From Zero – Check Ya: A Video Breakdown


Zero the cliché hero.

We’re going retro for this week’s Video Breakdown. And yes, it makes me sad that something released in 2001 can be considered “retro”. In 5 more years, it could be labeled “classic” in the most generic sense of the word. I’m breaking down this video partially because there hasn’t been any new videos really worthy of a breakdown (most were just boring), but also because this video is just something else. It’s a throwback to a lot of late 90’s/early 00’s trends all mashed-up into a 3:23 minute video. Take a look.

0:05: Oh….oh boy…
0:09: From Zero has got ALL the random body movements.
0:12: And regrettable piercings.
0:15: And bowling pin hair.
0:19: And heavy mascara.
0:21: He must have had so many holes punched on his Hot Topic card.
0:22: Yeah, that’s definitely how actual human beings move.
0:25: Whoa, I think the background just belched.
0:30: I kind of love that each band member has a different nu metal cliché.
0:36: We were somewhere in a From Zero video when the drugs began to take hold.
0:40: Man, that spindly chin icicle was never, ever, ever a good look.
0:43: Oh, hey Windows 98 screen saver.
0:49: “You might erase me, cold as ice.” Modern poetry, folks.
0:54: If you hold him over an open flame while wearing that outfit, he’ll burst into a pile of Jiffy Pop.
1:04: Wearing your band’s shirt in your own video? That’s a paddlin’.
1:09: You can never mug to the camera enough.
1:15: Oooh, a Phantasm cameo.
1:20: I hope he still has that suit and occasionally wears it to family events.
1:27: Bands today could learn a lot from this video.
1:31: Mostly to never use computer graphics as they do not age well.
1:39: He may in fact be part bobble-head.
1:45: The chorus is pretty catchy, all things considered.
1:50: I could see this included as part of a Tony Hawk or Coolboarders soundtrack.
1:53: Just noticed the bassist has a pineapple haircut.
1:58: Someone cut him up into a fruit salad.
2:07: It wouldn’t be a nu metal video without some bad rapping.
2:14: They better seek shelter or else they’ll be hit by flying embarrassment.
2:22: That dancing is far more damaging than any piece of CGI.
2:29: “T” stands for “Time to leave.”
2:38: Even his shoes are ridiculous!
2:44: Still better than a million “band playing in an empty warehouse” videos.
2:50: That young man went on to become Texas Senator Ted “Totally Not The Zodiac Killer” Cruz.
2:55: “Does anyone else taste purple?”
2:58: Look out! It’s a giant cloud anus!
3:06: No, not my Tetris pieces!
3:17: This is a good contender for Dream Theater’s next album art.

From Zero’s One Nation Under came out in 2001 via Arista Records.

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  • Abradolf Lincler

    i remember when this shit came out. gods, its awful.

  • xengineofdeathx

    In defense of Tony Hawk soundtracks, they did have Unsane, and S.o.d. and Das Oath.

    • Unsane rules. That’s a name I have not heard in a long time.

      • Grandpa’s Magic Fleshlight

        I haven’t heard anything about them after that “Scrape” video first came out.

      • xengineofdeathx

        Fuck yeah, man. Very underrated band. Occupational Hazard remains a favorite workout album for me.

    • brokensnow

      and suicide machines.

    • Janitor Jim Duggan

      You forgot Primus and Dead Kennedys.

      • xengineofdeathx

        Ohhh yeah, and they also had Deadboys, and Immortal!

        • Janitor Jim Duggan

          They had a lot of good music on the classic ones. Eddie was a character in the 4th game.

  • Waynecro

    I hope he still has that suit and occasionally wears it to job interviews.

  • frozengoatsheadupanunsarse

    Nu-metal was weird, man. Freaks me out.

  • jberd

    What’s up with that drum set switch out at 2:19?

    • Abradolf Lincler

      The first drum set quit the band

        • Dubbbz

          His shoes fell off. He’s officially dead.

          • Waynecro

            No need to check his pulse, guys. His shoes flew off. Get the sheet. It’s over.

          • Abradolf Lincler

            i have a better question: is that a troupe of trannies or somethin that’s filming and watching this stunt? just look at those weebs.

          • Waynecro

            I didn’t even notice the spectators. I continue to be completely distracted by the guy clearly skidding to his death. Now I’m wondering whether the dead guy even had shoes on to begin with.

          • Dubbbz

            He did. You can see one of them fly off and the other land underneath the bike.

          • Waynecro

            Computer: Slow down frames 100 to 250 and zoom in on the bicycle. I’ll be damned.

          • Abradolf Lincler
          • Abradolf Lincler

            because i couldnt decide which one:

          • Grandpa’s Magic Fleshlight

            So looking forward to the sequel! I’m one of probably 12 people who saw it in theaters (I got to see it for free since I was working at the place).

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            I wish Mike Myers would make another movie. I enjoyed the Love Guru when I saw it.

          • Grandpa’s Magic Fleshlight

            Damn, first time I’ve ever heard anyone say that! I’ve only seen bits of it, and hated what I saw.

          • Abradolf Lincler

            well, im also looking at those right there at the trash can flailing things around. one of them could have easily snagged the bike, leading to the king weeb’s demise

          • Grandpa’s Magic Fleshlight
    • Spear

      Good question. The drummer looks confused, too.

    • Grandpa’s Magic Fleshlight

      Where have I seen that drummer before?………………. Oh yeah!

      Loved him in House Party. Sad to see him sink so so low since then.

  • Dave Vincent’s Perm

    As if I needed another reason to not leave the house.

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    what are these?

    • Abradolf Lincler
    • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan2

      theres a cock in the art work. very obvious. i wonder if they wanted it there or the artist just did it…

      -MrTenseMan, 5 hours ago

    • Grandpa’s Magic Fleshlight

      Looks like someone’s ready to pull out some of that hentai tentacle action.

    • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

      tulip bulbs?

  • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan2

    I give that video five stars.

    As in, that’s what I’d like to see a ninja throwing into the cranium of everyone in that video.

    -James Lillis, November 22nd, 2008 at 5:28 am

    • Alicardavis1


    • Jacquelinedlaird1


  • Grandpa’s Magic Fleshlight

    The singer is Keith Flint’s (Prodigy) mongoloid little brother that never quite moved on from 1997, even after Keith’s repeated ass beatings and tearing his nose ring out.

  • Mother Shabubu

    I saw on Behind the Music that these guys now work in Guy Fieri’s kitchen.

  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    Yay, obscure nu metal!

  • Grandpa’s Magic Fleshlight

    In whole other news, and figured to mention this since yesterday was more or less videogame day on here: Kid plays videogames until his feet literally rot.

  • Abradolf Lincler

    today is the anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand