Free Metal Detector: Buckshot Facelift – Buck at the Moon


Awwwwwww yeah, we gettin’ buck at everyone nuckin’ at us for Halloween with Buckshot Facelift.

The Long Island juggernauts are back at it with three tracks of fresh chaos, just in time to scare the pants off your nosy neighbors on All Hallows Eve. From the horse’s mouth:


These three tracks are the kind of noisy, espresso and amphetamine fueled shots of gnarliness you’ve come to expect from the masters of gonzo death metal and hardcore. This EP is short, heavy, and sure to lace your trick-or-treat candy with all kinds of razor blades and rat poison. To wit, it’s just what you want in a free EP.

The first track, “Shaving in the Slop Sink,” is a minute-long bruiser that whirls by you in a tumult of broken bones and shattered glass. You’ll have nary a chance to catch your breath and wonder what happened before it’s over. The next track, “Phone Bros,” is actually my favorite song on the EP; it features a killer home-fried riff with some ace guitarmonies that wouldn’t be at all amiss on a Soylent Green record. Despite its short length, it’s certain to get your head moving and your hips grooving. The final track is an excellent cover of The Ramones’  “Pet Sematary,” a surprisingly faithful ode to the punk rockers’ tribute to Stephen King. It rocks, it rolls, and it’s certain to get you singing along despite the ludicrous nature of the growls in the chorus. It’s just that infectious, like a flesh eating bacteria unleashed through tainted candy.

Best of all, this EP is free! Buckshot Facelift just want you to post and share it and rock out with them this October. You should, however, be a mensch and give the boys some cash for their jams over at Bandcamp. That groovy Travis Smith (see Death, Opeth) art is worth the price of admission alone. Make sure you say, “Yoooooooo thanks!” to the guys on Facebook while you’re at it.

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  • NOOICE. I liked that Living Ghosts of the Northern Shore EP you wrote about back in the blog’s early days, Dubz, I’ll make sure to give this a listen.

  • This band always reminded me of Circle of Dead Children. I actually forgot about this band, cool to see that they are still going at it. Such a savage band name too. Speaking of Circle of Dead Children, what ever happened to them? They were on the Willowtip roster years back when that line-up was really rad!

    • W.

      That’s a good question, dude. I have some of their stuff but it’s forever since I heard anything about them.

      • That band was pretty dang brutal. I think their last album was produced by Scott Hull if I remember correctly. Pittsburgh area band too!

        • Count_Breznak

          Psalm of the Grand Destroyer was, not sure if it is their latest.

    • Howard Dean

      I always confuse Circle of Dead Children with Short Bus Pile Up. I’ve never really listened to either band very much, but the names are in the same vein.

      • You’d probably like Circle of Dead Children. It’s a mix of really brutal (Devourment) death metal and grind.

        • Definitely some early Cephalic Carnage in there as well.

          • W.

            There’s another band that I would like to see more active.

          • Same.

          • yeah they broke up. used to talk to their vocalist Joe. CODC is the reason I learned how to do gutturals

        • Howard Dean

          That’s a pretty apt description of that track. After the grindy bits and machine gun drumming from roughly 25-40 seconds I was saying to myself “wow, a bass drop and a nice groovy slam riff would fit well right here.” It may have not been a drop or a slam, but that break around 45 seconds was exactly what the song needed. Pretty good shit!

          • Yeah, it’s been probably 5 or so years since I last listened to this band. It’s rad checking them out again. Wish they were still active because this band was really something else.

          • W.

            This album came out all the way back in 2010!

          • Right!!! I’m starting to feel old.

  • Señor Jefe El Rosa

    Hmmm, Soylent Green and Ramones mentioned. I’m gonna give this a shot

  • Buckshot Facelift has to be the metal name ever.


    *sidenote* A buckshot-00 12 gauge shell has 9 double pellets in it. The pellet diameter is nearly the same size as a 9mm round. Essentially an entire 9mm clip. Freaking brutal. Total shoulder wrecker!

    • They are fun to shoot. Used to shoot boxes of those out at our old camp and my shoulder would be so sore the next day.

    • Count_Breznak
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  • dat Pet Sematary cover tho

    • W.

      I think I listened to it like 5 times in a row.

    • Señor Jefe El Rosa

      Haha, it’s longer than the other two songs

  • From their Bandcamp: “Buckshot Facelift. The splendors of earthly indulgence to the depths of human depravity. The wine, feces, women and cripples that make our days.
    The love, the violence, the regrets and the endless flaking dreams. The Grindcore of dying, vane American gods. We fight, we bleed, we work, we die. Here is our fucking music.”

    Hell yeah.

  • Waynecro

    Thanks for the heads-up on these ripping jams, Dubya!

  • PostBlackenedWhaleGaze

    I’d check this out based on the artwork alone. Will listen later when I get out of my Alcest cave.

    Also, if anyone cares, I just got back from the California Desert. I was there for that Desert Trip Fest AKA “OldChella,” with all those old timers playing together. Just reaffirmed my respect and love of Neil Young.