Kamelot – Insomnia: A Video Breakdown


We Kam. We Kamelot.

I’ve previously lamented about music videos where nothing happens. It really makes you question if metal videos are relevant anymore. Other than keeping the empty warehouse business occupied, why bother making videos at all? Should bands just release still images with their music playing over them and call it a day? Wouldn’t that be just as effective? Maybe the money spent by labels on videos could be better utilized, I don’t know, actually paying the bands.

Like a shining sword plunging into the gleaming belly of a dragon comes Kamelot‘s new video for the song “Insomnia”. Surely a band of such pomp and/or circumstance would not let us down in the flavor department. Prepare thyselves!


0:03: Oh hai, Gattaca!
0:05: It’s good to see the fly from Korn‘s “Somebody Someone” video still getting work.
0:10: Flying Spaghetti Monster!
0:17: I thought Moonspell was a band obsessed with vampires.
0:21: The keyboard setup is great, but can it make boneless buffalo wings?
0:25: Is he supposed to look so rubbery? Is this The Mask 3?
0:32: All the green screens in the world can’t help that hair.
0:39: Power metal jazz hands.
0:44: Dear Diary: Kama-jackpot!
0:52: Yes, she does have a sister. A few, actually.
0:57: Whoa, you alright, buddy? You’ve got a whole nervous tick-thing going on.
1:03: Where’s the button on that thing that tells people your girlfriend lives in Canada?
1:10: *Kameloting intensifies*
1:14: Sorry, kid. It’s all downhill from here.
1:16: Oh, good. The Event Horizon is here.
1:21: “Poooooor quuuuuueeeeeeeeeee?!”
1:26: “I feel like a kid in some sort of trapped, possibly cybernetic, traumatized lady store.”
1:34: Plot twist: They all ask him to hold their purses while they try on shoes.
1:40: Weeeeee!
1:43: Someone give him something to bite down on before he chews through his tongue.
1:49: Bad touch! I need an adult!
1:54: The safety word is “Banana bread”.
2:02: He’s got more hand movements than an itchy magician.
2:08: Definitely has the swooping vampire arm-movements. Maybe he’s in Theatres des Vampires.
2:12: I wonder if he’s ever gotten strands of hair intertwined with the guitar strings.
2:15: Gasp! It’s that guy whom we’ve never seen before until this very moment!
2:21: Well now they’re just showing off.
2:26: I just want to fly. Put your mandibles around me, baby.
2:31: What a beautiful shade of shadow your eyes are.
2:41: Great, another Tron sequel.
2:46: Grrrr! Drums!
2:52: Invisible melons.
2:58: Friend-zoned again.
3:00: She’s percolating a fresh pot of coffee in her cheeks.
3:10: M’lady.
3:18: I appreciate the “crazy” hand gesture in time with “insanity”. Well played.
3:27: Scene shot from Tara Reid‘s perspective.
3:35: Someone didn’t learn “Don’t touch the stove” when they were younger.
3:40: Two’s a party, three’s a heavily-computerized and vague Kamelot video.

It was weird, but I’ll take something like that over a warehouse video. At least something happened. I don’t know what happened, but it certainly did indeed happen.

Kamelot’s new album Haven is out now via Napalm Records.

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  • My protection of all things power metal does not extend to Kamelot. Your lives are spared my steel this time.

  • TheRedman(formerly God ov All)

    Haven was pretty good. Liked Silverthorn better though.

    Regardless, I Kam in my pants.

    • Interesting.

      What was the aspect of Haven that you didn’t liked, Hombre Rojo?

      • TheRedman(formerly God ov All)

        I don’t really know, it just didn’t click with me like the last one. Sure I enjoyed my listen of it, but after I hopped right back to my favorite tracks from Silverthorn.

        • I have 3 listens of Haven. I liked that it’s really a mix of Haven and some III Ways to Epica era.

          But, I still think: IT’S TOO DAMN LONG! D:

          • TheRedman(formerly God ov All)

            Now I can get down with epica. I love me some symphonic metal. The New Sirenia really tickles my nethers.

          • I want to hear that one so bad!

