Getting Laid at Bandcamp VI (The Goregrind Edition)


Hello campers, it’s time once again for you to sit through another awful day at bandcamp with your miserable counselor, Tyree.

Goregrind is something I really hold dear to my heart, and when it is done right it can be really great (I’m sure most of you are rolling your eyes). Before we get into the bands, I’d first like to tell you what I feel goregrind should sound like. The main thing that makes a goregrind band stand out to me is when the band doesn’t use a drum machine. There are a shit ton of bands that turn me off in this genre that rely heavily on drum machines. The end result with drum machines comes off as tacky and annoying with no human feeling. Goregrind shouldn’t feel like a computer; it should feel human. Goregrind is all about flaws, rawness, passion, humor, and over the top extremity. Sure, drum machines are extreme, but you can also be extreme as humans too; just listen to Last Days of Humanity’s album Putrefaction in Progress. Goregrind is meant to be human-flesh-and-bone gory, not computer-plastic-and-circuit-board gory.  Regurgitate’s Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood is a perfect example of how goregrind should be made in my gory opinion. They mastered their craft and made a goregrind album that stands the test of time, and it is my favorite goregrind album to this day.

So, now that you have an example of solid goregrind, here is a band that I find ruined by a drum machine. Honestly, I would really like this band a hell of a lot more if it was not for that annoying-sounding fuck of a drum machine. You be the judge though.

The bands that I’m going to present to you are some newer goregrind bands that I’ve been listening to for the past three or so years now. I don’t want to post older legendary bands because that really would not be in the spirit of Getting Laid at Bandcamp, and… that would just be way too easy. So, let’s get gory, shall we?!?


PancreatectomieFood 2013 (Columbus, Ohio)

Well if the name of the album and the delicious looking meal on the album cover isn’t enough for you to like Pancreatectomie, then I don’t know what will. Perhaps push play and let excrement from Food pour into your ear holes? That’s what possessed me to lust for them. The album title and song titles are all quite silly and really aren’t gore at all, but the music style most definitely is. We have our grindy guitars, blasting drums, and some of the most disgusting pitch shifted vo-kills imaginable. The bottom line is that Pancreatectomie require more food or else!


G.O.D. (Grotesque Organ Defilement)G.​O​.​D. / MESRINE split 7” 2014 (Peterborough, Ontario)

Technically G.O.D. are a Mincecore band but there is enough goregrind influence to induct them into this gory list. G.O.D. go all out or not at all! The energy that goes into this grind is absolutely intense and pulverizing. These guys seem to work fast too; it looks like they have 4 splits and 1 EP so far this year. Big thumbs up. The vo-kills are mostly pitch shifted but there are periods of natural growls and barks. The guitar work is a frenzy of grindy chords that are all over the place (Check out this live video). The drumming is just frantic and all over the place just like the guitar work but more intricate and creative.


HYPEREMESISPneumocystosis 2014 (Vancouver BC)

It almost takes a minute and 4 seconds just to read the fourth track title out loud on this EP (which is how long the track is): “Chemical peritonitis caused by an iatrogenic rupture of mature cystic teratoma of the ovary during labour”. HYPEREMESIS play their goregrind just how it should be, in the vain of Carcass’s first album Reek of Putrefaction, which is raw, noisy, and disgusting sounding. HYPEREMESIS’s grind is pretty much your straight forward grindcore formula but with the gory pitch shifted vocals.


PARFUMERIETransmundane and Unprofessional Delocation of Superfluous Extremities and Rare Tissues E​.​P. 2014 (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

It’s so exciting to find new goregrind bands that do it right. You know you’ve found a great goregrind band when you have someone like mince grinder Dan Ryckman from Archagathus involved on the drums (That’s right! No programmed drums). This EP sounds like a mix between Dan’s project Archagathus and the early days of Last Day of Humanity. The production on PARFUMERIE’s EP is clear, prominent, and slightly raw, which I find to be fitting for this kind of goregrind. You don’t want it to be too clean, but you also want it to be clear enough to hear each instrument, including the vocals. The vocals are disgusting! Everything is pitch shifted gargles and guttural growls that just sound vile yet blissful.


InopexiaChristmas Gore (Inopexia​​\​Embryopathia Split) 2012 (Москва, Russian)

Just a tad bit of later day Last days of Humanity worship here? Yeah, I honestly could have mistaken this for Last Days of Humanity’s Putrefaction in Progress or In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions. And yup, that is a human playing the drums, people. That is no drum machine and here is the video proof (Click and weep)Inopexia push goregrind to the absolute extreme and this release is proof of it. Strap yourselves in, buy the ticket, and take the ride, folks.


Pulsating Cerebral SlimeFilth 2013 (Lyon, France)

There are goregrind bands that do use drum machines that I do like (which is very rare), though, and Pulsating Cerebral Slime is one of them.

Pulsating Cerebral Slime said it best on their Bandcamp page: “No lyrics, no bullshit, only blastbeats, dbeats and gore. Name of the band is obviously a tribute to Xysma.”

Need I say more? I think not!


Tyree’s artwork of the week. Some of you guys may recognize this one:

T-shirt 4

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  • W.

    Good post, Tyree. Live to grind.

    • Edward Meehan

      This is the best written Getting Laid At Bandcamp yet!

      • W.

        Homeboy stepped up his game.

        • Edward Meehan

          Stepped it up big time.

      • Tyree

        Thanks guys! I spent a good amount of time on this one. I’m glad it shows.

  • Doctor Dickless

    I’ve never found goregrind to be a genre that I enjoy, even if I love grindcore.

  • Bözlinger

    Damn right! Tyree!

