Flush It Friday: To the Top of the Charts


It’s the weekend baby. You know what that means. Time to drink exactly one beer and help Joe game the iTunes podcast charts so he can start hawking snake oil and brain pills.

FOLKS, you might not know this, but I do a weekly podcast. It’s called Toilet Radio and recording it is the highlight of my week, minus the countless hours I spend editing the fucking thing. Over the last year 365 Days of Horror and I have had some of our favorite artists join us to talk mad shit on the program and it’s allowed me a place to test my open mic material without risking a beatdown from a Phil Anselmo fan at a comedy club. We’re now 52 episodes deep and our show is only getting better. There’s just one problem: We’re not getting all of the love and devotion we’ve come to deserve for our efforts.

But you can help! And it’s really, really easy! All you gotta do is go rate and review Toilet ov Hell Radio on iTunes. That’s it. Your 15 seconds of gruntwork will help us climb the iTunes charts and crush this blog game. The more podcast juice we get, the more cool shit we can do with the site.

Ask not what your Toilet can do for you, ask what you can do for your Toilet. The answer here, of course, is to help us overcome Joe Rogan’s dumbass stranglehold on the podcast charts. Rate, review, and then brag about it below.

Need something to listen to this weekend? CHECK OUT A FEW OF MY FAVORITE EPISODES THAT YOU MAY HAVE MISSED. The floor is yours now. Have a great one, folks.

Toilet Radio suffers no fool with POWER TRIP

Toilet Radio gets Proggy with THE MANTLE

BONUS Toilet Radio: Talkin’ #Pizzagate with AXESLASHER

Toilet Radio: Talkin’ Slime with Matt from SLUGDGE

Toilet Radio talks SATAN with Nathan Gray of BoySetsFire

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  • Sid Vicious Promos

    Good: had an unexpected reunion with one of my best friends i hasn’t seen in years.

    Bad: the amount of emotion Im feeling right now.

    Ugly: i can’t even think of one.

  • ME GORAK™✓ᶜᵃᵛᵉᵐᵃⁿ


    BAD: ONLY HAVE EXACTLY 1 BEER!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 !!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Vault Dweller

    Good: It’s motha-fuckin’ Friday. The GF got swapped to in-state tuition rates for her graduate program, which should save us about $24k over the next two years. THANK GOD. After a very stressful last few months, some shit is breaking our way!

    Bad: An old college buddy of mine got hit by a car and died after a night of drinkin’ last weekend. Really sad. He used to be a little bit of a wild man as a teen, but in the last few years had really gotten his shit together and seemed to be doing really well. I hadn’t spoken to him in a couple of years, but found I still had a lot of memories from back in the day. Rip.

    Ugly: My terrible fuckin’ beard. The Celtics’ play the past week. Donnie Moscow’s entire Presidency.

    • Elegant Gazing Globe

      I think you meant to say thank satan

  • JWG79

    Joe Rogan? You mean that guy from News Radio who wasn’t one of the funny ones? He’s still doing things?


    • tigeraid

      I listen to his podcast. 🙁

      • I dig him. He’s into psychedelics.

        • tigeraid

          I dig him for other reasons, but that’s the beauty of his show. Literally any topic, he’s probably covered it extensively.

        • ME GORAK™✓ᶜᵃᵛᵉᵐᵃⁿ


    • Sid Vicious Promos

      Newsradio is still hilarious. Joe Rogan isnt.

    • Waynecro

      NEWS RADIO!!!

  • tigeraid

    Good: It’s finally fucking supposed to be warm on Sunday. And I have a new bike to try riding.
    Bad: It goddamn snowed last night, and I’ve just about had it.
    The Ugly: Trumplestilskin and the Middle East.

    • Howard Dean

      Yeah, I’m getting pumped for some good weather. Need some serious sun and warmth to start melting this godforsaken snow piles. Fuck.

    • Jacks Smirking Revenge

      Went to the gym yesterday around 2 and it was 60 degrees, had shorts and a t shirt on, left around 9pm for work. Fucking freezing. Wtf is this a desert or something.

