From the Depths: Trauma’s “Karma Obscura” Reviewed


As a public service, we will occasionally highlight comments that you need to know about. Today, esteemed commenter RiotAct666 brings you news you can use with his review of Trauma’s last album Karma Obscura. 

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  • W.

    0/5 flushes.

  • RiotAct666 is my favorite person on the internet.

    • give some credit to the Axhole & his poser site! He’s the most popular person after the biggest assholes !!! He’s my favorite coz i like to flush on him m/



      • if you want to!!!
        Or go flush urself.

  • The prime flusher hath spoken.

    • getting the RARE appearance from RiotAct666 just makes each one that much more special.

  • /m


    HAIL & KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TOILET IST KRIEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • W.

      Hail to the King.

        • The “chin” guy rules m/ His performance in Burn Notice was amazing !


          • Scrimm

            Especially the episode where he had to pretend to get shot and hammed it up so good.

        • old_man_doom

          Did somebody call?

      • do NOT mention Avenged Semenholes & their art here!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • KJM

          “It’s pronounced ‘Seminoles’!!”

          “I know what I said…”


            connery is the only man cool enough to wear this suit and not look gay, well, maybe reynolds in his prime. And of course connery is rollin’ with the babes in the future dystopia as well.

          • Cock ov Steele

            Connery doesn’t need to do much to be able to roll with babes.

          • more beer

            I that`s his way of calling them cum dumpsters!

        • W.

          You’re the King.

        • M Shadows!


      • M Shadows!

        DID U BUY IT YET OMG?!

        -M Shadows!

        • Cock ov Steele

          It flushes real good 🙂


        I take great umbrage to that statement !
        Seriously though, CROM tips his blacksmith hammer in honor of the ACTs visit to the TOH.

    • Tyree

      RiotAct666 likes his own comments 😉


      • Guacamole Jim

        RiotAct666 deserves to.


      • I’m RiotAct666, I like flush.
        Also Axl is my personal ball washer.


        • Tyree

          Hahaha! Most Excellent! So I’m assuming you liked the new Belphegor album?

          • Most of it yes. It was ok with exception of few songs where he unnecessary used those super-low growls & they were kinda out of place ya know. Plus Rutans production is unbalanced a bit. And overall album sounds recycled at times. But anyway it’s a decent shit!

          • Tyree

            Goatreich Fleshcult is my favorite album by them. I thought this album was decent to but not really great at the same time. I found the production to be way over the top honestly.

          • “over the top”

            U gave a perfect description ma man! I call it simply “lack of balance”. Most of Rutan’s releases suffer from this.

          • Tyree

            Yup, I honestly have not liked much of his production since “Kill”.

          • Howard Dean

            I’m still a Pestapokalypse guy myself. That album just hit in a way the others didn’t for me.

          • Tyree

            Pestapokalypse is my second favorite, “Seyn Todt in Schwartz” is such a scorcher of a song.


    • Matt Damon

      MATT DAMON <3 <3

    • ALSO CHECK OUT “LOST SOUL” & Norwegian “Myrkskog” featuring MA guitarist!

      DO IT NOW!!!!

    • Howard Dean

      Fuck Burger King. Byah!

    • frozengoatsheadupanunsarse

      Myrkskog are pretty killer, good call.

    • Deputy Dipshit



    • Deputy Dipshit

      This album is bad ass, by the way.

      Thanks be to Brother RiotAct666. Brothers in Flush!

      *flushes Axl down “here” for old times’ sake*


    • lolbuttz


  • KJM

    RiotAct666 has turned jimmy rustling into an art form.

    In unrelated news, just killing time until I go see Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats. I’m sure I’ll have a strong word or two about that when I return.

    Also, the new Electric Wizard is far better Black Masses FWIW.


      in case some people never saw this gem ! (not to blow my own horn) …………..
      Blake Judd as peter potamus.

      • more beer

        Dam peter potams even looks like he`s on heroin!


          hahhhahha, thats why i picked that one, i thought the same thing.

          • more beer

            great choice. I sent something to your personal e-mail also.

      • KJM

        At least Peter actually sends out his “things” and is genuinely disappointed if you don’t get them.

  • George Clarke

    butt metal

    • lolbuttz



    Cromulent Embiggening

  • Poseur Diposeur

    RiotAct666 is the most noble and admired internet troll I have ever seen. I praise him as lord

  • JWG

    That shouting businessman image kind of reminds me of another one that I stumbled on while digging around MS Clip Art (preparing lecture notes for Project Management students).

