Guest Post: Fresh Rot from the Irish Underground


Today OG Toileteer IronLawnMower walks us through some of the very best metal in the extreme Irish scene.

Good afternoon, girls and ghouls. When many of you think of Ireland, you likely picture a lush green paradise of jaunty folk tunes and playful alcoholism where Leprechauns roam free and everything looks a bit like Lord of the Rings. I assure you this is not the case. In reality, Ireland (and Northern Ireland where I reside) is an industrial era hellhole where decayed brutalist concrete buildings surround you, their once pure facades worn down by years of weather and graffiti, a constant grim reminder of the slowly healing scars resulting from the decade’s long strife of The Troubles. As a result of this or perhaps in spite of this, the island has a thriving metal scene which I hope you’ll appreciate more by the end of this article. Today I will be focusing on the Northern Irish scene, the one that appeals most to my personal biases and with which I am intimately familiar.

The Crawling

Formed in January of 2014, The Crawling have cemented their reputation in the underground through a campaign of crushing live shows, a single, an EP, and a featured slot at Bloodstock’s New Blood stage. Featuring members of Zombified and Honey for Christ, The Crawling are a death/doom band of the most miserable kind, playing slow, heavy downtuned riffs where every note drips with sheer overbearing misery and relays tales of woe and failure of the human endeavour. The Crawling want you to know why you crawl. Plus they’re cool dudes despite that one time I made people think one of their gigs was cancelled.

Acid Age

Speeding things up by a factor of 9999 we have Hyper Thrash speed bastards Acid Age. With the release of their second full length album of crossover tinged technically beautiful faster-than-a-monkey-on-meth thrash, Acid Age are set for big things, evidenced by a successful UK-wide tour last year. Guitarist Jude makes a guitar sing in ways you didn’t know were possible and takes cues from all the genre greats as well as a few non-metal players, all blending into s unique style. Vocalist Eddie “Limbs” Cross yells about zombie sharks (probably) under the influence of a cocktail of psychoactive drugs and jet fuel. The rhythm team of Jake Martin and Luke Tolcher (now replaced by Aran Howe) is now slouch, though, keeping the whole demented speeding jalopy together with superglue and prayers. If you like to go fast, pick up their latest album Like a Runaway Combine Harvester in a Field of Crippled Rabbits either directly from the band themselves or the label Witches Brew.


Death metal played the way God intended (Old School as FUCK with production to match), Overoth don’t break new ground but rather stick to what we all know and love. It’s what they do with that ground that sets them apart, though. They build a Kingdom of Shadows in a Forbidden Realm, one constructed of cyclopean riffs and haunting leads. Overoth’s music will drag you down into a nightmarish dimension of unspeakable horrors where alien entities unknown to even the most esoteric of grimoires will tear apart your corporeal being, and you will enjoy every moment of it. They’ve been quiet on the release front since their full length a few years back, but live shows are still a semi regular treat. This is the band for you if you love that Tampa sound from back in the day.

Rabid Bitch of the North

Another band playing Bloodstock this year is Rabid Bitch of the North. RBOTN’s sound can best be described as riffy NWOBHM inspired traditional heavy metal with an emphasis on melody and harmonised sing-along parts. They’ve been active for just over 10 years and are only now getting on the task of releasing a full length after honing their sword to a molecule-thin edge. Their most recent single “Green Eyes” is an exercise in sheer bloody-minded headbangable fun with more thrills than a McDonald’s quarter pounder while being thrice as filling. Like many bands I’ve talked about here The Bitch are a phenomenal live act, having honed their craft opening for bands such as Angel Witch and Hell as well as headlining their fair share of gigs. The Bitch is definitely an act to watch out for. Plus there’s this deliciously cheese music video. 

Thanks again to IronLawnMower for this exciting exposé of Irish metal! I’ve linked to all the bands’ Bandcamp profiles in their names above, so be sure to check their pages out and buy some siqq jamz!

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  • Can you guess which one is my favorite?

    • Dubbbz

      The most conventional one?

      • Hans Gruber

        Shots fired!

    • DEUS VOLT!

    • Joaquin Stick

      At 3:15 of the Acid Age song, he clearly shouts “Don’t be a poser!” So I’ll go with that.

    • IronLawnmower

      The Crawling?

