Mad Max: The Most METAL Movie of the Year


I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting into when I saw an advance screening of Mad Max: Fury Road this past Wednesday. The guy I was with is a huge Mad Max fan in general, and swore that “if we don’t get good seats, we are leaving”. Fortunately, we managed to get two pretty good seats, which was lucky because the theater was completely full. Unfortunately, we also discovered that the film would be in 3D. Sigh.

My hatred of 3D aside, we sat back and watched. The movie clocks in around two hours long, which initially irritated me, but once the movie started I hardly noticed. Seriously, this was a shockingly good movie to someone who enjoys violence, gore, and heavy metal. Also, freaks. They don’t shy from the apocalypse being filthy in this film, and there’s more blood and dirt than a mosh pit at Wacken. I was honestly expecting to be irritated by Tom Hardy as Max, who I will never forgive for making Bane into an eye-rollingly shitty character, but I digress. Max spoke very little (thank god), and seemed more of a side character to Furiosa (Charlize Theron), who was such an incredible display of bad-ass I would personally hand her a “most bad ass bitch” award if I had one.

If you don’t know what you’re getting into (like I didn’t), there’s a lot of violence, a lot of cars, and amazingly, there is a heavy metal element to this movie that made me squeal with fucking joy. The story itself revolves around a plot that I could totally see happening in the apocalypse; an evil dictator is hording water and has enslaved women as “breeders”, so Furiosa (Theron), one of his best drivers, betrays her master and embarks on a quest to free his ladies. The villain in this piece is Hugh Keays-Byrne, who was actually in the first Mad Max as “Toecutter”. Hugh plays Immortan Joe, the biggest baddest freakiest dictator this side of the Thunderdome. Heads up, you will totally see his butt at some point. Take it in!


We meet a lot of different characters from this horrible dead world; bad guys from “Gas Town”, bad guys from the “Bullet Farms”, and the coolest tribe of old ass feminists known as “The Many Mothers”. One of my favorite characters is Nux, played Nicholas Hoult (you might remember him from Jack the Giant Slayer?). His immortal line, “What a day! What a lovely day!!” will be heard for years, or at least after you leave the movie theater because I shared his glee throughout this film. All of the characters have their own distinct style, which I really appreciate because they easily could have been a bunch of one-dimensional throwaways. Even Splendid, played by Rosie Huntington-Whitley, (who we might remember as “the chick who isn’t Megan Fox” in Transformers 3), manages to make us care about her and her suffering. What a twist! As far as character development goes, there actually is a nice story here. People grow and people change, but it’s not overly dramatic enough to distract you from the madness. It’s a nice touch, enough to make you care about the characters when they (horrifically, brutally) die.

The one thing that everyone in this world has in common is their vehicles. Monstrosities put together with spit and duct tape, covered in weapons, driven by maniacs. The action sequences don’t bore me as they so often do because HOLY CRAP, they are insane. You’ve got guys blowing themselves up, guys on the ends of poles being swung around, guys strapped to the fronts of cars like hood ornaments, and guns. So many guns! No wonder they need to farm for more bullets, they shoot at everything that moves!

It’s difficult to say more about this movie without adding spoilers, but I can’t stress this enough; watching a dude chained to a moving truck play a guitar that shoots fire might be one of the highlights of my life. In fact, when the apocalypse happens, I might have to find a way to get one of those for myself. Now get your tickets, and go watch the fuck out of this movie.

PS: The 3D didn’t suck. What a twist!

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  • Simon “Djentcrusher” Phoenix

    I look at Max as my goody goody Aussie counterpart. Gives no fucks. He would make an excellent right hand man if our views on morality weren’t complete oppisites.

    I want to see this movie so bad. This and Turbo Kid.

  • As if I need any more reason to go see this movie ASAP, thanks for the write up!

  • Tyree

    Well, I believe it was Rob Miller of Amebix who claimed The Original “Road Warrior” to be the crustiest film of all time.

    • sweetooth0

      The post apocalyptic movie every other post apocalyptic movie tried to be afterward.