    Maybe this is the guy on the receiving end of the meltdown…


    RiotAct666 = The Gold Standard of Metal Opinion & Tastemakers.


  • Guacamole Jim

    RiotAct666 is love. RiotAct666 is life.

  • pïgchop™

    More torque, RiotAct – more torque!

  • Gurp


  • KJM

    Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats absolutely killed it tonight, tight as a drum, great sound. The only bummer is that they didn’t play “Down By The River” like they did in Philadelphia.

    • Beunhaas

      I missed them when they toured with Black Sabbath :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(.

    • IronLawnmower

      They’re amazing. I saw them open up for Black Sabbath last year.

  • KJM
  • Max

    What a coincidence. I actually just Googled RiotAct666 last night out of curiosity. Apparently back in the Blabbermouth days he was much more “positive” and didn’t do any flushing. Odd. I can’t imagine him without the flushing. And of course I can’t imagine the Toilet ov Hell without the inspiration provided by that flushing.


    • Yep, I remember him back in those days. BM is sorta more positive nowadays. Before, it was racism, homophobia, threats, etc. galore. Still not as bad as Metal Sucks or Terrorizer’s forums (scat porn, very little talk about metal, lemon porn, etc), but pretty bad. If you wanna get a fistful of racism, homophobia, etc. and trolling at it’s finest, check out any TMZ comments section (not metal, I know, but damn).
      BM, Metal Injection and of course the earth crushing toiletovhell are the ones I stick to for metal. Other than that, of course.

      *takes a breath after that long rant and gets back to Sacred Gate*


        I got banned on blabbermouth (original) about a week before the format change. I knew i was going to get banned but i was dissapointed when it happened anyways. My IP address was blocked, also the site would take no more commentors for months. Then they went new format and all my comments got deleted , even straight non-confrontational ones. I wasn’t allowed to say that lazarus ad was better than the big 4. That got removed every single time. Fuck borijov kyrgin or whatever the fuck his name is. He is a reactionary communist asshole with a propensity for the suppression of free speech.

        • If you got a Facebook, just post. It’s way different. Lol, trust me, Bori could give a shit less nowadays. Me and my friend Dave Gahann post some of the most hilariously perverted shit on there on a constant basis, along with alot of others. I think Borijov Kyrgin looks like this:

          I’m under the same name there, btw.


            he has a personal gripe with me, i couldn’t post ANYTHING. I don’t care anymore. Is the tall man on the totem pole still stan howser ?

          • Who’s Stan Howser? Is he related to Dougie?


            the last time i was on there he was the biggest commentor, novel like comments. Must have moved on.

          • Must have. Dave Gahann is the biggest commenter, and he’s fucking hilarious!

      • Max

        I’d never heard of It’s my new favourite aggregator. I only had to read today’s link to the article about Christian swingers to reach that conclusion.

        • Lol, it’s where I’ve gone for funny news for 12 years. I’m under kling_klang_bed, BTW. Same as my Livejournal.


      Could have been a copycat account. Been a few of them thru the years on there.

      • Max

        Well interestingly, among the Google search yields was a guy who openly admitted that he stole the name because he couldn’t think of a better one for himself. So who knows what we’re dealing with?

        Personally, I most enjoyed the website I found which listed “10 Signs You’re a Metal Nerd”; among them:

        8. If someone was to google your name, they’d find nothing but your angry posts on metal forums.
        7. You know you have your headphones on backwards because Kerry King’s guitar solos are on Jeff’s channel.
        6. You’ve often wondered what RiotAct666 looks like and where he lives.
        5. You own albums from at least three bands named Leviathan.
        4. During Nile concert you request songs by chanting “Yezd Desert Ghul Ritual in the Abandoned Towers of Silence”!!!

        Maybe MTV should send that Catfish guy to hunt for the elusive, enigmatic, quixotic and perpendicular RiotAct666.

    • KJM


      • Max

        Thanks for correcting me; I forgot the CAPITAL LETTERS. (I’m very much an amateur when it comes to piloting the interwebz.)

  • IronLawnmower

    Well it cetainly deserves it’s review. Death metal makes me feel eggy.

  • This is a quality jam, haven’t listened to this until now.

  • The Mahdoubt

    Riotact stole the whole toilet flushing thing from a guy named nancyboy who posted on BM for years. nb would bag on ra666 all the time and “(toilet flushing)” on him, then Riotact stole it and turned it into *flushes toilet*. He’s also the same person as T-Boner.