Jam the New Transcending Obscurity Compilation and Win a Free T-shirt!


You may not immediately recognize the name Transcending Obscurity, but you’ve almost certainly jammed some of the label’s excellent releases. Transcending Obscurity is one of the hardest working labels in underground metal, constantly hustling to bring obtuse new acts to light and give underrepresented spheres a voice in the greater metal community. On top of all that, label head Kunal Choksi is a total mensch who just wants to share some of the love with the Toilet. To that end, we’re bringing you a double dose of goodness from Transcending Obscurity. Jam some killer tunes and get a free shirt. Win-win, baby.

Transcending Obscurity’s new Label Sampler 2016 features a whopping 55(!) acts, many of whom you’ve no doubt known and loved. Featured on this list are Toilet favorites like Henry KaneStench PriceNorse, and Veilburner, in addition to some unfamiliars that you should definitely keep your eye on, like MarginalBriargh, and Dusk. This compilation is chock-full of brutal deliciousness, but best of all is that it’s totally free* (i.e. NYP). Whether you’re a fan of death/doom, pagan black metal, or crust, there’s a little something here for you.

Although this compilation alone is a steal, we want to sweeten the deal for you. Just as he did with our pals over at NCS, Kunal wants to give away two siqqq Transcending Obscurity shirts totally gratis to two of our lucky readers. The shirt design, featured below, was created by none other than Mark Riddick of Morbid Visions fame. Riddick has taken his grotesque penchant for the ravenous dead and slapped it on a killer design that you can sport totally free!

The Rules

All you have to do to win one of those excellent Riddick shirts is: 1. Listen to the compilation. 2. Post one song in the comments and explain in 50 words why you think it rules. 3. Like Transcending Obscurity on Facebook. That’s it. I’ll pick two winners at the end of the week, and Kunal will ship you a shirt totally free. Play. Explain. Like. Win.

Play. Explain. Like. Win.

To see a full list of all the bands featured, scroll down.

  1. Officium Triste (Netherlands) – Your Heaven, My Underworld (Death/Doom Metal)
  2. Mythological Cold Towers (Brazil) – Vetustus (Death/Doom Metal)
  3. Paganizer (Sweden) – Adjacent to Purgatory (Old School Death Metal)
  4. Ursinne (International) – Talons (Old School Death Metal) SUPERGROUP
  5. Echelon (International) – Lex Talionis (Classic Death Metal) SUPERGROUP
  6. Henry Kane (Sweden) – Skuld Och Begar (Death Metal/Crust)
  7. Stench Price (International) – Living Fumes ft. Dan Lilker (Experimental Grindcore) SUPERGROUP
  8. Sepulchral Curse (Finland) – Envisioned In Scars (Blackened Death Metal)
  9. Fetid Zombie (US) – Devour the Virtuous (Old School Death Metal)
  10. Infinitum Obscure (Mexico) – Towards the Eternal Dark (Dark Death Metal)
  11. Altar of Betelgeuze (Finland) – Among the Ruins (Stoner Death Metal)
  12. Illimitable Dolor (Australia) – Comet Dies or Shines (Atmospheric Doom/Death)
  13. The Furor (Australia) – Cavalries of the Occult (Black/Death Metal)
  14. Warlord UK (United Kingdom) – Maximum Carnage (Old School Death Metal)
  15. Norse (Australia) – Drowned By Hope (Dissonant Black Metal)
  16. Soothsayer (Ireland) – Of Locust and Moths (Atmospheric Doom/Sludge)
  17. Swampcult (Netherlands) – Chapter I: The Village (Lovecraftian Black/Doom Metal)
  18. Seedna (Sweden) – Wander (Atmospheric Black Metal)
  19. The Slow Death (Australia) – Adrift (Atmospheric Doom Metal)
  20. Arkheth (Australia) – Your Swamp My Wretched Queen (Experimental Black Metal)
  21. Mindkult (US) – Howling Witch (Doom/Stoner Metal)
  22. Warcrab (UK) – Destroyer of Worlds (Death Metal/Sludge)
  23. Isgherurd Morth (International) – Lucir Stormalah (Avant-garde Black Metal)
  24. Lurk (Finland) – Ostrakismos (Atmospheric Doom/Sludge Metal)
  25. Come Back From The Dead (Spain) – Better Morbid Than Slaves (Old School Death Metal)
  26. Somnium Nox (Australia) – Apocrypha (Atmospheric Black Metal)
  27. MRTVI (UK) – This Shell Is A Mess (Experimental Black Metal)
  28. Veilburner (US) – Necroquantum Plague Asylum (Experimental Black/Death Metal)
  29. Jupiterian (Brazil) – Permanent Grey (Doom/Sludge Metal)
  30. Exordium Mors (New Zealand) – As Vultures Descend (Black/Thrash Metal)
  31. Embalmed (US) – Brutal Delivery of Vengeance (Brutal Death Metal)
  32. Gloom (Spain) – Erik Zann (Blackened Brutal Death Metal)
  33. Marasmus (US) – Conjuring Enormity (Death Metal)
  34. Algoma (Canada) – Reclaimed By The Forest (Sludge/Doom Metal)
  35. Cemetery Winds (Finland) – Realm of the Open Tombs (Blackened Death Metal)
  36. Marginal (Belgium) – Sign of the Times (Crust/Grind)
  37. Chalice of Suffering (US) – Who Will Cry (Death/Doom Metal)
  38. Briargh (Spain) – Sword of Woe (Pagan Black Metal)
  39. Ashen Horde (US) – Desecration of the Sanctuary (Progressive Black Metal)
  40. The Whorehouse Massacre (Canada) – Intergalactic Hell (Atmospheric Sludge)
  41. Rudra (Singapore) – Ancient Fourth (Vedic Metal)
  42. Dusk (Pakistan) – For Majestic Nights (Death/Doom Metal)
  43. Ilemauzar (Singapore) – The Dissolute Assumption (Black/Death Metal)
  44. Severe Dementia (Bangladesh) – The Tormentor (Old School Death Metal)
  45. Warhound (Bangladesh) – Flesh Decay (Old School Death Metal)
  46. Assault (Singapore) – Ghettos (Death/Thrash Metal)
  47. Gutslit (India) – Scaphism (Brutal Death/Grind)
  48. Plague Throat (India) – Inherited Failure (Death Metal)
  49. Darkrypt (India) – Dark Crypt (Dark Death Metal)
  50. Against Evil (India) – Stand Up and Fight! (Heavy Metal)
  51. Grossty (India) – Gounder Grind (Grindcore/Crust)
  52. Dormant Inferno (India) – Embers of You (Death/Doom Metal)
  53. Carnage Inc. (India) – Defiled (Thrash Metal)
  54. Lucidreams (India) – Ballox (Heavy Metal)
  55. Nightgrave (India) – Augment (Experimental Black Metal/Shoegaze)