      • Tyree

        I thought they did an ok job with “The Road”. Much darker though.

        • sweetooth0

          I love The Road. ultra depressing and grim.

          • The W.

            Cosigned. Been meaning to read the book.

        • sweetooth0

          that horse killing scene, damn.

          • Yeah, damn.

            This movie was extremely disturbing to me. Not visually, but tonally/thematically. Haneke’s got a knack for that.

          • sweetooth0

            I like Funny Games a lot, but I haven’t seen his other stuff.

          • I don’t love all of his stuff, but I’d definitely recommend The Piano Teacher and The Seventh Continent. Seventh Continent was really jarring and artsy with its framing/editing choices and kind of confusing to watch for a while, but the end is just breathtakingly bleak–a total WTF moment.

            And the final scene of The Piano Teacher has got to be one of the most poignantly fucked-up in all of cinema.

          • sweetooth0

            I’ll add em to ‘the list’.

    • The W.

      Nah man, that’s totally Water World.


  • RustyShackleford

    MY EXCITEMENT >>>>>>>>> is it necessary to see the originals first? Anyone like them? Never seen em =

    • sweetooth0

      Story wise probably not, life choices wise, SEE THEM.

      • RustyShackleford

        It shall be done then!

    • The Beargod

      Each are enjoyable with somewhat different focus. Anyways, a must see trilogy

  • The Beargod

    Firstly: I wanted to stip reading when you mentioned irritation at the movies length.
    Secondly: I don’t think I can really enjoy a Mad Mac movie without Mel the same but dammit Ishall try and perhaps even succeed to enjoy it in some other way.
    THIRDLY: I like the idea of Max taking a back seat because of the aforementioned lack of Mel but also because it seema to harken back to the very first film in which he wasn’t so much of a main attraction.

    Sounds like I’d enjoy this very much, we will see.

  • EsusMoose

    Wasn’t gonna see it but now maybe.

  • Anyone ever see Bellflower? Strange film about two bros obsessed with Mad Max.

    • Liked it on viewing #1.

      Opposite of liked it on viewing #2.

      How should I feel? TELL ME HOW I SHOULD FEEL!

      • I thought it was interesting but I dunno that I can say that I liked it.

        • Agreed. Cinematography/art-direction wise it was a brilliant film.

          Story wise . . . eh, not so much. The main characters were kind of hipster douchebags and I don’t feel sorry for them.

          • One of the dudes was named “Aiden”. Fuck that guy on principle.

          • Fuck Brayden and Jayden and XKVVVKXayden too while we’re at it.

            *nearly imperceptible head-nod of masculine complicity*

  • Dean the P.I. Staker

    You know who needs to release a new album? Disma.

    It’s been 4 years already since Towards the Megalith dropped, and I’ve a hankering for some new stuff. I listened to that album this morning for the first time in awhile and very quickly remembered why it was one of my favs from 2011. Goddamn. Death metal like that doesn’t get released every day. Or month. (Or year).

    • Tyree

      Oh man, yes. They were heavy as fuck when I saw them.

    • You may want to check out Profound Lore’s Facebook page.

      • Tyree


        “Disma “Towards The Megalith” CD back in stock, this time with two bonus tracks, “And The Dawn Of Life Arises” and “Unwept In Oblivion”, not on the initial pressing. These were the two bonus tracks that were initially on the exclusive 7″ that came with the limited colored editions of the “Towards The Megalith” vinyl version.

        In other DISMA news, we are psyched to report that the band are currently working hard on their next full-length that will undoubtedly raise the bar of true old school death metal brutality.

        Also for those attending California Deathfest 2015, make sure to support and witness the sheer sonic brutality of DISMA’s set on Oct 10th.”

      • Dean the P.I. Staker

        Holy fuck. Haven’t checked Facebook today. That coincidence is ridiculous! New album in the works! Byah!

  • I didn’t watched old Mad Max because…

    I live in a Mad Max world.

    (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐□-□ /


    Thanks for the writing, Sarah! Probably will see it, because my mother loved the old movie.

