days in WCW. They were a favorite of everyone backstage. Not one person disliked them in that locker room from the start of the nWo all the way to the end. They were the band of the WCW. Hell, even that country music loving prick Jeff Jarrett loved them.

      • JWG

        This is totally my motivational anthem:


      up in canada they were way more popular, the first album was always my favorite. Russ dwarf (the singer) fell off a balcony once when he was fucking around at one of their shows. This song is heavier and better than anything anvil put out.

  • Scrimm

    This whole song is awesome but that riff from 4:15 on is one of my all time favorites.

  • Kevin Nash and Friends

    Hey yo, these riffs are perfect to jackknife powerbomb ex girlfriends to or in the case of my good friend Scott Hall to do the Razor’s Edge to. As my buddies in D Generation X say, if you’re not down with that we got two words for ya! (insert phrase in comments, it gets old to constantly say it.)

  • crazytaco_12

    This band is doom from concentrate; all other doom bands wish they could write just one riff as cool as this band’s.

  • Kevin Nash and Friends

    Also, here’s a riff that Hunter likes to do the DX crotch chop to. Don’t ask why, he’s into a lot of this kind of stuff including Molly Hatchet and Creedence Clearwater Revival among others. Still better than X Pac’s music taste though. His music taste only makes sense if you do the same drugs as him.

  • Scrimm

    Someone needs to make a coal rollin guitar for this article. I’d do it but my computer skills suck.

    • Someone do this.

      • Quarter Ounce Harrell

        I’ll get on that now.

    • Kevin Nash and Friends

      If I had any experience with computer artwork I would, but I do not.

    • Quarter Ounce Harrell

      Your welcome! fond time during break to do these.

      • Quarter Ounce Harrell

        picture wouldn’t post first time.

      • Scrimm

        HAHAHAHA awesome!

    • KJM

      Roll that coal to save America’s soul!!


        Canadian metal queen lee aaron.
        first pic from 83.
        second from this year. Holy fuck , fountain of youth or what, it’s the clean canadian air i think.

        • Scrimm

          Very nice.

        • JWG

          That recent photo makes me think of our local news personality Tamara Taggart.



        • Kevin Nash and Friends

          She’s attractive. Not as attractive as Torrie Wilson, but more attractive than Sunny in her prime. She’s a little bit more attractive than Francine and Dawn Marie, but a little less attractive than DDP’s wife Kimberly and Beulah McGillicutty.



      • Scrimm

        Holy shit I want one.

  • Sponge Of Mystery

    yey i made the cover

  • Kevin Nash and Friends

    I nominate this song from Worst Song of The Week. I hate this band and I hate this song. They are terrible live and their singer stole my Palm Pilot Professional back when I saw them in 1998. I paid 399 dollars for it when it came out and then I left it on the bar where I was seeing them. I went to the bathroom and then it was missing, but I saw their singer carrying my Palm Pilot to the back. When I saw him at the bar and ask if he saw a Palm Pilot, he said nope even though I saw him taking it when I got back from the bathroom. Fuck Black Oak Arkansas!

    • KJM

      Saw them opening for Blue Oyster Cult in 1987.

      • Kevin Nash and Friends

        I saw Blue Oyster Cult quite a few times back in the 1980s. I enjoyed them when I saw them. Saw them on their tour for Cultasaurus Erectus and on their tours for Revolution By Night and Club Ninja.

        • I love Revölution by Night. I own an original pressing. Some fans cried and peed because it had an “eighties sound” but it worked IMO. …and Aldo Nova’s contributions just made it that much better.

          • Kevin Nash and Friends

            I liked a lot of their stuff but after Club Ninja it wasn’t really Blue Oyster Cult. This theory about Blue Oyster Cult will actually make a lot of sense when you read it.

            Speaking of Blue Öyster Cult theory table salt, I have a BÖC theory of my own, called the Moody Blue Öyster Cult Theory. You see, Blue Öyster Cult is the Moody Blues of heavy metal. WHAT?! you say … and I reply: check this out (they might even be the same band):

            1. Both bands were unfairly categorized. The Moody Blues are labeled a progressive rock band, but their songs lack the diversity, themes, meter, structure and grandiosity of those by standard-bearers Yes and Genesis. BÖC are labeled a heavy metal band, but, with few exceptions, lack the full-frontal guitar assault and power of, say, Black Sabbath in the seventies or Judas Priest in the eighties.

            2. All members of both bands sing lead vocals. Sure, some more than others, and Allan Lanier only sang lead for only one song in BÖC’s entire catalog (AoF’s True Confessions).

            3. In spite of #2, two members form the core of the bands’ leadership (MB: Justin Hayward & John Lodge; BÖC: Eric Bloom & Buck Dharma) and thus sing most of the songs, especially later in their careers. Plus, they are all guitarists.

