Last chance to get Toilet ov Hell merch


Ya gotta order now or these designs are gone forever.

Here’s the thing, folks. You order these delightful t-shirts, Represent will press them and ship them immediately, your significant other will get the shirt in time for Xmas, and I’ll get a little bit of money that I will then immediately use to pay off some of my dog’s crippling veterinary bills. Pretty sweet deal, right? ONE CAVEAT!

If you wanna get in on these goods, you gotta do it now. There are just a few hours remaining before these shirt campaigns end and if you miss out you’re gonna be shit outta luck. So do it now! Give in to your basest consumer urges and get a badass Toilet ov Hell t-shirt.

Get the OG tshirt and hoodie here

Get the Angery Black Metal Guy shirt here.

Do it or rue it, my friends. And, uh, infernal 666 hails for your support, y’know?

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  • Hammered-Heathen

    Merry Christmas to me.

  • received an e-mail this morning stating that the shirt i purchased (a few days ago?) has been shipped! this Represent company seems like a good.

    • I’ve got high hopes for these guys. So far they seem like a major upgrade from TeeChip.

  • Mosh Hoff

    I just spent 30 euros on a longsleeve I don’t need making fun of an artist I barely know.

    ToH changes a man.

    • Hans


    • Indeed it does!
      Though in my humble assessment, that fine shirt does much more than merely poke good-natured fun at a single artist; it is my assertion that it precisely and artfully captures a great swath of the metal underground and corresponding ethos in its delightfully satirical gaze.
      I am hesitant to expound further since I am in the midst of writing a more proper full-length examination, including examples and diagrams, which which I hope to convince the humble editors to consider publication thereof!

    • Toilet… Toilet never changes.

  • Brutalist_Receptacle


  • Hans


  • megachiles

    I’d like to request that Franklin gets one treat or pat per purchase.
    Hang in there lil’ bud <3
    (And Joe)

  • Infernal metal fukkin hailz and all that, got me an angery

  • themaleshoegaze

    I know I have a fixation on (certain strands of) early Nineties-HC (yet would try to uphold that there are worse things) and am somewhat stuck in the past there, but I was reminded of this T-Shirt-front by beloved band Born Against when seeing the new design:
    Anyways, I got the classic in hopes that it gives me a little less to explain when approached by people asking about what the (toilet ov) hell I am wearing.

  • Frankliiiiin <3 Get better, mah'boii <3