Get a Righteous Hellenic Black Metal Split from Aforism and Constrictor for Absolutely Free!


Behold the riffs that sailed a thousand ships. The sons of Hellen have come to lay claim to the glory of their birthright. This is Hellenic black metal of the highest order, and it’s totally free.

No Night to Sleep is a brand new split from two would-be heroes of mythic proportion. Newcomer to the scene Damon (Δάμων) of Aforism has set his sights on the throne of Greek black metal currently held by the likes of Rotting Christ and Varathron, and he’s brought along back-up in the form of his Myrmidon-esque cohort Ulversønn of Constrictor. Though technically a split between the two solo projects, No Night to Sleep is really an Achilles/Patroclus type partnership wherein the two mighty warriors have aided each other on each track to craft a truly formidable two-pronged assault. The end result is a set of four distinct tracks that all somehow bear the traits of both artists in their own way.

“Terror – The Catharsis” and “Lone Shadow (Crack of Skies)” are the two tracks contributed by Aforism, and these two exercises in Greek drama and tragedy are entirely performed by Δάμων aside from some drum arrangement assistance from Ulversønn. The opening track from the split immediately rips into a series of Rotting Christ-esque riffs that pierces your heart like Achilles’ spear before delving into a gut-wrenching melodic lead that truly sounds like Δάμων pouring out his soul into his craft. The song then morphs into an unwinding spiral of rhythmic shifts that sounds like a descent into Hades. This heroic journey into undeath then culminates in a cacophony of blasts and pure Hellenic riffs that perfectly lay the groundwork for the remainder of the journey ahead. “Lone Shadow” is no less majestic than the previous track, with melodic tremolo lines and tasteful, crestfallen riffs that rise and fall through reversals of major and minor keys that never relent, even as the pounding drums start to slowly unwind at the song’s emotional climax. It’s an exercise in high tension and theatricality, punctuated by moments of plaintive counterpoint, that perfectly captures the grandeur of this style.

Still, some may prefer the two Constrictor tracks here. Ulversønn has a lower, more subdued riff style that feels more brooding and calculating, as if “You Had No Night to Sleep” and “In the Twilight of Terror” are in truth a soundtrack to your final journey over the river Styx. Δάμων lends a throatier growl to Ulversønn’s two tracks, and the slightly lower register seems to suit his range a bit more and better captures that katabasis feel the EP is aiming to encapsulate. Intriguingly, these two Constrictor tracks are more straightforward, and subsequently more vitriolic, than the Aforism side of the split. The riffs remain razor-sharp throughout, never over-indulging the melodic side at the cost of battle-readiness. If you prefer your black metal as haughty and defiant as the Greeks holding the line at the Hot Gates, the Constrictor side of No Night to Sleep is for you.

Both tracks typically stay at higher speeds than recent works from Nocternity and Empire of the Moon; the melodies are tight, the riffs are epic, and the mood is always dire. Though some may see the electronic drums as a misstep, every classic Greek hero has a flaw that humanizes him and builds our compassion and esteem; if boasting a tumultuous and dynamic, though somewhat fabricated drum sound is Aforism/Constrictor’s only wrong, I’m more than ready to follow this split like Agamemnon into glorious battle.

You can learn more about Aforism on Facebook here. If you like what you here, Damon has another demo up for absolutely free as well. There’s no reason not to download it and support an ambitious young artist.

(Photo is Two Men Contemplating the Moon)

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  • That first track did not disappoint! Damn



    Theres a typo on the first bolded instance, where you wrote “Constictor” rather than “Constrictor”



    Doesn’t it need to be on tape or a record to be considered a split? Am I splitting hairs?

  • RustyShackleford

    Mmmm some tasty melodies here. Yup.

  • The riffing in the first Aforism track is great! Will doomload when this connection get better.

  • Dagon

    Hellenic black metal is the shit.

  • Aforism is much better, hands down.


    • sweetooth0

      huh, I kinda liked the other side of the split more. Different folks, different strokes or some shit like that…

      • Production is pretty neat on both. I like the drums better on Aforism, though.

      • Dubs

        Masterlord said he enjoyed the constricting side.


      why you gotta make this a continental debate bro?

      • Lol, I cannot spell for shit. I changed it!


  • Waynecro

    Thanks for the killer jams and myriad references to Greek literature.