            4. All members of both bands play multiple instruments.

            5. One of the main members of both bands, both of whom were extremely influential early in both bands’ careers (MB: Mike Pinder; BÖC: Al Bouchard) either quit or was fired. Ironically, both would sue their respective former bandmates in the 80s.

            6. The replacements for both of the above members (MB: Patrick Moraz; BÖC: Rick Downey) quit out of anger and disillusionment because they were treated as sidemen and were not permitted any more active involvement with the group. Moraz sued his former bandmates as well.

            7. One of the other members of both bands, both of whom were influential early in both bands’ careers and provided very strong and diverse songs to their catalogs (MB: Ray Thomas; BÖC: Joe Bouchard), slowly faded away toward the end of their bands’ heydays and contributed weak songs (Ray: “Celtic Sonant”; Joe: “Light Years of Love”).

            8. Both bands professed an interest in “space” themes. In order to get there, the Moodies spoked pot. BÖC sniffed coke.

            9. Both bands employed well-known producers to “revitalize” their sound, both of whom helped bring some commercial – if not necessarily artistic – success after their prime (MB: Tony Visconti for Other Side of Life in 1986; BÖC: Martin Birch for, especially, Fire of Unknown Origin in 1981).

            10. Both bands contributed soundtrack material to shitty movies (MB: Karate Kid II; BÖC: Bad Channels).

            11. Both bands released albums in 1986 that were very controversial amongst their hard-core fans (MB: Other Side of Life; BÖC: Club Ninja).

            12. Both bands released compilation albums that included re-recordings of their classic material

            13. Both bands are flogging the oldies circuit today (MB in Las Vegas, BÖC in a bar & grill near you).


            I think we would have some good discussions, i talk about stuff like this all the time when i get stoned or drunk with other hardcore music fans Everything after revolution by night was not super great though. I think mirrors is underrated.
            I like that MB’s song sittin at the wheel. But i could’nt get into their 80’s comeback ballads although i respect them as a band.

          • Kevin Nash and Friends

            I loved the album Mirrors. The song The Great Sun Jester was probably one of my favorite songs by them. I loved the Moody Blues, but for the song The Voice. I did not like Club Ninja or The Other Side Of Life. I bought a copy of Other Side Of Life a while ago, as a curiosity and it wasn’t good. I never liked Club Ninja, in my opinion it wasn’t Blue Oyster Cult. I gotta admit though, on the Club Ninja tour they gave a great performance when I saw them even though the venue wasn’t even half full. Hell, I saw Steppenwolf in the 1996 perform to me, Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, Triple H and Randy Savage. We were the only people there. No one else showed up.


            take me away is one of their best songs of the 80’s. *Waiting to be stoned by some BOC fans*

          • It’s true though.

          • Mr.CustodialArts

            Dude, when it comes to B.O.C., I GO ALL IN.


      Holy shit man, that’s super fucked up, i can no longer listen to them after hearing this. I am being serious. That is low. Testament low.

      • Kevin Nash and Friends

        On top of him stealing my Palm Pilot, he wouldn’t sign my copy of their first album on vinyl. Also, don’t be angry at the whole band just because their singer did that. I don’t think he’s in the band anymore and I don’t think he has been since 2004. I have nothing against their first singer, I just hate the one that replaced him for stealing my Palm Pilot. Plus, at this point I could replace it for cheap.


          wait did you see this guy, original singer jim mangrum or some other guy ?. Roth stole his whole act and looked just like him in the old days.

          • Kevin Nash and Friends

            I saw some other guy. He wasn’t even that good. Probably the best concert I have ever seen is Emerson Lake and Palmer on their Works tour. I also saw them at the California Jam. Second best was UFO on their Obsession tour, right before Schenker left.

    • Howard Dean

      That’s a shitty thing to have happen. I hope it wasn’t Jim (Dandy) Mangrum who did that. Everything I’ve ever heard about him was positive.

      I actually like a fair bit of BOA. On a metal-related note, here is an awesome cover of Goatsnake covering the BOA track Hot Rod. Major ass kickin’.

  • Hayden Clifford
    • RuIN?

      Good album.

  • Cock of Steele

    I really should plan for Riff of the week in advance so I can come up with something really good to say about the song.

  • Fromwisdomtohate29

    Look ma. Top of the world. I’m internet famous now.

    But seriously, thanks for reminding me how hard Magrudergrind go. That song makes me want to headbutt a hole in my kitchen wall.

