How Much Has Metal Cost You?


We’re gonna find out the true cost of all our years of senseless headbanging.

A few months ago we all participated in an anonymous survey to gauge our listening habits, asking questions such as when, where, and how much time you spend per day listening to music, what percentage of that is metal, your preferred listening medium(s) and general stuff like that. As we’re not an advertisement-funded site, and the poll was 100% anonymous, it was done essentially to prompt discussion and find out where you sit among your cohort. I’ve left the poll open so if you missed participating you can head over there now and spend a minute (maybe two if you’re running some bandwidth sucking VPN to disguise your internet disguise) to tick the boxes. We’ll compile the results in the coming weeks.

Anyway, today is part two of this survey, where we will be responding to questions regarding your Purchasing habits. At the end it’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to find out your CRAZY chicken fillet roll name.

On average, how much do you spend on music per month (USD)?
What percentage of what you buy is new music? (i.e. released in the last year)
Which is typically your preferred medium to purchase?
Do you use any streaming services, if so which ones? (tick all applicable)
What percentage of your listening is streamed vs owned?
Where do you buy your music from? (tick all applicable)
The amount of music I purchase feels...
Where do you find out about most of the music you purchase?

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