  • Loafy D
  • Jacks Smirking Revenge

    Good: That fucking Virulent depravity is fucking amazing

    Bad: I have to stay at work an extra 6 hours after I get off for a stupid fucking meeting which means ill be at work from 10pm to 1pm the next day. fuck all that.

    Ugly: Went to the gym for the first time in a year or so yesterday. My everything hurts and to top it off I got a massive leg cramp in the middle of the night to add to the pain cocktail.

  • GL

    Good: Friday. Three day work week.
    The Good: Planted 250 two foot tall White Pines (no pictures, lo siento) this week. It went well, tired.
    The Other Good: Friday. COME ON PEOPLE.
    Teh Good, Kinda: I only got a little bit of poison ivy, which is some friggin miracle considering where I was planting.
    The bad: Luckily it was only a little bit of poiso….. OH MY GOD IT ALL FUCKING OVER ME. MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP.

    You all have a great weekend.


  • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

    Today I was rushed to the hospital with unbearable stomach pains and cramps. It turned out to be a case of severe bowel obstruction which was and still is causing this godawful pain.

  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    GOOD: Been a good week, gon’ be a good weekend. Impaled Nazarene.
    BAD: Dunno what it is with Fridays, always ruining an otherwise stellar week with their bullshit.
    UGLY: For the firs time in a while, I was really sick this week – of course in time for the busiest end-week in months. Fever, no sleep and endless rush take their toll. Let me tell you.

    • Dave Vincent’s Perm

      Impaled Nazarene >>>>>>>

  • Doom Scientist

    Finally, after a year plus worth of trailers, updates, and rave reviews from festival goers, the time of THE VOID is here. I’m sure many people here will be checking it out tonight. I would’ve gone to Coolidge Corner to see it, but our trains/buses stop at 1 AM.


    • sweetooth0

      waiting for my UK bluray to come next month. I hate that the only HD option for North America is a shitty digital version (unless you paid for the BD-R in the kickstarter).

  • CT-12

    Good: basically got a 4 day weekend, gonna get some bomb-ass breakfast tomorrow morning.

    Bad: I’m sick (hence 4 day weekend), and I’m looking to replace my current set of shitty cymbals. Looking around at all the YT demos of cymbals is frying my brain, just want a ride with a fair-sized bell that’ll get a nice ping, and some medium/heavy crashes and hi-hats. If any drummers out there have any suggestions, I’ll take ’em.

    Ugly: The look and sound of my chewed up crash cymbal.


    • Max

      I’m absolutely useless for cymbal suggestions. (Which is, of course, gonna make you wonder why I’m replying to you, but whatever.)

      My only suggestions for narrowing down your decision-making would be:

      1) Stick with reputable and ubiquitous brands.
      2) Stay in whatever price range you’ve budgeted.
      3) Don’t buy anything beyond what you envisioned in your kit. (eg: don’t buy a hybrid ride/crash if you’ve always had them as separate pieces.)
      4) Don’t buy anything too thin as you’ll probably crack it.
      5) If shopping at a bricks-and-mortar store, don’t buy anything that has to be ordered in; just settle for whatever’s in stock.
      6) If you are gonna heed others’ opinions about what’s good gear, get those opinions from people that you know in real life rather than YouTube or gear reviews.
      7) The more cymbals there are in a kit (beyond hat and ride), the less often each of them will get hit; so don’t bother with a whole armoury’s worth.

      8) Max’s aesthetic guidelines for cymbals in heavy metal:
      a) Hi-Hats should sound pretty trashy, whether played open or closed.
      b) Ride cymbals should sound bright and defined, not washy and deep.
      c) China cups should be large. Splash cymbals should be small. Small chinas and large splashes never sound quite right somehow.
      d) When ridden on, a crash cymbal should always form one continuous wash of sound (refer to Alex Van Halen on the chorus of “Best of Both Worlds” for an example of what I mean), rather than the separate notes being distinct.

      As an aside, I bought a Tama Superstar Hyperdrive this week because I wanted shallower toms. It didn’t come with cymbals though; so for the time being I’m just sticking with my old Paiste 302s that came with my old kit (cymbals which I don’t love but I don’t hate), and my Zildjian splash, K crash and Sabian china. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b8217afb6c8391b1141038db8dafeff4575b7d30c0288ffccbd4897a0dbfff00.jpg All as shown here:

      • CT-12

        Thanks for your advice, it’s appreciated. I’m wondering though, why do you suggest to not get something ordered in?