  • Guppusmaximus

    “Tales of Creation” can not only fit as an album loaded with “Riffs of the Week” but can also get placed in the article for Extra Cheese because it is an amazing concept album that never gets mentioned so much so that I forgot about it even though I listened to it non-stop when it first came out. Enjoy the album in its entirety (FF to “Under the Oak” for my Riff Pick):

    • Kevin Nash and Friends

      I love a good concept album. X Pac does not like concept albums because he says they’re too hard to understand. Though, he does like Black Oak Arkansas, Seals and Crofts, America and all that soft rock bullshit. He also loves crappy psychedelic music because he says it’s great to listen to after you’ve snorted some cocaine. That is why his music taste sucks, because it’s only good when you’re on drugs.

      • Guppusmaximus

        I hear ya, but, “Summer Breeze” is such an earworm and has a majestic riff that would need more than one article to describe it. Plus, Type O Negative did a cover which means it’s more metal than meets the eye!

        • Kevin Nash and Friends

          I saw Type O Negative back on their October Rust tour and they did a great performance of Summer Breeze. I also saw The Kinks in the 1980s on their Think Visual tour and they did a great performance of Lola.

  • IronLawnmower Best riff ever recorded. That’s a true science fact.

    • KJM

      The whole album is rifftastic.

      • IronLawnmower

        My favourite Anthrax album. Anthrax are like the only big 4 band that aren’t a washed out husk of their former selves.

        • Kevin Nash and Friends

          Agreed. Megadeth has gone downhill, Metallica released Lulu, Slayer no longer has Jeff or Dave but Anthrax is still going strong. I like Anthrax including their album Stomp 442.

        • crazytaco_12

          I don’t know man, everybody seemed to love “Worship Music” yet I only found like 2 or 3 songs to really be thrash at all, all the other songs just seemed to be rock. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate good rock, but I can’t say at that rate then that Anthrax isn’t different from what they sounded like before.


            I think it’s because joey’s voice has even gotten better over the years singing in all those different cover bands. He hasn’t been slogging it out for the last 20 years like hetfield, mustaine, araya who have put a lot of mileage on. While they can still thrash the thrax now have the ability to weave in classic metal with just a touch of modernism. We will see with the next album.


      Joey IS Anthrax

      the only band in the big four that is fully functioning.


      what sets joey apart ? he sings, doesn’t croak , squeel or wheeze like the other big four vocalists.

      • Kevin Nash and Friends

        Conan, here is probably the greatest live version of Twilight Zone. It was from a performance in 1984 in Leiden wherever that is. They do a great live show.

    • Cock of Steele

      It’s unstoppable

  • Kevin Nash and Friends

    This is the best bass line ever in any song. Nothing equals it.


      Their videos are groundbreaking too, the one where the lead singer attacks the nun, i think it was when the lady smiles. There was another good one called quiet eyes too. It’s to bad they are only know for TZ & RL. White Lion’s cover of radar was pretty much verbatim. Just like QR’s career making covers of slades noize & mama were all crazy, In fact noize came on sirius a couple of weeks ago and i was sure it was QR but it was slade. Noddy holder’s voice is so close to dubrows as well. Until cavazo throws in the solo i can’t tell the difference between original and cover. Run run away is better than anything QR put out. That was the great thing that came out of it. Slade finally got hits in america after all those years.

      • Kevin Nash and Friends

        I loved Quiet Riot once. I don’t anymore. I like Slade more than Quiet Riot. I have the album with When The Lady Smiles on it. It was called N.E.W.S and that tour was the last time Golden Earring toured the US and that was in 1984. I saw them at Great Adventure when the Haunted Castle caught on fire and eight teenagers died. I also saw them open for Santana and I saw them on the tour for their album Cut which was the one with Twilight Zone. I wish they would tour the US again.

    • Cock of Steele

      And so, Steven Percy Harris doth listened to this, and picked up the mighty BASS.

      • Kevin Nash and Friends

        Who wouldn’t pick up their bass after hearing this? I wish they would tour the US again. I saw them open for Santana, I saw them on the tour for this album with the song Twilight Zone and I saw them on the tour for the album after that. They haven’t toured the US since that tour because of a fire in the Haunted Castle at Great Adventure where they were performing that killed eight people and destroyed the Haunted Castle. I was at that performance and went in the Haunted Castle earilier that day.

  • Xan

    Well, this got featured on Cara Neir’s FaceBook page:

    • Radical!!


        Cowabunga dude!

        • Kevin Nash and Friends

          That’s awesome. Almost as awesome as me being friends with the guy who played the Shockmaster in WCW in Facebook.

      • Misanthropic Anus

        The radical right strikes again.


    New site formatting is br00tuhl

  • Mr. Bojangles

    is MSD like a new drug or something?

    -Mr. Bojangles

  • Howard Dean

    With another week of MSD and Friends Riff of the Week looming, I went back through all of these riff submissions from last week. Good shit. But I gotta go with that Sepultura one. My fuck was that a sick riff.