Moonspell – Extinct: A Video Breakdown


Gotico vampiro lobisomem metal.

Portugal’s finest vampire-werewolf gothic metallers are back, baby! Relatively quiet in the past few years, Moonspell have reared their pale heads once again to bring us songs about things that go bump in the night. Sexy things. Things that require safety words. Things clad in leather and too much eye makeup. Arm yourself with some silver bullets and a tetanus shot because Moonspell have released a new video for their song “Extinct”. Let’s check it out.

0:13: Good thing this isn’t a “scratch n’ sniff” video. It would stink like corndogs and seagull shit.

0:19: Jack Sparrow is my co-pilot.

0:34: The churro lady is here!

0:40: Oh, it’s just Jack Sparrow’s wife, Jacqueline.

0:52: Man, she is walking the hell out of that hallway.

0:57: Hi!

0:58: Hey!

0:59: Sup!

1:00: Ola!

1:02: Como estas?

1:03: Hell-oh holy crap she can float!

1:06: So are all of these people in the band or have we just walked in on a real-life steampunk fan-fiction story.

1:16: A little bit of paint, some throw pillows and this warehouse video is as good as new.

1:19: Why are you guys so far away? Don’t be shy.

1:23: I didn’t know ghetto Marilyn Manson was in the band.

1:30: That much makeup near an open flame cannot be a good idea.

1:37: Joao, it’s time for you 3:30 masochisting!

1:48: She’s like a sexy Corporal Kirchener.

1:52: “You have a little mayo on your lip. Let me get that for you.”
2:09: Every member of Moonspell is a “winter”.

2:16: The first day of school is always awkward.

2:23: At least there’s still cute puppies in the post-apocalyptic wastelands.

2:29: Those wings are still safer than flying on Southwest.

2:43: Four! Four heaving bosoms! Ah-ah-ah!

2:51: It’s like a Mad Max porno parody in here.

3:03: Oh, now it’s awkward.

3:09: An entire field of cows died to make Moonspell’s outfits.

3:16: Dollar store Maleficent is here!

3:30: Emotionless Keyboardist: The Movie

3:40: Next he’s going to write “Metallica Rulez” on the wall.

3:59: Man, I should start going to yoga classes.

4:03: Somehow, breakdancing is the most unexpected thing in this video.

4:18: Check that: One-armed headspinning is the most unexpected thing in this video.

4:22: Breakin’: The New Generation

4:25: Goth pile-ons are like regular pile-ons except with more ennui.

4:34: I guess Moonspell is just too cool for goth pile-ons.

4:44: Yaaaarrrrrr!

4:51: Naaawww everything is better with puppies.

4:53: Nets! My only weakness!

4:59: Peace out, Moonspell.

I have to say that was a pretty catchy song. I guess the video is catchy too if you include STDs and staph infections. It did lack lots the vampires, werewolves, and capes I would expect from a Moonspell video. At least they didn’t go the ultra computer-generated route like they did in “Scorpion Flower”.

Moonspell’s new album “Extinct” is out now on Napalm Records.

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  • This is a very good poppy gothy album. It’s very fun. I think I will listen some of their other albums because this one is very melodic and catchy.

    • Enemy Of The Free World

      Do Under the Moonspell EP 😉

    • JamesGrimm

      the antidote.

    • Farty McPoopyCoalRoll

      Butterfly Effect is my personal fave of their’s.

  • Scrimm

    What’s Vinnie Paul doing in Moonspell? Looks like he lost a few pounds.

    • Tyree

      Being awful.

      • Scrimm

        So business as usual.

        • Tyree


  • nbm02ss

    This song is catchy, but it really just made me want to listen to newer Amorphis.

    • the last Amorphis album had some catchyness too! <3

      • Enemy Of The Free World

        Amorphis is putting a new album out this year too. Hoping it has a few more keepers than the last.

        • hey! didn’t knew that, mr. Bear! I will stay tuned for that one.

        • Based Tapir the Willy Shaker

          It probably won’t. Tomi Joutsen has beautiful hair tho.

          • Enemy Of The Free World

            My feelings toward that whip (srs, dat moshing) were perfectly summarized by Keijo in Vain Kuolemaa.

          • Based Tapir the Willy Shaker

            I’d be delighted if they made more episodes.

          • Enemy Of The Free World

            I could certainly do with a season 2 as well. But the organist is dead.

          • Based Tapir the Willy Shaker

            But as the guys said, it was good that he died.

          • Enemy Of The Free World

            Worthy a laugh at least.
            Dunno if the joke would carry on well though. They’d have to be more serious in their attempt at not being cerious. Or something.

    • JVVG

      It was a bit weird that the subject matter was original material all of a sudden. but, yeah, I dig newer Amorphis. It’s still cheese. But more finely aged cheese.

      • Enemy Of The Free World

        They ran out of Kalevala to interpret, just looking at the lyrics without the themes there was hardly a difference though.

    • Mother Shabubu III

      My only experience with Amorphis is this song:

      It’s pretty catchy as well.

      • Farty McPoopyCoalRoll

        Tales From The Thousand Lakes is a definite must. I kinda fell off with them after Elegy though.

  • Tyree
  • Based Tapir the Willy Shaker

    0/10 would not shake my willy to this song.

    • Enemy Of The Free World

      But it’s catchy, isn’t that the most important part of WillyWigglying?

      • Based Tapir the Willy Shaker

        I don’t follow your mainstream ways of willy shaking, you heathen!

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    dark sexy women of the nite—heartbreakers—
    destroying kings

    some people never learn—painful satanic lesson

    all 3 at once–1st vid full vol 2nd vid-1/8vol–3rd vid full vol

  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain
  • Napalm Records is seriously a goldmine of lolbuttz. I dunno that they’ve ever put out a non-Whiff of the Week-worthy video for any of their bands.

  • Max

    “0:57: Hi!
    0:58: Hey!
    0:59: Sup!
    1:00: Ola!
    1:02: Como estas?”

    I laughed.

    They have very raunchy wives. I really should re-consider my vow never to play in a gothic metal.

  • So when is the ToH SXSW showcase happening?

    • Maybe next year. My stupid band is playing a couple of shows tomorrow.


    Man, its a shame that Moonspell has so much cheese to them because there’s some great melodies and harmonies in this song.

  • tertius_decimus

    > Gotico vampiro lobisomem metal.

    I’ve read this as “lorem ipsum”.

  • Mother Shabubu III

    I enjoy a tad of Moonspell errry now and then

  • JamesGrimm
  • Farty McPoopyCoalRoll

    A pic from the interview I did with them years and years back.

  • Malted Hate

    Every time I think of Moonspell I can only think of the shame that it is the only noteworthy metal band to come out of Portugal.