        • Max

          Well, my suggestions aren’t always right or applicable (even to me), but the reason why I said that is:

          In my experience, musical instrument shops exist for one purpose only: To sell you what they’ve got in stock, in the brands and lines that they carry, on the display floor, at the time you walk in the door. If you want to order off the menu in any way – different brand they don’t carry, obscure product they don’t usually sell even if they DO carry the brand, etc. – you can either expect to have the product after a prolonged wait, some bureaucratic confusion, and at a premium price; or you can expect to have to try elsewhere.

          That’s been my experience. For people who don’t like getting fucked around or waiting for their gear, you’re better off just adapting your buying habits to whatever they sell if you can stomach it.

          Let me give a recent personal example: The Tama Superstar Hyperdrive kit I showed above. It was a single-bass kit, but I play double-bass. If I had wanted an extra Superstar Hyperdrive bass drum in the same colour as the kit I bought, I was informed I would have to wait between 4 and 6 months for the Tama factory to build it and it would cost about as much for that one drum as what I paid for the entire 6-piece shell pack. (I could have bought a double-bass kit but shops rarely sell them since it’s not a popular configuration anymore).

          So instead, as you’ll notice from the photo, I’ve simply held onto the old, differently-coloured Superstar kick drums (which I bought second-hand, separately), and currently have a nice new Hyperdrive kick drum which is being mothballed, unplayed, while I decide whether I can be bothered shelling out and waiting for another to be ordered (they’d also have to be altered since they’re virgin kick drums whereas I use cymbal posts in mine – they’d have to be drilled and hardware parts added to them).

          You can do your own online ordering, of course – and often get a better price. But then you’re taking your own risks vis-a-vis shipping etc – plus, would you really want to order an expensive guitar (or any acoustic or electric instrument, really) without playing it first? Admittedly it’s different with ELECTRONIC instruments (like drum machines) because they’re always going to sound the same and have standard workmanship.

          That’s my take on it, anyway. Mileage may vary.

          • CT-12

            I appreciate your insight man, lot to chew on there. I have some cymbals I’ve narrowed it down to, but I’m still waiting to pull the trigger until I go around to a few stores and see if they’ve got what I want in stock, and I can actually try it out while I’m there. I figure I might even find something I like about the same or better even if it isn’t the same cymbal I’m looking for. Thanks again man.

  • SavageMessiah

    Good: I got my toilet shirt, and I put it on my gross body, and I am now friends with Joe, by his own declaration.

    Bad: Work has been moronic.

    Ugly: SSRI withdrawal is fucking baffling. My brain is an idiot.

    • Brain zaps?

      • SavageMessiah

        Yeah, based on eye movement/blinking. It’s so weird.

  • Butts4Gutts

    Going to negative rate the shit out of this.

    • Howard Dean

      [insert lame meme about negative interest rates]

  • JWG79

    But seriously:

    – I’m putting The Void up in “Good” because I can’t imagine it won’t be. Just waiting on my email reminder to check the VHX site for The Void. Last I looked it was still just the teasers, but we’ll see. I might be able to bang out a review over the weekend, but I’m kind of swamped with other work so there’s also a bit of a question mark there.


    – Having other work, when I’d rather just watch movies all weekend instead.


    (NSFW preview still from the film)

    • Howard Dean

      – Checked NSFW preview hoping for some T&A

      – bloodyzombiesnarl.jpg

      – I am disappoint

      • Freedom Jew

        Needs moar nekkid zombies.

        • Howard Dean

          Hell yes! Just cause you the undead don’t mean you can’t send nudez!

        • JWG79

          Films can’t all just be Return of the Living Dead copycats.

          Wouldn’t be a universally terrible thing, TBH.

    • sweetooth0

      annoying that there’s no North American blu-ray release other than the BD-R they offered in the kickstarted. But There is a UK one, and now that I have a region free player I did a blind pre-order. Astron-6 (and related) movies have yet to let me down!

