Free Metal Detector: Purge by Fange


Look, I know I said you could take the night off, but we’re going to need you to come in anyway. Some band gave away a whole heapin’ helpin’ of free sludge to those got dang Toilet kids, and now there’s a huge mess. Bring your mop.

Fange (pronounced with a soft g, unlike gif) are a French sludge band. They make ignorant music for the educated man. Don’t believe me? It says it right there on the tin! Ah, but what kind of ignorant music? The kind with grimy chords, crusty drums, huge mossy swaths of distortion, and vulturous vocals. And break downs. Lots and lots of ignorant (yet somehow far more tasteful than those conjured by any deathcore band) breakdowns.

Purge, Fange’s most recent release, set to drop on September 2nd, is one big putrid pile of bone-crushing Man-Thing riffs, swamp gas atmosphere, backwoods inbred mutant vocals, hate, and alligator death roll drums. Plus breakdowns. And feces. It finds itself poised more on the hardcore, NOLA-birthed side of sludge (think EyehategodCrowbar) than the artsy-farsty Savanna side, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t lacking thoughtfulness. The band uses some interesting interplay of dynamics, alternating between pummeling full-tilt d-beat assaults and more deliberate, plodding rhythms with stupidly heavy, distorted riffs as an accompaniment. The intelligence bleeds through in the harrowing, Deliverance-esque atmosphere and in the odd Soilent Green-ish southern grind/powerviolence riffs. It’s nasty nasty nasty, and it’s absolutely free. If you can’t wait for that September 2nd release, check out the band’s Facebook post with an obscenely generous Dropbox link.

If you like what you’re hearing (and who wouldn’t?), you should definitely still toss some dollarydoos Fange’s way via those Throatruiner links. It’s the decent thing to do. You should give Fange a like on Facebook for being such upstanding dudes and toss them some money on Bandcamp.

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(h/t Tyree and Hans Müller)

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  • Eliza

    Awesome, I love free music.

    • Dubbbz

      And this one’s guilt free, unlike “Name Your Price” albums.

      • Eliza

        Yeah, I know that guilt all too well.

        • PostBlackenedWhaleGaze

          Me everytime: “Hm, I really like this, but I’ll feel like a douche if I just give them $1 or $2.” So I usually do at least $6 for an album when in reality it doesn’t matter at all.

      • JWEG

        I’m confused by bandcamp ones where the album is “free”, but individual tracks are still NYOP.

        • Eliza

          I think it’d be more confusing if the album was NYP, but the songs weren’t.

        • Dubbbz

          That’s weird. I’ve only seen the opposite where the album is NYP and the tracks are all free.

          • JWEG

            In that case I would imagine it’s sort of like “tracks are free, but the album-only extras are NYOP”.

            I saw the reverse just yesterday while browsing recommendations. I’ll see if I can find it again.

          • Dubbbz

            That makes sense. Pay for the album if you want the benefit of metadata.

          • Scrimm

            I’ve really been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do for all that with our stuff when we put it up. Really dont know how to approach it.

          • Dubbbz

            It’s a tough balance, and lord knows I’m not gonna be the one to tell you how to sell your stuff.

          • Scrimm

            Or even if we should “Sell” it. I’ve been looking through tons of band pages, seen both ways with the albums and tracks NYP and free.

  • JWEG

    Indeed. I swear I heard Chris Hardwick call it a “gif” with hard G on air. With reasons.

    Since every interview I’ve ever heard or read calls him the One True Nerd King, or equivalent, I would have assumed he’d be an authority.

    • Dubbbz

      Anyone who pronounces it “jiff” is subhuman scum. You hear me, Randall?

      • JWEG

        To quote CH: “it’s not peanut butter!”

        It pains me to refer to him twice. It feels like an endorsement, and if anything I’d rather do the exact opposite.

      • Waynecro

        It makes no sense to pronounce it as “jiff.” For one thing, GIF stands for graphic interchange format, and you don’t pronounce graphic with the J sound. However: According to a Gizmodo article, the creator of the format (Steve Wilhite) said, “The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations. They are wrong. It is a soft ‘G,’ pronounced ‘jif.’ End of story.” This makes me so sad.

        • Dubbbz

          I don’t care what the creator says. He tucks his shirt into his underwear and cuts all the crust off his sandwiches.

          • Waynecro

            I agree. The guy probably derives some sort of sexual gratification from the aroma of his own flatus. I refuse to recognize the authority of such a strange individual.

    • Chris Hardwick suuuuuuuuuuuuuucks

    • I always pronounce it with a “g” because it’s sexier.

  • tertius_decimus

    Everything I listen to I download illegally. Load your arms.


    • I think third world country toiletters have some kind of a free pass on that topic 😛

      • tertius_decimus

        On a serious note in a long run it makes an inferiority complex bigger.

  • tertius_decimus

    By the way, check out this prog band from Russia. For those, who thinks vocals are redundant in music.

    • Eliza

      Good stuff.

  • The writing on this site is so swell I don’t even care if you’re all a bunch of betas.

    • Dubbbz

      Flattery will get you anywhere.

    • Abradolf Lincler

      who you calling a beta, armless!?

    • JWEG
      • Salena Boyette

        <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bc941p:….,…

    • Hans Müller

      I suspect a Brave New World reference.

      • Dubbbz

        Brave New World terminology was co-opted by the pick-up artist community and /b to refer to men who have frequent sexual encounters and success as alphas and weinery submissive men as betas.

      • D666 fan reference.

  • FREE METAL DETECTOR is the best detector. I will check it out, W. Thanks!

  • Bands that I’ve discovered from France always seem to be on target with the music they are playing. Frange sounds like another band that falls into that category.

  • Stockhausen

    Dongloaded and jamming. This is FILTHY.

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