Jeff Walker of Carcass is a Terrible Psychic


“Who wants to see a bunch of 34 year olds up there?”

I was recently (months ago) made aware of the fact that America’s last bastion of printed metal hope, Decibel, had discovered a few copies of their premier issue and were selling them. Decibel’s first issue went to print at the tail end of 2004, a year that saw momentous releases from the likes of Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Pig Destroyer, and Lamb of God amongst others. Given my appreciation of Decibel and genuine curiosity of the scene a decade ago, I decided to plop down $6 or so for the issue. I was not disappointed.

There are certainly a few lulzy inclusions (Eighteen Visions, Kittie, and Zao all have features) but there are just as many features on bands that aren’t awful (all of the bands with momentous releases PLUS Helmet). The one feature that leapt out at me though was an interview with Carcass’ Jeff Walker conducted by none other than Exhumed’s Matt Harvey. The interview covers some fairly standard stuff such as the legacy of Carcass, lyrical inspirations, and his former bandmates’ new bands. One quote that really sticks out though, is in regards to an eventual Carcass reunion:


Walker was unfortunately correct about founding drummer Ken Owen, who suffered a brain hemorrhage in 1999 rendering him unable to play drums in the manner necessary for Carcass (though he has made brief appearances at Carcass shows to play a mini drum solo). As for the rest of Walker’s statement? Well, that actually only resulted in the band releasing possibly their best album to date and a string of live shows by a couple of 40 somethings, both of whom were VERY into it. Honestly, I’m just glad they left us with more than modern day Arch Enemy. Thanks, Carcass!

Photo in post courtesy of Decibel Magazine, Issue #1, October 2004

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  • Speaking of Eighteen Visions… this song is classic!

    The whole album is totes-rambo.

  • Celtic Frosty

    Why you talking shit about Zao?

  • TheRedman(formerly God ov All)

    “I am a catholic whore. Enjoying congress, out of wedlock, with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a government mandated abortion clinic. So hail Satan, and have a nice day madam.”

  • Dr. Dubz

    I genuinely think Heartwork is better than Surgical Steel.

    • Dagon

      If you said Swansong was better than SS I would leave this blog and start “Boobs & Riffs” on my own.


        “I’ll start my own metal blog, with Blackjack, and hookers.”

        • Dagon

          *Texas Hold’Em


          • Dr. Dubz

            A few years back, i played Texas Hold ‘Em every week for money. I got pretty good.

          • Dagon

            Were you playing online or live? I made a good amount on Pokerstars and live tournaments, but lost a great deal of it on Pokerstars as well.

            I’m still profitable on a live setting.

          • Dr. Dubz

            Playing here in town with (mostly) friends, but it seemed like there were new people there every week. Playing with the same people constantly is sort of weird because everyone learns everyone else’s play style, so you really have to adapt.

          • Dagon

            I know that feeling. It’s always a mindfuck when you know how someone operates and then all of a sudden they pull the rug on you. I miss playing poker, but I have to concentrate on studying right now.

          • Herr Schmitty

            This book made me profitable in live games as well! Some of what’s in here you’ve probably already put together intuitively, but some of it helped me to notice/learn more physical tics that people have.


          • Dagon

            I haven’t read this one yet. Bookmarked!

            Thanks, bro.

          • Herr Schmitty

            NP! I played real hard for about 4-5 years during high school and college; home games with friends, dog tracks and poker rooms, and internet poker (played on Absolute Poker and made some good money there.).

            That book is $$$ in a live setting. You may not know your opponent’s exact hand, but you’ll know how comfortable they are with it.

          • I’m headed to Louisiana this weekend to see how many free drinks I can get while sitting at a blackjack table.

          • Please let us know how you do!

          • Herr Schmitty

            Answer: As many as you can drink while still having a few chips on the table. If you just tread water, you can go from 0-drunk in tip money alone!

          • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

            Texas Hold Em’ in Texas aint no joke!

      • I dig some Swansong tunes 😛 I’m just a Carcass fanboy.

        • Dagon

          I’m a fanboy too and am appreciative of everything they put out. Swansong is just their weakest album and feels boring most of the time.

          It has its moments, still.

      • The Beargod


      • David Vincent’s Spandex Shirt



          I wonder what Spandex tastes like.

          • I reckon that if there was ever something or someone to know what spandex tastes like – it would be you.


            I wonder what David Vincent tastes like.

          • Satan.

          • 3extreme





          • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

            said Trey Azagthoth never…

          • David Vincent’s Spandex Shirt

            Sweat, no ragrets, and not knowing when to stop.

      • & Guacbuttz


      They both rule. I couldn’t say which one is better.

    • Tyree Ricci

      Yes. Surgical Steel did nothing for me.

      • Dr. Dubz

        I liked half of the tracks, but the first half sorta bored me.

        • Tyree Ricci

          Yep. The drumming is what pissed me off tho most. Ken was a key component to their sound.

          • I always thought that Dan Wilding is very capable. What didn’t you liked of it?

          • Tyree Ricci

            It was too good. Too tight.

