File to: News I never, ever expected to hear.

First things first: If you’re unfamiliar with Racetraitor, please read this extremely entertaining post. I’ll wait. Glad you’re all caught up and I’m sorry that you had to see Randall’s weeaboo trash. I somehow missed the news that Racetraitor, the extremely-leftist metalcore band that rocked VFW halls in the 90s before drummer Andy Hurley formed Fallout Boy(!), had reunited, but damn am I glad to hear it.

At a time when the openly racist alt-right movement has found a mainstream audience and a major presidential candidate, the world could use some more piss and vinegar punk. Racetraitor just released a brand new track, their first in roughly seventeen years. “By the Time I Get to Pennsylvania” along with “Damaged”, an older cut, are available for your streaming pleasure right the fuck now. Soon you’ll be able to pick it up on flexi disc from Organized Crime.

Why the new music? I’ll let Hurley explain it: “We had discussed playing a show or doing something else over the years, but nostalgia was never all that motivating, so the idea died. But with everything happening in the past couple of years, from the way things heated up in Ferguson, Missouri, to the rise in xenophobia and bigotry reflected by the popularity of Donald Trump, making new music with RACETRAITOR felt important again. We needed to respond to this moment in history in our own way.”

Racetraitor is playing October 22nd with Earthmover at Chicago’s Cobra Lounge. If I lived anywhere nearby I’d be there moshing with gusto. Follow Racetraitor’s new and improved Facebook page to stay woke/up to date with the band.

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  • Lacertilian

    When we got Joe’s consecutive messages of “holy shit new racetraitor tracks” and “HOLY SHIT NEW RACETRAITOR TRACKS” late yesterday arvo, I had to give the tracks a cursory listen.
    Was not disappointed. I’m a huge sucker for the type of transition between the triplet/gallop riff into the half-time sorta part around 0:43.
    There’s a good chance he’ll still be amped up on an ALL-CAPS spree again today judging by this news.

  • Abradolf Lincler

    While Im not a big fan of the messaging, the song aint turble. Worth pausing Carpathian Forest for, though? I donno.

    • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

      Nothing is worth pausing Carpathian Forest.

      • So fucking grim. I’m not a really into a lot of their later shit, but them demos rule.


        • Howard Dean

          Defending the Throne of Evil is actually a pretty good album. Though I tend to agree: the first EP and Black Shining Leather is some of their best stuff.

          • That first EP definitely rules. Great artwork too.


          • Howard Dean

            That artwork is one of my favorites.

            Also: I’ve been out of commission for the past few days, but I got my package from Behold Barbarity on Monday (shipping seems to be slowing down). That Moharebeh album is fucking brutal! Lots of great heavy-as-fuck Morbid Angel-esque riffs (slower, evil sounding ones). I like the production on it quite a bit (it’s pretty raw, but has good punch). The dude has pretty good enunciation on his vocals (which seemed to be processed in some way). Recommended.

          • Oh hell yes! Glad you got back to me on that. Friday is payday so I’ll be sure to pick that fucker up. Those two preview tracks are some of the most vile tunes I’ve heard this year. Thanks man.

          • Hey, I just found out that the dude that runs Behold Barbarity is in Moharebeh.

          • Howard Dean

            I thought he might be behind it in some way. He’s definitely passionate about the message the band espouses, so it makes sense. Plus in the one band picture I saw the vocalist is jacked as fuck, and apparently the BB guy is a massive beast of a dude. Probably him. Lots of bands with similar themes/backgrounds come from that upper midwest/Minnesota area.

          • Dude. Why you gotta bring up BB on my post? That shit is the exact opposite of pretty much everything I stand for.

          • Howard Dean

            Fixed. Apologies.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain


          • God

            have a poster of this I bought from the U.K. Hanging in my man cave. Or at least I did, until the St. Bernard realized she could grab it.

          • Awwwww, bad puppy.

          • God

            I love her so much she can almost do no wrong. This time though she got AT LEAST a time out.

            for like 5 minutes…

          • Hahaha! It’s hard to be mad at mans best friend.

          • Mmmmmf. Didn’t Ihsahn use this illustration for a folk album he did?

  • Although this is hardcore, it is laced with death metal and Slayer influence so most peeps should enjoy this.

    • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan2

      I respect other genres equally! did you read the part about me being a classical guitarist and majoring in music? In fact, Nate Dogg and Tyler the Creator have inspired much of my music!

      -The Gremlin, 2 years ago, in reply to iLoatheAuthority

      • God

        I love you

  • W.

    Fall Out Boy is up there with the worst bands in history, but these tracks are dope!

    • King Shit of Fuck Mountain


    • This may be true, but I’d much rather listen to them than a band who is heavy but not too heavy, like Seether or uh, (trying to think of a name here) Shinedown

      • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

        Fall Out Poop.

      • W.

        Poison, the knife, or the noose, Jimmy Boy. Anything you choose is still awful.

        • But earlier today I was listening to some raggaeton, and that’s not–oohhhhhh I see

          • W.

            Haha, I didn’t mean “you” personally.

    • I still think Take This to Your Grave is a great album. No fux given.

      • God

        I applaud your bravery.

        secretly I never thought they were that bad. but fuck both bands because I love hate bandwagons!

      • W.


  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

    Bands with a message are annoying. It always makes me think of hippies. And I hate hippies.

    • RJA

      But what if the message is that humans are garbage? Then I know you’d be on board.

    • All art has a message though

      • King Shit of Fuck Mountain


  • Howard Dean

    I thought this was going to be a satirical post about some new underground hatecore band called Racetraitor and how Donald Trump and his subhuman cro-magnon supporters were probably listening to it while shaming interracial couples and eating well-done steaks with the fat guy from American History X (who is also probably a moderator on the NWN! forums).

    Color me wrong.

    Today I learned that there is a far left metalcore band called Racetraitor.

  • Matt Pike’s Sweaty Left Nipple

    One of the members of Fallout Boy actually has talent? Are you sure it’s the same guy? I mean, are you SURE sure?

    • He also plays in Sect which is dirtier, crustier version of this. I think it’s refreshing that someone who has made a living playing poppy music devotes some of his free time to heavier music.

      • God

        Last night I saw Chevelle in concert. Their singer’s Growls and Screams are on point! (they pop up every now and then in their songs) It makes me sad that he doesn’t moonlight in a thrash or death metal band because the way he bounces around and headbangs on stage conveys that’s what he feels like he is doing anyway.

        • Who knows, maybe he gets in the game at point.

      • dan

        He played in the etid/anthrax supergroup a while back too…. not necessarily a metal drummer but still great imo

        • I liked one song from that, the rest was disappointing.

          • dan

            Yeah pretty much the same for me, I really like his drumming tho

      • Waynecro


    • Major Zim

      He was also in Enabler for Call of the Void and a few other albums. The dude fucking rips. Fall Out Boy is basically his day job.

  • By the Time I* Get to Pennsylvania is one killer track! I would listen to a whole album of that.
    *Obviously talking about Lonk here

  • I recommend this, but not Fallout Bbbbbbbbbbboy.

    Overall, I’m glad they’re mentioning Pennsylvan-ugh.

    Thanks for the support, Toilet crew. Bring on the Gunishment.

    Lonk, from Pennsylvania.


    • Waynecro

      SECONDED, BRO!!!