  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    The throne of Hellenic black metal appears ripe for the taking and many worthy adversaries have appeared, while neither Constrictor nor Aforism seem capable of claiming it, these are both worthy additions to the fold, if this split is to believed.

    Both bands are very even, based on one playthrough it’s impossible to say which I prefer.

    • Dubs

      I wouldn’t say they’re there yet. But seeing as how both bands are practically brand new, give them time to grow and find real drummers.

      • These bands need to live closer to me.

        • Dubs

          You could always move to Greece. I imagine you have enough in your bank account to live comfortably in their crappy economy.

          • I’m not very good with change. That would be a big move. All well… I’ll just keep waiting for a band to come knocking at my front door. It will never happen.

          • Dave Vincent’s Perm

            Don’t give up hope, trying to find a good drummer is a fucking nightmare.

          • Trying to find a guitarists in my area that wants to play black metal is a nightmare; let alone some one that would be into the same shit I’m into as well. I mean near impossible. No scene here at all, I’d have to move but my job and house takes over unfortunately.

          • Dave Vincent’s Perm

            Holy shit, that’s crap, I play black metal guitar (by which I mean frequently accidentally writing darkthrone riffs) but I’m fairly certain you live on the other side of the planet to me.

          • Most likely. All well.

          • You have to move to either NYC or Boston so you can drum for one of the Stoner/Doom/Sludge projects I will form on my 50th birthday. ^_^

          • Hahaha! Playing slow would be miserable for me.

          • Well, you’ve got 15 months to learn.

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            Can I sing?

          • If I can perform surgery on your vocal chords to make sure they will make the precise right sound? Yes.

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            What sound?

          • Bossicus thee Rossicus
          • Bossicus thee Rossicus
          • Seriously though, like this…


          • Bossicus thee Rossicus

            That’s good Doom. You introduced me to them a little while back.

          • Best “Sabbath worship” band of the past 25 years, FULL STOP.

          • Bossicus thee Rossicus

            Past 25? I can live with that. Though Sleep ranks high.

            I really need to find a copy of that.

          • The two bands are very similar since they both started out at the same time and both have very few albums.

          • Bossicus thee Rossicus

            And Power Trios!

          • Bossicus thee Rossicus
          • I’ll decide on that while the surgery is being performed. Now sniff this rag…

          • Well, for now you work the merch table under Generalissimo McNulti. We’ll get back to you. ^_^

          • Bossicus thee Rossicus
          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            I am a very good singer actually. I have a good range and I have a stage presence.

          • Bossicus thee Rossicus

            Theater in high school, right?

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            From 7th grade to 12th grade I was part of a theater camp. I got many good roles but I refused to do the plays in high school because the teacher was horrible to my sister,

          • Well, for now you work the merch table under Generalissimo McNulti. We’ll get back to you.

          • Janitor Jim Duggan


          • Bossicus thee Rossicus

            Right on. I did theater 9-12.
            I like your principal and moral upstanding, good sir.
            If you don’t mind dressing up like this, i say your in the band. But you have to ask KJM for the final decision, it is his band after all, i am but a guitarist/part time bassist.


          • Bossicus thee Rossicus
          • Noted. I could do it I’d just be like a ticking time bomb behind the kit.

          • Bossicus thee Rossicus

            What if we let you blast the interludes?

          • Sold.

          • Bossicus thee Rossicus

            KJM, we got him!

          • I’m sure there will be some up tempo material. It won’t all be sloowwww doooom.

          • I love me some great doom, but Satan knows I don’t have the patience to play it.

          • Bossicus thee Rossicus

            We’ll have our High on Fire-esque songs, plenty of room for blasting away.

          • Stanley

            One legged blasts of course.

          • Bossicus thee Rossicus

            The most metal of all blasts.

          • Fucking right Stan.

          • Stanley

            I don’t want no pitter pattering. Gimme some stomping!

          • That’s right, Maciej Kowalski AKA Darkside knows this to be very true.

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            Move to Poughkeepsie! There’s always room on my.couch.

          • You mean your parents couch?

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            Yes. They’d probably make you pay rent. We could use the money.

          • i call merch table guy

          • That’s always a fun spot to be. You get to watch all the drunken metal heads be stupid.

          • Bossicus thee Rossicus


          • You get to be JJD’s supervisor. ^_^

  • Waynecro

    I just want to point out that this completely unrelated song is awesome.