          • Yeah, but it’s a melodic record. And I think that the production with that guy didn’t helped neither.

            I still like it, but i have to agree that it’s so polished that I can put in the bathroom floor and slip and fall down.

          • The Beargod

            Ken had a really original and unstable style. Dan is comparably too rehearsed, no madness.

      • I dunno about you but I’m only into their grind stuff. No melodeath has ever done anything for me though.

        • Tyree Ricci

          Well yes, everything after Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious was blah to me. Even Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious really did nothing for me.

          Hail GORE and GRIND!

          • Reek is pretty much the only one I listen to with any regularity, and even then I prefer the demo version. Yeah, I’m THAT dick.

          • Tyree Ricci

            Understandable. Symphonies of Sickness is my main jam though. Reek is fucking awesome just for the pure grit and goregrind influence it brought.

          • I’m hoping in a couple years we get a 30th (!!!) anniversary edition remaster with the tempos doubled and everything pitch shifted three octaves down. Bring the gore.

          • Tyree Ricci

            Hahaha! I’d buy the fuck out of that man.

          • Tyree Ricci


          • Dr. Dubz

            Isn’t this that band @george_lynch:disqus loves?

          • That’s the similarly-named yet much less gifted Humanity’s Last Breath.

          • You remember their name???? *tears up*


          • I’m a good listener, baby. Now get over here…

          • Tyree Ricci

            This album is a goregrind masterpiece. I really like how they decided to not put movie sound clips in this one. Just one crushing song after another. This bitch never slows down, EVER!


            The first two albums just sound amateurish as fuck.

          • No wonder I like them.

          • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan

            I like this cause its euphoric as fuck.

            -23Rasenshuriken, 3 weeks ago

          • but you’re our THAT dick. <3

    • It is, but, y’know, Heartwork is a classic.

    • To be honest, I didn’t hear all of Surgical Steel. Wasn’t feeling the songs I heard.

    • The Beargod

      Heartwork has to be the least melodic melodeath release ever, but I do still like it. I wanted to feel SS so much more than I did. I was hoping it would’ve blown Swansong off the water, but no.

    • I loved Surgical Steel in the first moments. I spinned it a lot.

      But with each spin then I sensed some fillers. It’s a very scattered record.

      I still like it, but when I looked at it with more critic eyes, more than nostalgic one, I felt the failures on the tracklist.

    • #ToiletConfession I miss Michael Amott in Surgical Steel T_T).

    • Simon “Djentcrusher” Phoenix

      You and pretty much 70% of the world, myself included.

      That being said, SS is still a ripper of an album/

    • Ahmed Johnson The Reef Eater

      I like both of the albums and Swansong but the edge goes to Heartwork

    • Max

      That’s because it genuinely is, both in terms of riffs and disruption to the metal continuum.

      But Surgical Steel isn’t bad.

  • Tyree Ricci

    I see that Victory Golden Monkey Tripel to the right there Christina. Beer me up!

  • Dagon

    And this year we will hopefully see Mr. Jeff Walker on the new BRUJERIA record


  • Oh man, It Dies Today was also killer in 2006. This is a great album.


  • Jeff Walker>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    His interviews are very fun. Even when he doesn’t shut up. I just like him because he’s so sincere and with that sharp british humour.

    I love this live just for nostalgia factor, I know the sound sucks, but it’s awesome to hear his bass rumbling:

  • Since you mentioned Helmet, check out Wrong. Sounds exactly like older Helmet. Exactly is not an exaggeration either.

  • Pagliacci is Kvlt O)))

    Me at 24: “34? That’s like, middle aged!”
    Me at 44: “34? That’s still like, young adulthood!”

    • OldMetalHead


      • more beer

        I think it`s everyone as they get older.

  • Ricky

    But did Decibel ever write about Helix?

    • Ahmed Johnson The Reef Eater

      I wish they did. I love this album.

      • Ricky

        Shame on them, 2004 was their comeback year too…

  • JamesGrimm
  • ¾ RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan

    I wish u’ll could see my music collection. Yer mom really lieked it, too.

    ~¾A7XFAN, Today, 1:26p ET

    • Sweet Mother of Gawd

    • JamesGrimm

      god. his hair.

    • Tyree Ricci
    • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan

      …man seems liek you dont know what is music and metal lol …. i mean, you bring no? point ,,…….and question for you , what is metal music ? you have no sens of critisism ,try to give good point ,..other than ,..this band is good music, why ? cuz its good lol ….

      -ragnarush, 7 minutes ago

      • ¾ RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan

        Look… ¾ is more whole than your ready for. If you take the inversve of
        ¾ you get way more than Katy Perry can handle. Way are you so anger?

        ~¾A7XFAN, Today, 12:56p CT

        • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan

          If you dont liek a bad, thats fine but then why are you reading reviews on them. Anyways, with that being said, I jsut want to congradulate a7x for having the #1 album in the freakin COUNTRY!!!

          -Jessyca123, 4 Years Ago

    • Maik Beninton
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