  • killer write up, my excitement levels are through the roof now! might make up for the underwhelming Age of Ultron… (BTW, glad to see someone else disappointed in Bane)

    • Guacamole Jim

      I liked Bane 🙁

      • i think most people DID like TDKR and Bane… but i was displeased with both

        • The Beargod

          Never got around seeing that, you’re not encouraging me here man.
          (Btw, I though AoU was ok, not spectacular but Whedon/Marvel hasn’t really blown my mind, ever)

        • Guacamole Jim

          TDKR was a disappointment in a sense. On the one hand, it was dark, and gritty, and Batman, and it was fun for the sake of seeing the trilogy wrap up. But it was hard to ignore the glaring lapses in the script. All in all, TDK > BB > TDKR.

        • Tyree

          I thought that whole movie was a big disappointment. Mainly because the Steelers did not die.

        • This gives you power over me?

        • Nina Osegueda

          I hate that fucking movie. How did nobody else laugh when Bane started talking? How??

          • couldn’t understand what the heck he was saying!
            yeah the movie blew. but looking back, TDK isn’t exactly a masterpiece

          • Sir Tapir the Based™

            Really? I thought he was really easy t understand. Nolan’s Batman movies are ok at best imo. At least they’re better than Marvel movies. My hopes for the Suicide Squad movie died when I saw the Joker. Horrible.

          • the Tapir lays waste to Drangleic (RFI)

          • Sir Tapir the Based™

            Name should be “Based Tapir”. Thou hast failed.

      • The W.

        A man’s wife is his life, Mr. UPS man.

      • Have you heard the phrase “you are what you eat?”

        • Tyree

          Do you know what happens to your body without fiber?

          • I cannot wait to watch this when I get home

          • Tyree

            It’s um… Incredible.

          • I know, that’s why I posted it, I just haven’t seen it in a while

          • I’m Bane, yes, that’s my name.

          • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

            Im sensing another video clip Ill never be able to forget…

    • RustyShackleford

      You mean you don’t enjoy recreating his voice by talking through an empty pringles can? YOU HAVEN’T EXPERIENCED JOY

    • Spear

      That whole movie (Batman) was just a mess. I could forgive Bane if Catwoman didn’t feel like she was shoehorned in at the last minute.

    • First we meet on youtube and then Ign, what is this?

    • Scrimm

      Told you AoU would disappoint. Saw it myself a couple days ago.

    • Lord Flashheart (aka KJU)
    • Ahmed Johnson The Reef Eater

      I liked Age Of Ultron.

    • Lacertilian

      Still waiting for that JJM review. Did you pick which one of my spoilers was legit?

      • Sir Tapir the Based™

        Janitor Jim Movie?

  • Shrimp in a Pizza Box

    Only seen random advertisements for this film, ambientation reminds me a bit of Borderlands.
    SHOOT ME IN THE FACE! (refresh for image)

  • I was watching the original Mad Max the other night and it got me thinking about this one. Sounds like it may not be just another shitty remake/reboot based on this write up.

  • D. Lee

    seriously cannot wait to see this. I get mad bonerz every time i watch the trailer

  • I’m gonna see the fuck out of this movie when i get a chance

  • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

    Looking forward to this for sure!! BUT it looks CGI heavy and that always bums me out to the max! Freekin cartoonish looking shit…

    • Scrimm

      I’m with you.

      • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

        right on scrimm…that stuff does nothing for me.

        • Scrimm

          Nothing. I can put up with some if there’s a good movie behind it, but that’s not near as common as it should be. I don’t want to watch 2 hours of computer “effects.” That’s why stuff like Harbinger Down needs to be supported. Practical fx all the way!!

          • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

            Totally….I wasn’t familiar with the term practical fx until you and Nina said it and I support them 110%!

          • Noah Killough

            Almost everything besides the sandstorm scene was all Practical effects, I agree I thought it looked CGI heavy too, but alot of it is just really really really well done practical effects

    • Lord Flashheart (aka KJU)

      As always, I’m waiting until it comes out on DVD, or try to find a decent version online (which is usually a month or so. Otherwise you end up getting the worst bootleg copies possible).

      • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

        word up bruh! getcha dvd pull up on in it….

    • Nina Osegueda

      I saw an early release too, and the truth is, it’s not CGI heavy. Most of the scenes have a lot of practical effects, which made this a better watch for me than the Avengers.

      • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

        Cool Nina thanks! That really makes me want to see it now!

  • Sir Tapir the Based™

    I remember seeing at least one Mad Max movie. I didn’t really like it. Peppa Pig is superior in every way.

    • #ploplo

    • Ahmed Johnson The Reef Eater

      Tapir plz!

      • Sir Tapir the Based™

  • Vegglampe

    Thought the top photo was one of the usual photo crops. Learning that flamethrower-guitar-on-a-car was a legitimate thing from the movie makes me hard.

  • CyberneticOrganism

    This looks exceedingly badass. Great review Sarah, thanks for confirming that I absolutely need to see this.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    sometimes a movie-can be so heartwarming–and funny
    even though its a chick flick

    this was one of those movies
    something to promote recycling and proper utility maintanence–for suburban cable viewers–using freaudian nightmare imagery/violence—-for feel good sentiments—and crappier 80s cars

    all 3 at once–full vol

  • Guppusmaximus

    I didn’t read the review. Just like I don’t watch trailers for movies I really want to see. The only difference being I would’ve had to have poked my eyes out while screaming *LALALALALALALLALALALALALALALA*

    Ex-Machina was pretty fucking Metal too. That movie was twisted in that it brought up a fairly realistic problem with creating an actual life-form. I won’t ruin it for you… GO SEE IT NOW!! Oh and I hate 3D as well…

  • I’ve honestly never seen any of the Mad Max movies. I own them, just never watched them. That might be something I’ll do now that I’m out of school without a job for a few weeks. I’ve already blasted through a bunch of splatter movies (Mountain of the Cannibal Gods, Cannibal Holocaust, Demon Hunter, Cannibal Ferox).

  • Matt Pike’s Sweaty Left Nipple

    I enjoy the Mad Max trilogy. I will most likely enjoy this new film as well. This nipple is ready for popcorn and mayhem.

    • Actiondonkey

      Damn, it’s a trilogy? Never made it through the first one; might have to hit that up.

  • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

    Good to see Devin Townsend getting into the movie biz.

    • Lacertilian

      I’m surprised some geek hasn’t added Voldemort in a similar pose in the bottom corner yet.

  • Well, that’s good. I was silently afraid this movie was going to be a dumpster fire.



  • Max

    Well, that’s a relief. As is the case for many here I’m a fan of the original trilogy and it’s good to see the legacy hasn’t been tarnished.

    In fact, when I first watched Mad Max II (or The Road Warrior as it’s known to Americans) it left a really profound impact on me. Growing up, I truly believed that the world probably WAS going to end up looking like that at some point – don’t forget this was still the Cold War. It’s still one of my favourite movies of all time. I and III, I think, perhaps haven’t dated as well but they certainly have their merits. But II is untouchable and timeless.

    Anyway, my favourite story about Fury Road’s production phase is how they had to film it in North Africa because Broken Hill hasn’t had a drought for a while and currently looks too lush and green!

    • I’m glad you’re not… MAD, Max!

      /punches self in dick

      • Max

        I used to get called that at school long before I even started watching the films.

      • Lord Flashheart (aka KJU)

        You forgot to put on your shades mid-sentence. 😉

        • Lacertilian

          Dubya is wearing those CSI shades bro

  • Lord Flashheart (aka KJU)

    Finally, someone agrees with me that Bane was a laughing stock! Mostly the voice, which sounded like a ultra-gay art professor, was what made him so lolbuttz. Looks like it’s the same case with Ultron, who I was expecting to sound, well, like a robot rather than the lolbuttzification I saw on the trailers.

  • Dean the P.I. Staker
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    mad max movies=state of the art propaganda
    beginnings of the modern abc/disney/u.n. resource manipulation–

    and the age of lies and false flag attacks
    —(all 3 at once—full vol—or with first vid muted)