  • Scrimm

    When I’m in the right mood this stuff hits the spot like nothing else.

  • This will probably be an intro clip for Blight House some day. Thought it was appropriate for this post.

  • “Hey, this song is only 39 seconds. I can listen to it”

    Stops after 15 seconds.

  • Dëpütÿ Dïpshït

    That Regurgitate intro…I feel so dirty now…I like it.

    • Tyree

      It’s so gross dude. Here is the visual.

      • Dëpütÿ Dïpshït

        Holy shit.

      • Scrimm

        The reality behind that scene is so gross. One of the few movies I turned off as a kid.


          It is too much for a kid , i didn’t see it till i was an adult. I always think to myself, if i had kids when or if would i let them watch this shit ? I don’t have an answer. This is a great movie though.

          • Scrimm

            I was watching all that shit really early. There wasn’t many I was not allowed to see.

  • Nordling Rites Ov Karhu

    Loved the article, but don’t like goregrind really. None of these bands really hit the spot.

  • Howard Dean

    I kind of like Pancreatectomie. The combination of band name, album title, album cover, and that incredibly grotesque sound works for me, for some reason. I could skip over a million similar goregrind bands with the same medical jargon name, pathogen-rich title, and gross album cover, and think nothing of it. I guess this just proves that little things stick out to me, and can subsequently get me to listen.

    • The list of band members cracks me up.

      Greg Ingestion – guitars
      Shawntrocity – vocals
      Dylan – drums

      Fucking Dylan. That’s like the drummer from ZZ Top having the last name Beard and being the only dude in the band without one.

      • Howard Dean

        “You had two fucking jobs: play the shit out of the drums, and come up with a clever name. Dylan? You came up with Dylan? Your actual name? The fuck, dude. I’m the motherfucking ShawnTROCITY, and you’re Dylan? No one’s ever going to take us seriously!” [runs away crying, gurgles passages from a medical dictionary into a pitchshifted microphone]

        • Tyree

            I never tire of this gif nor this movie, nor the amazing perfomances and direction.

  • Stockhausen

    Oooh, I can’t wait to rage to this later. I’m going to blast these band awhile I try to eat a wall.

    Also, Tyree, that picture is awesome.

    • Tyree

      Hahaha, Joe suggested I use it for one of these posts. Total Bro Picture BRAH!

      • Scrimm

        Yes I meant to comment on the awesomeness of that hat. I need one.

      • Stockhausen

        We need to get, like, eight of us in a small room with those hats, and then we all stomp around to goregrind and sweat.

        • Tyree

          Best idea EVER!

          • W.

            I’m in!

          • more beer

            Your choices never disappoint! I tip my beer to you!

  • DoYouThinkHeSaurus

    …they DO move in herds!

    • W.

      You’re my new favorite account of the day.

  • Spear

    Goregrind is best grind.

  • Tyree

    Can someone please count all of the snare hit’s in that Inopexia release.

    • No Tyree, I like my brain.

      • Tyree

        You are wise to not abuse your brain cells like me.

        • more beer

          Don`t listen ti them your brain cell`s stick around. It`s all the rest of them that go to shit!!!!!

    • Dëpütÿ Dïpshït

      Not nearly enough of a leftover buzz from last night to even attempt that.

  • sweetooth0

    G.O.D. would be pissed to be in the same post with Hyperemesis.

    Apparently their beefing with them due to the vocalist from Hyperemesis being a drunken booby fondler and G.O.D. is militantly anti-misogyny.

    All this stuff rules though. Goregrind is sweet!

    Some bands do pull off the drum machine well though. Catasexual Urge Motivation is probably the best example. A live drummer would totally ruin their cold, anti-human vibe.

    • Tyree

      Oh, I didn’t know there was beef between those two bands. Hmmm…

      Agreed, Some bands do pull off the drum machines well but I still prefer the natural approach to goregrind.

      • sweetooth0

        Hilariously they had already done a split 7″ together that was just to be released.

    • W.

      Band beef is something I rarely understand or keep track of. That’s interesting.

    • JWG

      … I suppose a drunken booby would be the easiest kind to catch.

      But you’re not supposed to touch wildlife, let alone fondle it.

      • Stockhausen


  • sweetooth0

    Also, if you can’t get enough of Catasexual Urge Motivation, check out Psychosadistic Haterapist. Their basically a CUM tribute band, sick stuff.

  • JWG

    As a former band nerd, I’m not sure I can accept the wanton disparagement of that other kind of ‘bandcamp’. The main reason I couldn’t participate in that “Gear” discussion earlier is that, as a saxophonist, my instrument knowledge ends outside the scope of gear used in a typical rock or metal band (nobody around here has ever even heard of Morphine).

    I’ll let it go, but only because the list has a distinct Canadian bias in the middle. I’m actually quite perplexed at how I managed to miss Hyperemesis. They must not (often) play live gigs, as that’s usually how I find bands from Vancouver (when they open for visitors I can justify the expense of travel to go see).

  • NefariousDude

    Not really into gore grind but that regurgitate intro was totes br00tal…

    And then came the gore grind :/

  • Paris Hilton

    So there’s 3 Catholic priests on a cruise liner taking a bunch of altar servers from the US to The Vatican. The ship hits a massive iceburg and begins to sink. The priests see that there’s only 1 life boat. The first priest says, “We need to use this boat to save the boys!” The second priest says, “Fuck the boys!” Then the third priest says, “…Think we got time?”

    • Tyree

      A baby seal walks into a club.

  • Xan

    I’ve never been able to get into goregrind. My favorite part about the genre is some of the ridiculous names that you get with it. This has to be my favorite: