Free Metal Detector: One Last Hurrah From Handshake, Inc.


Readers of the Toilet ov Hell and fans of forward thinking heavy metal probably caught the news that David Hall of Handshake, Inc was closing the doors and ceasing label operations following his latest two releases from Blacklisters and Twin Lords.


Celebrity deaths don’t upset me, but I was stunned and a little saddened by this news. Over the last few years Handshake has released some of my favorite albums: Gridlink’s Longhena, Couch Slut’s My Life As A Woman, Blurring’s self titled album, and Pyrrhon’s Growth Without End, among others. In my limited interactions with David I found him to be engaging and awfully nice for a record label head, and he maintained a hilarious presence on social media. David was not afraid to take chances on outside-the-box acts, giving Pyrrhon a home after Relapse Records, even up to the end with Devastating Planetary Shift by the aforementioned Twin Lords (it’s a weird one!).

Handshake announced yesterday that he had one more trick up his sleeve: a last hurrah, Handshake’s final album, from Philadelphia grinders Total Fucking Destruction, to be released for free digitally. To put the cherry on top of a free mini-album, the lyrics included with the album contain a link to their 2011 release Hater.


I wasn’t familiar with Total Fucking Destruction before Handshake’s announcement (where do they find the writers for this site?!) but after a cursory listen to Our Love Is A Rainbow I can see the error of my ways. It’s freaky fast old school grind, and it’s obvious these dudes have a sense of humor. Lastly, it appears David Hall may be passing the torch on to an “interested party”. That sounds promising, but let’s be serious, the new owner(s) will have very big shoes to fill.
It’s Friday. Download a couple of free albums onto your computer at work and fucking grind it.

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  • Vote for Jeb

    I bought a TFD album back in the day. Kinda forgot about that band.

  • TFD has Rich Hoak from Brutal Truth on drums. Think that was his band prior to BT.

  • TFD is the rocket, do they have two dummers?!?!

    • Janitor Jim Duggan

      Two drummers? I love bands with two drummers!

      • so does your father. but turns out, TFD just has one but he’s siqq

      • Vote for Jeb

        Ratt has only one drummer now huehuehuehuehue

  • Rich Hoak has the most bizarre drum style I have ever seen. Just watch any drum video of him. It’s so fucking awkward.

    • Vote for Jeb

      Look at Kevin Sharp’s hat.

      • He’s had that hat since the beginning of Brutal Truth.

        • more beer

          Yep and he was wearing it at their last show also.

      • I was at a show where someone tried to grab the hat while on stage. Sharp punched him multiple times and that person did not get the hat.

    • Dagon

      Looks like he has an O face forever and ever

    • Stockhausen

      MMMMM this video rules. Absolute chaos.

      • Haha, yeah I have no idea what is going on. Not sure they do either. Weed and Grind is a interesting combo and Brutal Truth mix the 2 very well.

        • jujuju, the cameraman knows who to focus on here.

    • Mvthvr Shvbvbv 8

      Plays like he has a congenital hand defect.

      • I think he just taps the drums. I’ve talked to Erik (The guitarist) before and he says that they have to really jack up the snare mic in the studio and live.

        • Mvthvr Shvbvbv 8

          Light hitters bug me for some reason.

          Regardless of how you feel about Tool, that’s why I love Danny Carey. He beats his drums like they owe him money, yet still pulls off amazing grooves and fluid patterns.

          • He also has arms as big as my thighs. Dude is a giant.

          • tommy lee of motley crue does the same thing to his drums, only nothing special comes out of them, and it just ends up looking pathetic

    • In that festival there was this weird Entombed gig in which a legless guy was jamming the music onstage.

  • This is great, Edward. Like all of the people here pointed, the drumming is fantastic.

    Another feature I’m digging is the thin riffy guitars. It’s very interesting how they combine with the grind drumming. I’m sold with this, what an adecuate goodbye for the label.

    • Vote for Jeb

      Hey! Seven colors fly to the ends of the earth! With fiery heat from burning muscles! Right under the first star of the evening! Be it grapples, body slams, or blows! All will be in awe of my…RAINBOW!

      • I like you, doctor.

        • Vote for Jeb

          There’s a passion that burns in my heart! The passion to realize my dream! And reverberate into my muscle’s soul! With my strength, determination, and spirit, I’ll become as bright as the…RAINBOW!

  • Matt Pike’s Sweaty Left Nipple

    Great post Edward, that Total Fucking Destruction is awesome. GRIND!!

  • Hubert

    Total Fucking Destruction is totally fucking my destruction.

  • Waynecro

    Total Fucking Destruction kicks ass, man. Thanks! I still mean to purchase that Blurring CD too.

    • Edward/Breegrodamus™

      I think Blurring was super underrated around these parts.

      • Waynecro

        Good jams for sure.

  • Thanks Obama!