Full Album Stream: MARY TODD – “Bone Stock”


Gotta go fast!

Despite the kind of pot usage that would render a man like me useless and immovable, the three dudes in Mary Todd, “Chabois”, as they would prefer to be called collectively, are hyperactive to the point of needing a ritalin prescription. Bone Stock, their latest record, sounds like a playpen full of overexcited toddlers being tipped over violently.

I first heard Mary Todd through this delightful video for “Lines”, one of my favorite tracks from Bone Stock. It’s a fitting introduction to this record; aggression, speed, and especially a sense of humor propel Bone Stock from beginning to end. In addition to the aforementioned “Lines”, you can’t sleep on “Steve Day”. With a completely fuzzed out groove break down, it’s one of the best moments on a dope ass record.

Bone Stock drops on 4/20 (heh). Pick it up from Bandcamp, then follow the band on Facebook and tell them “asdf”. AND if you’re in NYC go see the band’s record release show at Don Pedro, with Dead Empires, Iron Gag, Guilt, and Tight Fright.

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  • Lacertilian

    Getting some mad Psyopus flashbacks from “Widowed”.
    This gud.

    • Waynecro


  • this rules.

    Played a show with Guilt before, awesome stuff. Looking forward to hearing Iron Gag too!

  • Eliza

    What a nice shot of speed. Full album streams are best streams.

  • Mosh Hoff

    I was a Don Pedro for a Latino Punk fest last summer. That place is the Real Deal (TM).

    Also this shit rulez.

  • Saw that vid last week and definitely wanted to hear more. Now I will, I dig this spazzy stuff.

  • Waynecro

    Thank you for yet another rad-as-shit premiere!

  • frozengoatsheadupanunsarse

    Infectiously manic! Great premiere!