  • Old Man Doom

    The podcast with the The Astonishing playthrough is fucking great. Gonna catch up on the rest this weekend for sure.

    Good: Showed my class the opening monologue from No Country for Old Men as part of a lecture yesterday and they loved it. Getting closer to releasing an EP for my own personal surf project.
    Bad: Not too much, my duuuuuuudes
    Ugly: Glenn Fricker and how his channel is inspiring a whole new generation of audio engineers who think “cunt” is an appropriate word to call a client.

    Get spooked on.

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    G: March and April are jam packed with birthday parties for my son’s friends every weekend. Last weekend we had two in one day. This weekend, no birthday parties!
    B: The pug-patties scattered all over my yard that I never picked up from the snow this winter. Gotta rake em up and dispose of them tomorrow(in the neighbors yard).
    U: Social media this morning, good grief what a raging dumpster fire.

    • GL

      What was the media of social networking whining about this morning?

      • Elegant Gazing Globe

        lefties and righties

  • Freedom Jew

    Good: Mrs. Freedom Jew’s recovery is coming along nicely. Also, Passover starts Monday night, which is pretty cool.

    Bad: Passover starts Monday night. Matzoh at every meal makes for the worst explosive constipation ever.

    Ugly I have to spend this weekend cleaning for Passover.

    • GL

      Explosive constipation?

      • Freedom Jew

        We dont eat bread or rice or anything during Passover. All we have for bread type products is matzoh, which is like a big saltine cracker without any of the tastiness of saltines.

        All of that matzoh tends to work together to create a large internal cork. When you finally manage to push it out, it’s ghastly.

        • Freedom Jew

          I’ll post videos next Friday. Deal?

          • GL

            OH MY

          • Elegant Gazing Globe


        • ME GORAK™✓ᶜᵃᵛᵉᵐᵃⁿ

          & IZ TASTYY!!!


          • Freedom Jew

            I cant get a good draw on that.

        • Pentagram Sam

          Eat a can of spinach man. It’s amazing

        • Lord of Bork

          I was going to stupidly say “I like Matzoh though,” then realized that I’ve never had it be my only starch for an entire week

  • JWG79

    Oh. I forgot the metal category.

    Here: https://nosis.bandcamp.com/track/womb

    Pretty sure this isn’t a new tune, though might be a new version (or it was already on the Doomed & Stoned ‘In Canada’ compilation a few years ago).

    It still has a vague hint of the obnoxious frat-boy douchenozzle lyrics that ruined their 2012 LP for me. It was musically solid-if-unspectacular, but still can’t imagine it would speak to anyone but BDubs Bros (do they have BWW in Calgary though?) lyrically.

    In this tune it’s much less on the nose, though, to the point where it kind of works. Plus sonically they’ve clearly upped their retro-doom game even more.

    So I’ll give it a tentative Thumbs Up.

  • I seent that movie Get Out…holy crap was it good!! Joe, the podcast is a highlight of my week. Rill excited to hear Richard T. Fonts or whomever it was from Stuck Mojo.

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    Do I have to sign up for/download iTunes to rate?

    • I think so. iTunes sucks. I wish we could use Spotify but they are hella exclusive about podcasts 🙁

      • Elegant Gazing Globe


  • Support the Flush!

    Support merol!


    • Óðinn

      Support Høst so that he afford pants that support his junk.

    • GoatForest

      Can I do the review if I don’t have an itunes account?

  • JWG79

    Other (not sure if Good yet):
    – our School is launching a professional certification in Health Information Terminology & Standards and I’ve been recruited to provide Technical Support, beyond my current position (so more hours, more pay)
    – This in turn means I need to get training in the use of the FHIR HL7 platform
    – So I’m being sent to Hamilton (Ontario) at the end of the month, all expenses reimbursed, for a training session at a FHIR workshop and conference at Mohawk College
    – Apart from going for work, I’ll have time to kill so I’m currently looking up (a) the local metal scene (b) the location of all the used bookstores and (c) record stores

    It’s probably a long shot to ask, but if any of you have been there (or know someone there) I’d appreciate the input about possible itinerary additions I can’t pass up.

