Flush It Friday: Happy Throaatsripping Edition



As this is my third post of the day, imma keep this short. Trust me, it’s better for everyone this way. Sometime last week we got an unassuming letter in the ol’ inbox detailing that there was a new Throaat album due out on the 24th, which just happens to be Black Friday. Now as I’m very Australian, I had (and still have) no fucken idea what this Black Friday actually represents. As I mentioned to Dubs when I asked him about its origins this morning, my original assumption was that it was some ghastly historical reference to a massacre of a group of indigenous people(s) at the hands of colonialists, which contemporary society solemnly commemorates by offering discounts on various consumer items as only the most devout orthodox capitalists know how. Turns out I was quite wrong and [insert whatever reason you were told as to why the festivity is held but have promptly forgotten here]. Amazing! Anyway, is there any better way to celebrate/commiserate this occasion than by banging out to some killer black thrash? I think not.

There’s just one problem. It seems the album is only available for a physical release at the time of this going to press. Fuck. The Brooklyn band’s first full-length is being released through German label Dying Victims, who are offering a couple of vinyl packages (w/ download codes), with a CD release scheduled soon but no mention of a digital release. Checked their Bandcamp page, but to no avail (they do have a stream of Condor‘s mad debut though). Guess you’ll just have to live with an embed of their previous killer EP Black Speed, and my hastily cobbled thoughts of the new album.

Basically, Reflections In Darkness is pretty surprising in terms of what you’d expect from a band with a fairly established black thrash sound. Sure, the band’s primary style still hearkens back to the time when Slayer slayed with no mercy, and Bathory bathed under the black mark, but in addition to the cut-and-dried 80’s approach is an intoxicating waft of the occult, an element of their sound that was previously restricted to a mere sniff here and there. And it works so damn well. All the obligatory black thrash filth and frivolity is still prevalent, however the band embracing some Mystifier-esque theatrics and spun-out spookiness ties in perfectly with their aesthetic. There’s even a two-part track called ‘Tormentia’ that begins with riffs redolent of The Chasm‘s Daniel Corchado. Unexpected, but awesome.
In short, Throaat rip more now than ever before.


Time for you to flush this week away, what’s good flushers?

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  • Lacertilian
  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    I went black friday shopping today and spent way more that i had planned

  • Good Mourning/Black Friday, motherfuckers.


    Me and the 10-year-old went used LP shopping this morning (well, that was mostly me). Then we went to Barnes and Noble to get him some books. And then we went to Guitar Center. He jammed on a Fender Precision bass through an Ampeg while I spent 1/2 an hour playing an EMG-equipped Schecter (best thing I could find on the lower racks without asking for assistance) through a 90s Marshall JCM900 4100. I’d heard 900s were garbo, but fuck that, this one sounded fucking great. Really good cleans, tight distortion. My gradual saving up for a Marshall result in a JCM900 now since you can get them for really cheap.

  • Spear

    Was going to go see Suffering Hour tonight, but I’m currently living out an old Toilet Tuesday intro. Death can’t come quickly enough.

    On the bright side there’s a lot of new stuff out today, including the aforementioned Throaat. Pile of Priests is my jam for the moment. http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=138196

    • more beer

      I have seen Pie of Priests a bunch of times and enjoyed them every time.

  • Nukenado

    Isn’t Black Friday just a marketing ploy?

    • more beer

      It is like the super bowl of shopping, but one must bring some serious skill sets with them besides their bargain hunting skills, things like hand to hand combat, ducking bullets, and absolute rudeness. It is capitalism in it’s most disgusting form.

      • Óðinn

        Yeah, it’s pretty disgusting how crazy people get about shopping on Black Friday.

        • more beer

          It’s the worst humanity has to offer. The only stores I went to yesterday, were the auto parts store and 7/11. Neither one of them has some crazy Black Friday sales, so at least the customers were acting civilized.

          • GoatForest

            Yep. I only went out to buy a burger from a gas station. (Redneck!)

  • Hans

    I just started playing Risen 2 and like it so far, if only because of how much it reminds me of Gothic 2.

    That’s all I think. Have a good weekend y’all!

  • GrungierNine0

    I got let off work early, and all the shopping I did was pick up Abnett and Edington’s “Forge of War” from Amazon.

    Still waiting for Zweihänder to get here. I paid muchos dosh for it and I hate waiting.

    And the GW store in Salt Lake is doing a Tanksgiving event tomorrow, which is cool I guess. Gonna bust out the Nurglites.

  • JWG

    Bad: I underestimated expenses and am back to a position where as of today I can’t spend anything until December 15. Unlike when I faced something like it in October or November, though, my existing expenses count against the “can’t spend anything” statement. So I’ve got to come up with an alternate source for the few debits that occur before the mid-month Payday (Anyone want to buy any superfluous organs? I think I still have a few to spare).

    I’m not going to be able to be a TovH Patron this coming month. Yes I’m that close to zero that $5 USD might make the difference. I’ll be back in January though.

    No Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales for me.

    But at least I have tunes.

    (YouTube’s auto-correct wants to know if I mean “Barrowlands Tinder”, which sounds like a dating app for LARP Nerds)


    • GoatForest

      Have you tried selling plasma or marrow?

  • Count_Breznak
  • Did a little black Friday shopping today, and the crowds weren’t terrible! I guess everyone went online.

    Good: bought a larger hard drive for ye ole PS4 (nerd!!!), saw the lady for a few hours. Finally got over a cold that I took with me from Portugal.