Thanks again to Kunal and Transcending Obscurity for the generosity. Download the sampler at TO’s Bandcamp page, check out the official webstore, and follow Transcending Obscurity on Facebook.

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  • Óðinn

    Thanks, W.

  • Alas, I don’t have Facebook. 🙁 ah well, still gonna listen to this compilation, saw it when I was checking out Henry Kane last week. Fetid Zombie are fucking rad as well. m/

    • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

      Facefukk sucks anyway.

      • CyberneticOrganism


        • King Shit of Fuck Mountain


  • FrankWhiteKingOfNY
  • AeonsOvChaos

    Thanks, while I’m waiting the upcoming split between Sinmara and Misþyrming I will dig this compilation and If you want there is a new Icelandic Black Metal act in Endalok with thir demo in full stream at Invisible Oranges.

    • CyberneticOrganism

      Any good?

      • Space Monster W.

        That Endalok is indeed good. Short, though.

        • CyberneticOrganism

          No shortage of reverb, that’s for sure

          • Space Monster W.

            Those riffs are practically bouncing off the cave walls.

          • CyberneticOrganism

            “Okay guys, I’m going to put this microphone here at the entrance to the cave. Your instruments are 150 feet that way… yeah, into the cave. Don’t worry it’ll sound awesome.”

        • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

          Already pre-ordered the full-length.

          • Space Monster W.

            They have a full-length on order? I’ve only heard the demo and EP.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Fuck, meant EP.

          • Space Monster W.

            Gotcha. I’ll probably pick it up at some point this year. Good stuff. Enjoyed the demo a ton.

    • Howard Dean

      Can’t wait for that Sinmara/Misthyrming split. Might be my most anticipated release right now after the new Nokturnal Mortum album.

      • AeonsOvChaos

        I’m familiar with Nokturnal Mortum since last December but I was unaware about a new album, yep, I will keep this news in my mind, I’ve heard the song in Lira who seems killer and few old releases, need more time to know all the previous material.

        • Howard Dean

          The Lunar Poetry demo, Goat Horns, Weltanschauung, and The Voice of Steel are all mandatory. The Voice of Steel is their most recent full length and quite possibly their best album. Absolutely massive.

  • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs

    What if I don’t have Facebook?

    • Space Monster W.

      Looks like that might be the case with some folks, so I’ll take it into consideration. if you like something, share!

      • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs

        Cool, I’ll give this comp a listen, then

    • You win Life.

  • Guacamole Jim

    55 songs? I’ll be back in a few hours with my pick and explanation.

    • “Smash Mouth’s All-Star is a testament to having fun in the sun………..”

  • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs

    Digging Stench Price’s “Living Fumes”. The vocals aren’t the best I’ve ever heard, but I always enjoy a good irreverent take on Grindcore (them xylophone interludes, yo!). Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they have the Brutal Truth maestro himself, Dan Lilker, guesting on the track. Good stuff

  • Waynecro

    Henry Kane and Veilburner are sick as shit, so I’m psyched to check out more bands from Transcending Obscurity on this sweet-ass sampler. Thanks!

  • GoatForest

    Sweet. Too bad I don’t facebook. I’ll still give it a listen, though.

  • GoatForest

    Jupiterian’s “Permanent Grey” is my favorite track here. Everything from the truly demonic vocals to the somewhat blackened guitars and minimalist drumwork evoke a creeping sense of evil that I often miss in a lot of doom. In short, It’s a hideous monstrosity, and I love it.

  • The Furor – “Cavalries of the Occult”:

    This is a smorgasbord of death metal’s … drumroll … versatility. Nothing’s done superlatively but everything is very competent. Mucho blasting; homage to Heartwork-era Carcass, in the vocals and more straightforward riffing; plenty (a few too many?) of whammy pulls; a clear, not quite sterile production. Fun stuff, and bullshit-free.

    [The rather meh band name is another matter]

  • Doc Torluv

    No FB either, but my pick anyway:

    I’ve had a soft spot for Aussie metal since I heard Blood Duster twenty years ago. That said, “Cavalries of the Occult” by The Furor (#13) is a standout here. Replete with black blast, chug-death, and mosh fodder thrash riffing, it’s just so… convincing. An antipodean ass kicking.

  • megachiles

    As Vultures Descend by Exordium Mors rips, but there aren’t any vultures endemic to New Zealand.

    I’d like to propose renaming it As Kakapos Descend. They’re flightless, but I’m sure if you had them trot down a steep hill or perch in a tall shrub it’d elicit the same effect.


  • Saul Edgardo Bejarano

    I freaking choose
    Cemetery winds – read of the open tombs

    Never heard some doom like this,
    If you can close your eyes and listen to the song the riffs will take you to the graveyard! This kind of vocal skills reminds you to the repulsive feelings of a lonelyness and sadness that you persive on the tombs, reminding you that the death is near for everyone… Death doom made in Finland oh what a awesome song makes you want to hear the entire album! Cheers from Mexico !

  • Tristan Thorne

    Ursinne’ song Talons rules. You have death metal juggernaut David Ingram teaming up with Jonny Pettersson for some old school Swedish Death Metal. It’s like David Ingram is singing for Dismember here. The song is fast, vicious, and has that trademark HM-2 Swedish Death Metal chainsaw guitar sound. I’ve played this compilation a few times and this song always stands out. There’s been a bit of a resurgence with the Swedish Death Metal sound, but this song sounds fresh compared to everything else.

  • Disharna Das

    Against Evil (India) – Stand Up and Fight! (Heavy Metal) .So far one of the best thrash metal act from India. The song rules cause it focus on the issue of bullying, of which I’ve been a victim for years. Kudos to Transcending Obscurity Records for signing up such an amazing band. Hail Metalm/

  • Piyush Hatle

    Seedna – Wanderer.
    Chilling atmospheric riffs and song structure, coupled with insane and haunting instrumentals and vocals.
    Not to forget the length! 22 minutes of musical genius.

  • …Ellipsis…

    Warcrab – Destroyer of Worlds
    When this track came on I was struck by the sheer heaviness, then I picked up on the Bolt Thrower vibe. I wasn’t surprised to find that they have three guitarists and list BT as an influence. I like the balance between the Death and Sludge elements, creating a dense rumble and killer groove.

  • Phil Rawsthorne

    From the opening notes of the song “Ostrakismos” of Finland’s Lurk , you know something evil waits nearby – A thick, musty cloud of oozy foreboding filters through the clusters of dead and rotting trees as you make your way through a moonless primeval forest alone and fearful. Howls of hiding trolls try to flush you out into the open so they can gut you with their tent-born weaponry made of shards of obsidian glass. My only complaint is that this song is too short. I want more of this band. Keep it coming !! I am on my knee begging // please ..?

  • Rain Poncho W.

    Thanks for all the entries, folks! Alas, I can only name two of you winners.

  • Erik Albertson

    Great compilation ! I narrowed it down to three, and the last one standing was Assault – Ghettos. Brutal from the beginning and the solo bass riff following lets you know something wicked is coming ! Great song structure with a few blasts and tempo changes thrown in to finish you off. Also, some great bands from India. I had no idea ! Thanks !

  • Jaime VG

    One of the coolest tracks has to be Arkheth’s “Your Swamp My Wretched Queen”, starting from the wolf howling intro, the swampy dissonance, the demilich/white stripes like riffs and the serpentine church organs haha. I’m not a huge fan of this dissonant style but this track sounds different from anything and reminds me of a band that I used to love called Ebony Lake.