  • Cormac is one of the best things to come out of Ireland IMO. He created my favorite Irish black metal album and one of my favorite Crust/D-Beat albums of all time. Dude is a monster.

    • IronLawnmower

      The nuclear death terror guy is a fenian?

      • I’m going to safely assume he’s not Catholic.

        • IronLawnmower

          Everyone from down south is a dirty fenian.

          • Haha, well the guy makes some great records. So as long as he keeps doing so I don’t care what he is.

          • IronLawnmower

            Damn right!

  • D. Lee

    Here’s another good one for the Ballou-core dudes

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    that Overoth is sexy AF

    • IronLawnmower

      They’re a definite favourite.

  • Joaquin Stick
    • Brutalist_Receptacle


  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    Wait, RBOTN opened for Angel Witch and Hell? I shall give them a listen.

    • IronLawnmower

      Please do!

  • IronLawnmower

    Hey guys cheers for liking my writing. I’ll definitely make more of these if you enjoy the jams because tbh we have a bottomless untapped well here

    • Joaquin Stick

      Good work! Really digging The Crawling.

      • IronLawnmower

        If slow misery be thy thing Fuckhammer have you by the short and curlies

        • Joaquin Stick

          Lol, their EP was called Hammered to Fuck. If nothing else, these guys get creativity points. Not big on the vocals but it’s decent.

          • IronLawnmower

            Most people here get hammered to fuck on the weekends as is the culture,

    • Dubbbz

      Good work on this!

      • IronLawnmower

        Thank you senor. I’m definitely writing for your fine internet website again.

    • Stanley

      Good fuckin job.

  • IronLawnmower


  • Xinen

    Overoth is amazing, Kingdom of Shadows gets regular spin time at home and whilst I drive. The atmosphere, production, and excellent songwriting bring the hooks with grooves and leads I can’t get enough of. I really hope they are working on new material.

    • IronLawnmower

      Me too. I’ve been meaning to see them live for years but something always gets in the way and it sucks. I’m cursed to never witness the live mayhem.

  • Howard Dean

    I just bought the “Outta the Kennel” CD from Rabid Bitch of the North’s Bandcamp page. Their stuff rips. You had me at “riffy NWOBHM inspired traditional heavy metal”. Love the sound. Byah!

    • IronLawnmower

      It’s us against them it’s us against them.

  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

    Ireland is a country that you would think should be more prolific. Either way, I need to own more Primordial….

    • IronLawnmower

      We’re prolific as heck it’s just nobody pays attention to us.

      • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

        Fair enough. I’ll admit I’m ignorant on the Irish scene. Of course Invictus is a rad fucking label. And I’ve always had an affinity for Ireland, since I have Irish ancestry.

        • IronLawnmower

          Invictus does indeed rule but what the put out is only the very crust of our pie. I’m writing more of these and hoping to cover some bands from the free counties/down south

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Please do! Need more knowledge of said scene.

          • IronLawnmower

            Zombified just reunited and put out a new single so…

    • Fuck, these guys were great live. I to need more of their shit. I think I only have one album which I can’t remember.

  • Cunt Cunt

    Nice write up dude, Always cool to see Irish bands getting some love. I fucking love Rabid Bitch, always deadly live. If y’all wana check out more Irish metal give Slidhr(Black metal), Psykosis (Thrash), Abaddon Incarnate (Grind) and Warparth (Death) a blast. VIRCOLAC are tops as well.

  • Waynecro

    Damn, Overoth goes hard as fuck. I dig it. Thanks very much, IronLawnmower.

  • I’m interested in Rabid Bitch of the North!

    Good job on this, IronLawnmower. Hope more of this come over here.

  • Ayyyyyy, I bought that Crawling ep after you recommended it in the FB group. Solid doom for people who like their doom solid.

    Overoth is maybe a little too groovy for my tastes but damn that guitar tone is gold.

  • Temperus Maximus

    The Crawling were on before my band (Agrona) on the New Blood Stage, sounded a slow motion stampede of irate yet introspective mammoths. Dicks were crushed…..

    Overoth put on a killer set when I saw ’em a few years ago in Cardiff. Was happy to exchange coin for their OSDM goods. Nice lads.

  • Spear

    Just getting around to this now, but damn is that Overoth good.