    • *HL7-related high five*

  • Waynecro

    Good: My dog’s face when he eats a treat he really likes.
    Bad: When an angry wasp gets into the garage and starts flying around your face when you’re doing heavy squats and can’t defend yourself properly because you have hundreds of pounds on your back.
    Ugly: Bugs with a bad attitude.

  • The Mighty Thorange

    Good: Got a friends engagement/birthday party tomorrow and I haven’t seen some of these folks in about 2 years because I have been living in another city so it will good to go back home for a few days and catch up with some old friends.
    Bad: All my deadlines for university are less than a month away. After this weekend I will be doing work constantly but I am a lazy, unmotivated bastard at the best of times.
    Ugly: Dissertation.

  • Lord of Bork

    Good: Can now use headphones at work, so I’ve been working through the Immortal discography while doing case reviews
    Bad: The usual, generalized existential dread

    Ugly: Participated in a hot wing eating contest with some co-workers last night and I’ve now been pooping lava for 12 hours straight. The men’s room in my department is now a Toilet ov Hell!

    • RJA

      Immortal discography >>>>>>

      • Lord of Bork

        Going through it for the first time in years (other than the few albums I spin regularly) and it’s a lot better than I remember it being. Don’t know why I didn’t enjoy Battles in the North that much last time I heard it.

  • RJA

    Got a shipment from New Glarus – bout to drink one of these bad boys https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/734fb57c8d19350b8b13b71a65c2774cbae56b7863a0b0026953dea204c26b39.jpg

  • sweetooth0

    So do I have to have iTunes installed to rate it? I am not seeing an option to do that at that link.

    GOOD: Got some cool tapes from Pierre (Braindead Zine, Blue Holocaust, Vomi Noir) to jam, and the UK version of the House boxset from Arrow video (don’t waste your time with the N American 2 pack, the full 4 movie set with hardcover book is cheaper and all movies are region free despite what they say). I’m making fajitas and homemade guacamole and plan on enjoying some cervezas tonight.

    BAD: My mom got diagnosed with Hemolytic Anemia. Basically her immune system is producing antibodies that are attacking her red blood cells, and that shouldn’t be happening. They have her on some nasty steroid to suppress her immune system and boost growth of new cells. Depending on how it goes, she may end up either on some slightly less harsh drugs probably for the rest of her days, or if it goes bad they have to remove her spleen. Obviously we are hoping spleen removal is not required.

    UGLY: The thai food we enjoyed last night was quite tasty and more authentic than the usual. The thai shit I took this morning was equally authentic.

  • The Tetrachord of Archytas

    Parking Tickets and working on my day off is my Friday

  • Max

    I shall do this!

  • J.R.™

    Standout episodes for me where the Spirit Adrift episode and all the Jose Mangin bashing. The highlight of my week for sure. Every Monday. Get all the fun out of the way first. It sucks. wait.

    The bad: My computer is extremely stupid and wont download windows update. it tries and tries but I have cumulative updates stretching back forever. It annoys me extremely

    The Good: This sunset is pretty killer. My brother is noodling some groovy licks, and I’m about to down a gallon of Arnold Palmer and Tortellini. It’s the weeeeekeeeeend

    The Meh: Not very often you can have civil discussions with anarchists on the internet about politics. Just a thing that happened with me at work today. Not really good or bad but it was a thing I think both of us were surprised about.

    Love you guys

    • EsusMoose

      I remember having an issue with updates on windows, upgrading to windows 10 fixed it so probably an error in your OS.

  • Joaquin Stick

    Way late to the party today so two quick things: Bereft, Aseethe, and Empty Vessels kicked so much ass last night. Had a blast talking to everyone, they are very good dudes (and lady) that deserve your money. Also I’m very grateful that iTunes didn’t make me use my Apple ID to rate the podcast. Fuck my ID was cringe worthy.

    • Elegant Gazing Globe

      Cant be worse than wes danger

  • Doom Scientist
    • Doom Scientist

      Good movie. I’d love to see what they could do if they had a real budget.

  • Hans Copronym

    Good: TovH shirt arrived and Wormrot shirt is on the way.
    Bad: Spent a night in the stairwell of my building due to lack of keys and people to call. Luckily I was drunk and my keys have since been returned to me.