Flush It Friday: Buy Music for Justice


As many of you know, today, Bandcamp, our favorite digital music marketplace, is donating all profits to the Transgender Law Center. Many toileteers have been saving up their pennies to support a worthy cause, and we’d like to join Bandcamp in promoting equality for all. In this, our Friday for Flushing, we’re indulging our consumer whoredom for the greater good. Get in here and tell us what you’re buying.

Bandcamp’s explanation as to why they’re donating their profits, and why they as a company feel it is right to do so, is well worth your time to read.

Bandcamp is a platform for artistic expression, and all manner of variance in experience and identity, including gender and sexuality, is welcome here. We support our LGBT+ users and staff, and we stand against any person or group that would see them further marginalized. This includes the current U.S. administration, and its recent capricious declaration that transgender troops will no longer be able to serve in the military. That this announcement was motivated in part to help fund the border wall exposes it as part of the administration’s cynical, discriminatory agenda.

In response, we will be donating 100% of our share of every sale today, August 4th (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time) to the Transgender Law Center, a nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to change law, policy, and culture for the more equitable. TLC does critical policy advocacy and litigation on multiple fronts, fights for healthcare for trans veterans, defends incarcerated trans people from abuse in prisons and detention centers, supports trans immigrants, and helps trans youth tell their stories and build communities.

When an Executive Order was issued earlier this year barring immigrants and refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering the United States, we held a wildly successful fundraiser for the ACLU. We hope you’ll join us in now doing the same in support of trans rights. To participate as a fan, simply purchase music through Bandcamp today and we’ll donate our share of the sale to TLC. To participate as an artist or label, send some or all of your share of today’s sales directly to TLC here, and let us know your plan in the comments below so that we can help spread the word. Since our announcement, over 200 bands and labels have joined us in donating their share of proceeds to TLC. You can see that list here.

—Bandcamp Staff

Digging a little deeper into the list of bands and labels also offering their own cut to the TLC, you’ll see several familiar names and friends of the Toilet.

There’s no Weekly Wipe today. Instead, share what you’re buying in the comments. As for me, I’m sending a birthday gift to our sweet pal Smohlg and helping fight the good fight with a little Author & Punisher.

Happy Friday, y’all!

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  • Joaquin Stick

    Just purchased Woe (discounted for today!), Sinmara, CHRMR, and Elder’s newest, which is probably my most-played album of the year and just kept forgetting to actually buy it.

    • NDG

      I’m really digging the latest Elder. I ignored it when it was released but picked it up a few weeks ago.

      Can’t. Stop. Listening.

  • Howard Dean

    The comment section seems to be a little dead this week (we’re in prime vacation/holiday season, so that makes sense I guess). Gonna lead off with a Good, Bad, and Ugly (though no Bad and Ugly because I’m an optimist and all-around nice guy).

    Good: Funny doggo-related conversations from people who are really clueless:


    • Dubby Fresh

      I haven’t been commenting as much because my new job has been pretty high demand so far, but I’m still here. Still watching.

      • Howard Dean

        I had the same thing a few weeks ago. Had a week of vacation and then a week of absolute insanity at work. The comment flow ebbs. This week just seemed even quieter than normal–like <10 comments on many of the posts. I chalked it up to people embracing that sweet paid time off.

        • Joaquin Stick

          For me it was moving all my shit 950 miles + planning a wedding + finding a new job + finding a new apartment = no time for lolbuttz recently.

        • i was wondering about the slowdown in comments too. when the blog was new, we all came in and posted funny stuff left and right. i guess over time, we’ve all gotten to know each other better (many folks seem to have moved the party to FB) and the chatter is minimal but relevant!

          • Dubby Fresh

            Remember that the Toilet also happened three years ago. Many of us were in different life stages then and had more free time.

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            This. I have free time but not much.

          • Howard Dean

            Yeah, I definitely get that.

            I sometimes read random articles from three years ago that pop up on the sidebar, like this one– http://www.toiletovhell.com/washington-think-tank-with-w-what-is-the-next-ideological-frontier/
            –and really enjoy reading through the comments. There were so many of them, and the discussion was really good. A mix of random chatter but lots of on topic discussion, too. Good stuff.

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            Sadly a lot of my best comments are gone.

          • No, I don’t think that’s it at all. It’s cause we haven’t heard any new material from The Electric Friends in like FOREVER

          • Howard Dean

            Facebook = lame.
            People = shit.
            Mom & Dad = dickwads
            High school = hell

            But for real, definitely bummed the party moved to the ‘book.

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            Join us! I’m on there!

          • KJM, Anla’Shok

            You should post on Twitter more. The party been rocking it there.

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            They put the Last Battle of Atlanta on the Network finally.

          • Max

            In my case, I actually ran out of things to say. I really did. I apparently only have so many talking points and I didn’t want to bore people. But I’ll NEVER leave!

  • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

    Figured it would be a good time to actually get active on bandcamp (yes, I didn’t have a profile until today, I’m that much of a poser). So the first purchase I made on bandcamp today is the unfuckwithable Winds of Leng album!

    • Señor Jefe El Rossover

      Consider yourself followed!

  • Paganizer, Myrone, and Kalax.
    ^ metal, ^ 80sbuttz, ^ synthwave

    • Howard Dean

      Longbuttz and synthwave: Jimmy knows the way to a girl’s heart.



      • bazoinks!

        • Sir Ukkometso The Based

          I think you mean “bazinga”, JimJim.

          • ^^ world’s #1 big bang theory fan

          • Sir Ukkometso The Based

            I’ve seen a few episodes and they made me question many things. One was why I choose to live in this world.