          • TheRedman(formerly God ov All)

            It’s pretty damn great, it’s a little corny at times but what’s symphonic metal without a little bit of cheese?

          • The Beargod

            I liked Haven better than Kamelot’s last 2-3 albums. But it doesn’t have the high points of PftP or Silverthorn, just way more consistent.

  • Shrimp in a Pizza Box

    I like how the dude catches the fly and vaporizes it at 3:33.

  • Edward/Breegrodamus™

    I rather enjoyed the Tron sequel.

  • JamesGrimm

    lots of herp with a little derp.


    Now I’m imagining the vocalist doing those hand gestures in normal life situations:

    – “Hey, Tommy, can you pass me the salt, please?”

    **magician hand gestures**

    – “Sure..”

    **weird look**

    **”Insanity” hand and face gestures**

    “Dude, what’s wrong with you, Tommy?”

    **Invisible melons hand gestures**

    “I have problems :(”

    **Head shakes a lot**

    I liked the video, and the song, too! 😀

  • Tyree

    Some one take a .50 to Napalm Records headquarters already. Erase all evidence that it ever existed.


    • Jajajaja, the headless guy 😛

      • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff


        • A lemon ate the right?

          • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

            wait wut?

          • CRANK THIS 200 %



          • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff


          • I still laugh as a child with that chorus after I saw that crappy misheard lyrics 😛


          • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

            and young bobby b WITHOUT the pockmarked face and I smoked too many smokes voice!

    • The W.

      I was genuinely surprised by the amount of carnage in that film.

      • Scrimm

        Quite the showcase of brutality.

      • Edward/Breegrodamus™

        … what film is that? New Rambo?

        • “Rambo Banging”


        • The W.

          That’s a bingo.

        • Scrimm

          Yep. Part 4.

    • Accept is currently on Nuclear Blast, so until that changes, I can’t let you do that

    • Lilo’s Meatflaps Of Doom (KJU)

      And nuke this from orbit just to make sure.


      • Bucket ‘o Blood

        This is objectively terrible.

    • Phoenix of the House Tendies

      Conan, Dust Bolt, Evil Invaders, and Tulcandra are all currently on Napalm Records. So nay on the bullets for now.

  • Scrimm

    This band<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    • TheRedman(formerly God ov All)

      (Cont.)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< crushed dicks

  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain


  • Óðhinn

    I’m not a fan of power metal in general.

  • Lilo’s Meatflaps Of Doom (KJU)

    Does everyone in this video have advanced Parkinson’s?
    Not a terrible song, but not great either. I can’t put my finger on it, but it sounds too radio friendly, and lacks………… zazz.

  • Maik Beninton

    I was expecting this weeks breakdown to be on the new In this Moment video.

    • The W.

      Eh, we don’t need our own Emmure.

    • I thought about it, but everywhere else seems to have already went “LOLOLOL look at this LOLOLOL”.

  • ChuggaChuggaDeedleyDoo

    Idk, Kamelot is a guilty pleasure of mine for some reason, which is strange because I generally loathe power metal while power metal fans generally loathe Kamelot.

    • Shrimp in a Pizza Box

      I never heard anyone hating on Kamelot actually, maybe you’re thinking Dragonforce.

  • OldMetalHead

    I’m always fucking amazed at how detailed these breakdowns are. How many times do you have to watch the video to break it down like this?

  • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.
    • Ahmed Johnson The Reef Eater

      I enjoy some power metal. I’ve been on a southern rock kick though. Saw this awesome southern rock band called Robert Jon And The Wreck last night with Rival Sons and Black Stone Cherry. The show was among the best I have ever been to.

      • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.

        Rival Sons <3


        BSC can play arenas in the UK, and sell decent amounts of tickets. Not knocking them or anything, but I find that insane.

        • Ahmed Johnson The Reef Eater

          It was such a good show. I’m amazed Rival Sons isn’t playing arenas yet.

  • J.R.

    This albums really satisfied my Kamelot itch. I think it was better than Silverthorn overall. However, I tend to skip this song when it comes up in he rotation. Fallen Star and End of Innocence are perfection though.

    “Cause you are my reason to stay, even if daylights a lifetime away…”

  • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

    I Kamelittle.