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This Friday there is only death, blasphemy, and brutality! We are all going to enter the void together and tear each other apart as we fucking burn in hellfire. Let us begin this fucking hellish journey starting now. START DYING FAST!!!!

NecroholocaustHolocaustic Goat Metal (2014) Canada

After 11 years of Demos/EP’s and a shit ton of splits Necroholocaust finally deliver us with their first full length album! Spoiler alert!… It’s a violent onslaught of satanic upheaval. All you fucking lifelovers might as well stop reading this and go listen to your new Taylor Swift album. Canada is notorious for delivering the most savage blend of Black Metal and Death Metal around. Bands such as Revenge, ConquerorBlasphemy, and Axis of Advance are just the peak of what kind of savagery is out there in Canada. Necroholocaust bring the brutality to blackened-death like no other though. The thick distorted guitar tone, the hideous guttural death metal vocals, and the blistering blast beats and groove by drummer Darrell Sharpe add a much more brutal death metal element to the Canadian black/death metal scene. This is honestly a near perfect blackened death metal album in my opinion. The raw death metal brutality is present along with some blackened guitar riffs that inject pure evil to the mix. There is even a bit of grind and punk influence through out Holocaustic Goat Metal which is a definite bonus. If you are a true lifehater like our pal KSOFM then you will embrace the fucking void and accept Necroholocaust for what they truly represent which is total fucking hatred for all that is lifeloving. I’m rather anxious to receive my 12″ copy in the mail.

SinmaraAphotic Womb (2014) Reykjavik, Iceland

Aphotic Womb is an instant classic which stands beside this years black metal masterpiece: Blut Aus Nord, Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry (See Howard Dean’s Review here). Sinmara, formaly known as Chao now have new members from Icelandic greats Wormlust, Svartidauði, and Irish black metalists Rebirth of Nefast (I highly recommend listening to all of these bands). Sinmara deliver everything and more that I like in black metal. There is an atmosphere that haunts and chills the soul in this album which is contributed by fucking amazing guitar riffs and a unique rhythm section. The song structures and writing in Aphotic Womb are a spectacle to behold. Any serious band unlike mine should take fucking notes, study, and listen closely to this album over and over again. Aphotic Womb with fester your mind but will not exhaust it. There are moments of heavy mid-tempo blasting through out the album, but there is also a lot of very creative rhythms from drummer Bjarni Einarsson (dare I call it jazzy?). The riffs that are delivered from Garðar S. Jónsson and Þórir Garðarsson are absolute black metal brilliance! I guarantee you if you listen to Sinmara‘s Aphotic Womb you will agree with me that the album is best of the year material if not BEST! If you want to listen to a quality album then Aphotic Womb is what you need to listen too right now.

 Ascended DeadArcane Malevolence (2014) San Diego, California

Ascended Dead play a filthy and aggressive style of OSDM with a hint of technicality and experimentation which these San Diegans (A whales vagina) deliver with a vengeance! When I’m talking about technicality I’m not talking Gorguts Obscura mind blowing technicality, I’m just saying there is some embellishments that add a bit of technical character to the death metal that Ascended Dead offer. A lot of which are relied on the drumming by Charlie Koryn and the disarraying and menacing riffs by both Ian Lawrence and Jon Reider. The vocals are nasty and raspy while also sounding spacey as if they were recorded in a cave that reached all the way down to the depths of hell. I find that death metal vocals that are spacey and reverb cloaked add a chilling and haunting atmosphere which I frankly crave. Ascended Dead go fucking hard and will most certainly pound you into dust.

LVTHNAdversarialism (2014) Belgium

Let me first say that Fallen Empire Records is on fucking fire! Seriously, check out the bands on this incredible label. CLICK FUCKING HERE! Most of you know my huge crush on Skáphe who are on Fallen Empire Records, but, there are many other great bands including the all mighty Tukaaria which I’ll let you drool upon here.

Back to LVTHN now“Not for Lifelovers” as a certain someone here would say. As soon as this demo starts you know what the hell you are getting your self into. This is mean motherfucker that requires a lifehaters attitude and perspective. I’ve read reviews on this demo that criticize LVTHN for being copycats of Burzum and Darkthrone, fuck those reviewers! If being compared to two great black metal bands/artists is a negative thing then those fucks need to fall on a piece of rebar and fucking bleed out and die. There is a savage rawness and dissonance to these two songs that ooze blasphemy and hate. The guitar riffs are somewhat catchy but are mostly blasting and destructive. The vocals are the main highlight in this demo though. When it comes to harsh and mean vocals LVTHN deliver the evil goods. Go into this demo understanding that there will be no fucking mercy laid upon you.

ScabFresh Chunks (2014) State College, PA

Here is a poser band that likes to blend grind, D-beat, Crust Punk, Death metal, and thrash all into the same fucking shit-pile. These nerds just released their second LP a few days ago and are still working on the final album artwork. The only reason I’m sharing these jerks with you is because I feel bad for them and they are going on tour in December and they are funding the whole trip on their own hard earned money. They do have a pathetic fucking Kickstarter page that you can view here. Donate or not, but seriously… Fuck this band.

Guest Submission OV the week

My fellow lifehater in crime, Masterlord SteelDragon submitted this prize for you all.

PhobocosmDeprived (2014) Montreal, Quebec

I’ve talked with a few of you about Phobocosm before, but up until now, they haven’t been properly featured on the Toilet ov Hell. It’s not that they don’t deserve it, it’s because I’ve been fucking busy, okay? Shit. Phobocosm recently released their debut, Deprived, via Dark Descent records. This year we’ve seen some quality interpretations Incantation’s style of muddy death metal, and you’ll find that much of Deprived is of the same ilk, only with an overdose of discord. The dissonance of Deathspell Omega channeled through the echoing filth of this “cavernous” brand of death will fire-hook your carotid. Bleed from your neck and die!

By this point you should be plenty dead, so go fucking Chainsaw Gutsfuck your selves you cvnting lifelovers!

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  • REND YOUR FLESH BEFORE THE UNHOLY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G17js_jpKdc


    Been needing good BC recommendations. Thanks t-dizzle!

  • I am digging LVTHN! Not sure if I’m allowed to listen to them though considering my lifeloving status.

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      Their demo rules, got the seven inch some weeks back. Not for lifeloving indeed.

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    You sold me the Sinmara at Svartidauði

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    I haven’t seen any posts about these guys. Cara Neir just made their new EP name your price.
    The Overwatch EP by Cara Neir

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      Cara Neir are great.

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    So many tasty, tar-filled, death pits of horror this week. Time to fuel my nightmares for tonight!

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    Good grief, this is a big mess of nasty, blackened garbage. In a good way, though, like a donut filled with blood and barbed wire.

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      Comment OV the week!

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      Those were quite popular in certain areas of the world in the ’40s.

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    Side note, because I can’t listen to any of these bands right now, Holy Shit how did I not discover Diablo swing orchestra sooner than when I stumbled across them yesterday???


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  • I’ve been binge listening to Ace of Base all morning and now need more of the Berggren sisters in my life.

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    Loving how Sinmara bring the boogie as well as the menace, don’t seem to find that all that often in BM.

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    You guys showed me so many good bands I have never heard ov that I feel ashamed that I dont listen to my 5-7 bands over and over. I feel like I’m cheating on them.

  • crazytaco_12

    By the way, though I can tell Tyree is only being modest and humble, throw a few bucks his way and help him go on tour! Help the kickstarter or download from Scab’s bandcamp!

  • Guacamole Jim

    Necroholocaust is doing it for me. This shit is GNARLY

  • Howard Dean

    Probably the best Bandcamp post yet, my dear Mr. Grindhart. Necroholocaust, LVTHN, and a little Tukaaria thrown in for fun. Well done, sir!

    Also: Fallen Empire needs to reopen their web store. Seriously. It’s been closed for like a month, and they just extended the closure until “mid November.” What the fuck. I just want to buy some motherfucking music in this motherfucking store!

  • W.

    Dude, I just woke up in a field naked and covered in blood. There are 13 dead lambs scattered about me in a circle. The last thing I remember was listening to Necroholocaust. What happened?

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