Mouth of the South – Good Intentions: A Video Breakdown


Shut your mouth.

Jimmy Hart, famously known as “The Mouth of the South” is one of the most recognizable pro wrestling managers in the world. Famous for his megaphone, hyperactive personality, and trademark hair and sunglasses, Hart managed legends such as Hulk Hogan, The Honky Tonk Man, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, and the Hart Foundation. When he wasn’t laying out challenges to the wrestling world, Hart composed the theme music for many wrestlers, such as the now Wolfpac and the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers. Hart was also a member of the rock band The Gentrys who had a hit song in 1965 “Keep on Dancing”.

Why am I telling you all this? Wrestlemania is this weekend. Also, it’s because I don’t want to talk about the Christian metalcore band Mouth of the South. Follow along and you’ll see why.

0:07: Nice box.
0:09: Biebercore.
0:11: What’s the deal with these types of bands doing videos surrounded by wood?
0:13: “Brains go in here!”
0:20: The briefcase in Pulp Fiction was better.
0:22: Don’t make a dick sucking joke, don’t make a dick sucking joke, don’t make a dick sucking joke
0:31: Playing in the woods without amps. Can we officially call this “Pulling a Heidevolk”?
0:36: Bounce like it’s 2009.
0:39: Is he smelling the gun? Did someone rub strawberry lip balm on it? Maybe some cucumber melon moisturizer? That stuff smells delicious.
0:41: Making the drummer lug his gear out into the woods while no one else has to bring an amp has to be a joke on him.
0:49: There’s a whole lot of agreeing going on.
1:01: I kind of hope they’re surrounded by poison sumac.
1:07: Maybe one of them can use it as toilet paper.
1:12: That’s what happens when you bite your pen. Ink everywhere.
1:15: Two for flinching!
1:24: That’s the closest this guy has ever come to someone with dark skin.
1:29: Full-body bounce, now with dry heaves.
1:40: C’mon, you can hit yourself harder than that. Try it! It’s fun!
1:47: “Ugh! I’m just so full of feelings and stuff!”
1:56: Spastic, spastic feelings.
2:02: So when do they start running through the woods backwards without any pants on?
2:09: Good thing the couch is already black because his mom would be so pissed.
2:20: “Hey guys, we have no budget for a video. Let’s just go behind your folk’s place. It’ll be fine.”
2:29: “That’s it, mister! You’re getting a bath tonight!”
2:40: 50 Shades of Bro.
2:47: It’s his “Come to Jesus” moment. Bring some tissues.
2:49: Stupid fucking ground!
2:56: Open wide to feel His salvation all over your face.
3:08: He’s going to catch his death out there without a shirt.
3:12: Scene provided by Forest Gump.
3:17: Dendrophilia means “love of trees”. Just thought you should know.
3:30: Apples and a snake. What could they possibly represent?!
3:34: Now I know what they spent all their video budget on.
3:43: And we also know where Erra got all the branches for their video.
3:52: Yes. Yes you have.

So guy gets covered in ink, freaks out, rips off his shirt, and runs directly into a Bible, while Mouth of the South strain their necks in the woods. Got it.

Mouth Of The South’s album “Struggle Well” is out now via Facedown Records.

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  • Scrimm


  • Tyree
  • Dr. Dubz

    This is why people typically ignore Christian metal.

  • Tyree
  • Please don’t let Biebercore become a thing. Haven’t we suffered through enough bad metalcore already?

  • JWG

    As a kid I was confused by Jimmy Hart’s name and nickname combination, because I was 100% certain that the Hart Family were from Alberta (so I wasn’t wrong, I just applied that knowledge wrongly).

    Eventually I rationalized that, since most of the population of Alberta live in the part with Calgary and Edmonton in it, and that’s more or less in the “south” of the Province (pretty much everyone in Canada is from our “south”) there was no real contradiction.

    It didn’t even occur to me that the name could be all that common outside of Canada too.

  • Stockhausen

    “Alright, I’ll check these guy ou–HURRRRRRFGGGGFFFGGHGGGGGGGGGGHH”

  • Formerly Known As Oli Sykes

    We went from Underoath to this shit. Even if you didn’t like Underoath, at least they had variation, and tried new things, instead of just shoving Jesus into a mess of breakdowns and white noise.
    @GodOvAll You should be ashamed yourself, go flush these cunts while I think of a punishment. And bring back Underoath while you’re at it, they were pretty good.

    • Were they?

      • Formerly Known As Oli Sykes

        Yes, they were. While I wouldn’t call them a favourite band or anything (Top 100, sure, but nowhere above 75), but they did have AFI-syndrome during their existence (Post-Hardcore, check. Kinda sold-out but still somehow remained good, check. Early albums not many people have heard, but older fans hold dear whilst shunning the newer ones, check Very few albums sounding exactly the same, check.), so things remained interesting, to me at least. Also, I can look past Jesus if the music’s good.