          • BobLoblaw

            Only thing worthwhile involving that cold turd.

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            Jimmy plz! BBT is abysmal!

          • KJM, Anla’Shok

            You said it my brother, Such a crap show.

      • i’d like to get intimate with her… if you catch my drift

        • Howard Dean

          I wouldn’t mind engaging in a consensual physical mating act with this prime specimen of the female sex, if you know what I’m saying. [exaggerated wink]

          • KJM, Anla’Shok

            Nudge nudge wink wink say no more!!!

  • The Mighty Thorange

    GOOD: Was at a friends engagement party at the weekend. Had a lot fun catching up with old friends and got very drunk. Got the Sword of Answering for my character in my last D&D session.
    BAD: Broke so I cannot afford to get anything on Bandcamp today. Getting annoyed about still being unemployed.
    UGLY: The fact that there are ignorant and hate filled shitwaffles out there who can’t accept that everyone deserves equal rights.

  • Hans


    Apparently the previous owners of that record player I bought last week thought a turntable should turn but not be able to move otherwise because what is shock absorption, so they applied a screw to hobble the poor thing. Made me think of the Monty Python sketch with the parrot. The turntable was actually tilted to one side because of this. Should have seen that when I first looked at it at their place.

    In danger of going down the rabbit hole that is vinyl accessories. Thinking of experimenting with a record clamp, as if it’s gonna make a difference if the setup is shit in the first place.

    • oh yeah, forgot about Scalpel. thx bby!

    • KJM, Anla’Shok

      This is an ex-parrot!!

  • Retchin’ Rites ov Karhu

    GOOD: Heading for Porispere tomorrow. Bought the latest Sinmara, Thcornobog, Fight Liar With Fire and half of Cormorant’s discography.

    BAD: Headphone jack on my phone broke, need to dig up my old MP3.

  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    Good: seeing Blaze Bayley next Friday

    Bad: can’t see the concert I was going to see tonight due to work.

    Ugly: having to see the Goo Goo Dolls on the 19th.

    • Depechemodeisgangsta

      I saw Dolls last year and they were actually better than i expected.
      Just go with low expectations that way, you can never be disappointed.

      • Janitor Jim Duggan

        The only reason I’m going is because my friend knows their manager.

    • KJM, Anla’Shok

      Blaze “screaming badger” Bayley!!!!!

      • Janitor Jim Duggan

        I’m excited for it.

  • Depechemodeisgangsta

    Busy at work past couple of days, looking forward to next week since i get to see GNR, i love Appetite for Destruction, and from what i have heard reviews of shows are solid to good.

  • CT-12

    Gotta run a bunch of errands today, but I’m gonna try to remember to buy some stuff today. Also, new Serpents Lair song released. It’s a slow burn but it’s good. https://serpentslair.bandcamp.com/track/perpetual-hunger

  • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs

    Good: Saw EyeHateGod last Wednesday. Show was awesome and my ears are still ringing

    Sad: Mike IX Williams. When he was signing my CDs, he said “these are gonna be worth a lot on eBay soon, because I don’t think I’ll live much longer”. That made me very sad

    Bad: I think I injured my hand in the past couple of days because it hurts like a motherfucker today. I tried to play some guitar this morning and just couldn’t because it hurt so much

    Hilarious: The leaked transcripts of the conversations Trump had with Enrique Pena Nieto and Malcolm Turnbull. You can’t make this shit up, folks

  • tigeraid

    Bandcamp did a good.

    Good: 3-Day Weekend!

    The Bad: how I feel after having a scope shoved down my throat. On the plus side they might have finally figured out my fucked up throat problem.

    The Ugly: some bandcamp bands’ response to this good cause. :/

    • RJA

      I didn’t see any reactions- any worth noting?

      • tigeraid

        If you’re on the toilet facebook club page, there’s a thread. I honestly don’t even remember the shitty band’s name but they basically said “DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM US ON FRIDAY BECAUSE Bla bla bla”

        • RJA

          Not on Facebook and was just curious – you’d have to feel pretty strongly to say don’t buy stuff!

  • JWG

    I’m annoyed at myself because I maxed both my credit cards at the end of July and won’t get paid until the 15th.

    On the plus side it will include 8 weeks of back pay for a second project I did this Summer. So I’ll get WAY away from that risk again. But it means I can’t make a big dent in my wishlist AND do it for a good cause.

    I will donate to a Canadian equivalent directly mid-month to make up for it though.

  • frozengoatsheadupanunsarse

    I got the discography of stoner metallers Aleph Null, newies from Harassor and Dargar (Rising Beast black metal) and Griseus, the lone full length from one man Aussie atmospheric black metal act Aquilus. Was particularly pleased by that because I heard it some years back, forgot the name immediately although I liked it a lot and have been trying to remember ever since.

    In other good times I had a pretty good job appraisal the other day (hopefully going to get some new IT skills and then get on some cool personal projects in a few months time when things are a little more stable). Going to the theatre to see Titus Andronicus tomorrow. Bloodstock is less than a week away and I am pretty darned excited. Been listening to Testament and Annihilator a lot. I always think of myself as not a huge thrash guy, but actually I think I’m just a bit burned out on the big four, because it seems most times I give proper time to bands outside of them I have a really good time. Still don’t think I like party thrash much though. Also, having had a proper look in to the line up of this year’s Frightfest (August Bank Holiday film festival), it seems pretty solid, so I got that to look forward to.

    • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

      Griseus is a great album. I own that one on cd already.

  • KJM, Anla’Shok


    • frozengoatsheadupanunsarse

      Go STC!

  • Kyle Reese

    Sign Kap – Miami. Baltimore…JETS COWBOYS