Premiere: Let Ursinne Give You a Ride in Their “Hollow Hearse”


Stream a brand new track from a truly super group.

It isn’t every day that a band’s lineup raises eyebrows, especially with only two members. Freshly formed death metal dealers Ursinne have managed to do just that though, bringing together legendary frontman Dave Ingram, formerly of Hail of Bullets and Benediction among many others, and multi-instrumentalist madman Jonny Pettersson of Ashcloud, Henry Kane and Wombbath. On paper this combination sounds like a no-brainer, and in practice they completely justify your decision to abandon any and all critical thinking skills.

After reading the veritable murderer’s row of death metal acts that Ursinne’s members are associated with you probably have a pretty good idea of what the band sounds like. I’ll concede that you’re probably right (metalheads are good at that sort of thing), but really that just means that you already know that this is fucking great.

The song we have for you today, “Hollow Hearse,” is a real jackhammer of a track that isn’t afraid to show off its melodies. Even underneath the steady rumble of opening triplets you can hear the faint siren song of the lead guitar, dancing and shimmying beneath the layers of grimy distortion. It begs you to get closer, go deeper, play louder. The closer you get, the deeper you go, and the louder you play, it only gets better. I know you believe me. You’ve already heard it in your head after all. Why not play it on something a bit louder, though?

Ursinne also just surprised us this morning with a brand new video for “Underworld.” Peep that below and keep on shimmying to the heinous sound of death.

Ursinne’s Swim with the Leviathan drops on August 20th via Transcending Obscurity. You can pre-order it here and give the band a like on facebook here.

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  • That fucking guitar tone! 😍

    • Iron Tarkus

      That tone is Pettersson’s M.O. New Ashcloud, Wombbath and Pale King have it throughout.

  • Iron Tarkus

    Probably my most anticipated release of the year right now. Anything with Johnny Petterson gets my seal of approval and having Ingram on vocals just makes it that much better.

  • Brutalist_Receptacle

    Check out that freaking manatee looking-thing with teeth! BTW, manatee is from the Taíno Arawak manatí which means breast or udder or booby or something. From the same language group that gave us words like “tobacco” “hammock” and “barbecue”!