Listen to Dewar PR’s April Compilation feat. Castle Freak, Heavy Temple, Ghost Horizon, and More!


We’re celebrating the 4th anniversary of Dewar PR by streaming the Dewar PR April Compilation! Get in here to listen to a whole bunch of new bands and one of the most beautiful Type O Negative covers you’ve ever heard, courtesy of Heavy Temple.

Previously, we premiered Dewar PR’s January compilation waaaaay back in, uh, January. Prior to that, we premiered Dewar’s November 2015 compilation and highlighted the August 2015 compilation. Suffice to say, we go way back. Dewar is always a joy to work with and I’m stoked to stream the latest comp. May Curtis & co. enjoy many more anniversaries.

This PR firm represents a pretty diverse lineup of artists, so allow me to share my highlights for this comp:

Castle Freak – “Human Hive”
I’m slightly biased here, but Castle Freak bring the siqq gory death metal.
Heavy Temple – “Love You to Death”
This mostly acoustic piano-based tune is one of the best Type O Negative covers you’re likely to hear anytime soon.
Killer Refrigerator – “Autoerotic Refrigeration”
This track is wild musical fun, even if the lyrics are about a guy banging his fridge.
Ghost Horizon – “Pale Apparition”
A slick melodic black metal track that hits every sweet spot in my idiot brain.
The Beast of Nod – “Hyperanal Hemorrhaging”
Death metal that gets right to the riffs.


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  • Dubs

    Listening to dat mudderfalcon Type O cover. I dig.

    • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross

      I dig your use of the term “mudderfalcon”

      • “Y’all need to use moar ‘mudderfalcon’ and less Hot Hawk” – Dubs (2016).

    • The rest of the Heavy Temple stuff is also good. Bandcamp is here:

      • Dubs

        Cheers, Curtis. I’ll check it out. Thanks for your continued Toilet love.

        • I do love the Toilet ov Hell 🙂

          • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross

            Featured comment, we have a featured comment here! make it so!


          • Done!

          • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross


          • Yay, I have the featured comment on my compilation’s premiere!

    • brokensnow

      Fantastic cover. Wish more bands would make the effort.

  • Why would anyone bang his fridge?!

    Anyway, thanks Dewar PR. I will try to doomload this compilation.

    • Vietnam man. It will do that.

      • He clearly doesn’t live in Venezuela. We don’t have electricity for the fridges, so I don’t know if he will get the same sensual experiences with fridge off.

        Btw, I listened new D66 album in full. I dig “Hounds at ya Back!”, “Traitor” and the last track, that final song is the one that I enjoyed the most, it sounds like a Bathory epic.

        • Those are some eggcellent songs Link! I love the album.

          • In some parts I felt it as kinda “samey”, but I will def check it out more. It worth the relistens.

            The drumming, on the other side, is p good.

          • The riffs and overall feel of that album is just total perfection in my opinion. Production is so damn good, I wish more albums sounded like that. I don’t find it to be “samey”, I think each song is it’s own. So many great riffs. Obligatory Tom G Warrior “Ugh!”

          • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross

            Tom G Warrioir “Ugh!” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

          • Fuck yes!

          • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross

            When bands use the “Ugh!” in songs is another moment that will put a big grin on my face, much like the ride beat as mentioned earlier.

          • CyberneticOrganism


          • 10 Ughs’/10

          • i don’t think samey necessarily implies bad. take Infernal War, for example, they’ll rip you to shreds from the moment one presses play ’til the moment an album is over

          • Oh, yeah. I didn’t take it as real negative feedback. I hear ya man.

          • cool beans man. time to re-visit that D666 after hearing you guise talk about it!

          • Killer. By the way that cut of the Alien 3 movie in that boxset is fucking superb. It make that movie so much better. I honestly kinda prefer it over Aliens which is total blasphemy to most people.

          • yeah it’s not bad at all. also i saw Alien 3 as a kid and it has a special place in my heart because of it.

          • Same. It seemed to always be on during my sick days while I was in school.

          • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross

            BURN THE BLASPHEMER!!!

          • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross

            Seriously one of the best makeup jobs in movies ever.

          • No denying that Boss.

      • Stockhausen

        Tyree continues his reign as gif king. That was impressive.

  • you know, Dewar kinda sounds lile it could be a rednecks name from around my area. kinda like Dewayne

  • The Horse Head track is some dank sounding sludge.

    • Speaking of Horse bands, I know you dig the grind too. So, have you checked out Horsebastard?

      • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross

        Digging that band name.

        • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross

          and that is some grindy shit right there!

          • They don’t skimp on the grind.

          • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross

            Not at all

      • You had me at the Ric Flair sample on the opening track. Definitely feeling this, these guys sound nuts.

        • Right on, here are a few other releases from them…

          • Thx, gonna check this once I finally make it through the Cloud Rat discography.

          • Stockhausen

            So, like 30 minutes?

          • I wish – it’s 77 tracks. Probably closer to an hour or more.

        • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross

          Yeah, the Flair was awesome.

      • Stockhausen

        I remember stumbling across them in a flurry of other listening, but I had completely forgotten about them. I love that chainsaw bass sound.

    • CyberneticOrganism
      • I dig this, does the rest of their stuff sound like it’s infused with whiskey?

        • CyberneticOrganism

          That whole album is gold, everything is in haunting minor keys and sounds like it was recorded behind a half-burned murder barn.

          • You are speaking my language with that statement.

  • Eliza

    When I listen to these compilations, I like to just lay back and enjoy. Rarely do I actually finish them, though.

    • The whole comp is awesome, but I’m biased as I put it together 🙂

      • Eliza

        You should be more than satisfied with your work! It’s awesome!

        • Thanks, appreciate it!

          • Eliza

            It takes quite a lot of time to do these compilations, doesn’t it? I think it’s worth it.

    • CyberneticOrganism

      I’ve been loving these compilations too, had the Relapse one on the other night and the basic rock songs up front were a great change of pace.

    • it satisfies the need for music shuffle that Bandcamp does not provide! love it

      • Eliza

        I’ve never thought about that. You’re right. Bancamp need a shuffle feature.

    • Huh, I knew Ethan McCarthy joined but I had no idea about Colin Marston being on the bass.

      • i just assume hes a part of every album now

  • Waynecro

    This compilation is swell! Thanks!

    • Eliza

      Listen to the Weoh song, it is really different from the rest of the songs.

      • Waynecro

        I can dig it. I’m such a sucker for violin.

        • Eliza

          That plus the singer’s voice makes the song for me.

          • Waynecro

            Yeah, it’s pretty interesting. The Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus and Stone healer songs kick all sorts of ass.

          • Eliza

            True. I like the NB one a lot.

    • Glad you like it 🙂

      • Waynecro

        Indeed! Thanks again!

  • Joaquin Stick

    I am partial to Stone Healer so far. Perfect amount of progressiveness in that death metal. Face melting.

    • i was listening to the tracks on a minimized window. then a song kicked in, some song i had never heard, that caught my attention. once i opened it back up, Stone Healer was playing.
      TL;DR we’re the same person.

      • Joaquin Stick

        James Jimmy Joaquin <3

    • The Stone Healer EP is amazing.