Exclusive Track Premiere: Setentia’s “The Enemy Within”


Setentia are the new champions of New Zealand dissonant death, and today they’re bringing the fight to you. I have the distinct privilege of premiering a new track off of their upcoming king-slayer Darkness Transcend. “The Enemy Within” rules all the butts. Prepare to be doomed.

One of the things I praised most about Setentia in their showdown against the reigning champs Ulcerate is their ability to make a style that lends itself too often to monotony both captivating and surprising. Their uncanny knack for variation and synthesis is on full display on “The Enemy Within.” Although the track opens with an unassailable cascade of percussion and dissonant interval loops, the track soon gives way to surprisingly melodic guitar licks and punishing death metal riffs that slither and coil back upon each other in recursive fashion until the band blows out the entire bottom about halfway through the track. From about 4:30 on, the band drops the blasts and instead juxtaposes a pummeling neanderthal drumbeat against an arpeggiated lead line that wouldn’t be out of place in a Krallice song.

It’s this delicate balance of styles and penchant for weaving seemingly disconnected parts into a cohesive whole that makes this young band so exciting. Atmosphere, passion, riffs, and blasts: “The Enemy Within” has it all. Check it out below.

Be sure to peep the two previously released tracks below as well.

You can pre-order Setentia’s Darkness Transcend now via Blood Music. That album will be out November 11th. Be sure to go tell the boys how stoked you are on Facebook.

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  • Guacamole Jim

    It’s super weird to me that they put the album up for sale, took it down, and are now premiering tracks to hype it up. Regardless, it’s a stellar album, and I’m going to keep listening to my (lucky) purchase.

    • Pentagram Sam

      Maybe it has to do with the record label. Not downing on Blood Music, they did get me the new Perturbator and I do respect it’s a one man operation.

      That said, I really think that in this day and age, a record label is only necessary if you suck at self management or don’t wanna manager. Maybe if you can get a good deal on merch costs before touring.

      Shiiiit, curious to see what happens after all the old school “legacy” acts really do wind it all up. I really truly think the only reason new (ish)bands still try for a label deal is because there is one last gasping group of folks that DID sign deals in the eighties and that’s all they’ve known.

      • RustyShackleford

        Well yeah I think sometimes, and this is the case with a friend of mine, a label provides you with a little bit of funding. Emphasis on the LITTLE, but still lol.

        • Pentagram Sam

          Yea man, to this opinionated asswhole (me), a label should do three main things. 1. Fund your fucking album recording.
          Now it’s like “come to us with a completed album, maybe we’ll master it prob not” 2. Fund and plan your fucking tour. The label rents your van, they route the tour, they pay for repairs, they provide merch to sell, they provide a per diem in the expense plan 3. PROMOTE YOUR ALBUM. In magazines, on blogs, on subway walls. Now it’s a shitty CGI music video, a shitty lyric video, and posts on social media.

          And then after all this, when things might maybe work out and you sell lot’s o shit, well, how many fingers does the label have in your pockets. How much do they take for merch? Why the fuck is this band paying you this much money for what you’re doing?

          I’d rather have a good ass manager, with good ass tour connects. He or she handles the business and routing and scheduling, the band handles expenses of recording with jobs.

          PS: You want a quick 700+? Take a band of five, go to a plasma center and everyone donate using each other as referrals. You gotta go back three more times, but when you do everyone gets that referral bonus. You throw all that shit in a band fund and you got $700+ over two weeks (two donations a week)

      • Howard Dean

        Blood Music is a notorious comptroller of a label. Weren’t they the webstore that required people to pay a membership fee just to be able to shop in the store?

        Sidenote: Blood Music’s recent “Complete Box Set” of Emperor LP’s was praised by some for the concept, but they faced heavy criticism because they took preorders (at $1000 a pop!) on the box set in mid-2015 and still haven’t delivered the product (I don’t think buyer’s are going to get it until sometime in 2017). And he only allowed preorders in cash or bank transfer–no Paypal or credit card (so no leverage for the buyer). Talk about cash flow management! Fund the manufacturing of the product + make your profit/reinvest the proceeds nearly two years before you deliver the promised product, and do it all with someone else’s money! I think a F500 company needs to scoop up the Blood Music dude! He clearly understands the time value of money, and uses it quite effectively to take advantage of fans who don’t.

        • RJA

          They were the “membership fee” label – total bullshit, I will not be a part of it. Dark Descent and I’m sure some others will get the blood music releases sometimes though – bought the 2 nightbringer vinyls from DD.

        • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

          Those still haven’t come out? Holy shit! Candlelight’s reissuing them anyway.

          • Howard Dean

            Nope, not yet! And I don’t think there is a definitive shipping date, either. Fucking crazy!

            And yeah, I saw that Candlelight was doing the reissues. I know some of the people shelling out for the box set were doing so because they really wanted the Wrath of the Tyrant, Emperor EP, splits, or the first album or two on vinyl, and didn’t really give a shit about the rest of the set. I can only imagine how pissed off those dudes were when they found out Candlelight is doing reissues (because I know the Blood Music guy was adamant individual records wouldn’t get repressed and sold, and that they would only be available from the box set).

            And to add insult to injury, the Candlelight LPs will probably ship before the fucking box set at this point. Hahahaha, fuck!

          • Blood Music

            I know this will not change your opinion of the label, but I just want to correct quite a few points, as you’re sharing misinformation.

            1) There was never a mandatory membership fee to order. The label was originally started as a registered non-profit, and the membership is something that is required of non-profits, thus there were benefits to having membership (part of the requirements), which included day-early pre-orders. When the label had to ultimately shift from a non-profit due to the release of the Strapping Young Lad box, a lot of people still demanded to keep the membership active. It is extremely costly to run a label with a lot of vinyl pressings and other matters going on, so I kept it intact until the label was financially stable as of this year and disbanded it. There were very few items that were ever ‘member exclusives’ under this pre-order, but the ones that were were only vinyl color variations and not entire pressings. Nevertheless, when the membership was disbanded, a lot of long-time members were very upset, so it seems that a lot of members liked the system. I didn’t want to run it anymore, as it was more work than it was worth – the money it brought in didn’t cover the time needed to dedicate to running it.

            2) The Emperor box was not put for pre-order in mid-2015. It was put for pre-order at the very end of 2015 and slated for a mid-2016 release date, to which I said there would be possible production delays (very normal on vinyl these days, not least of which one of the “most complex productions the plant has ever worked on” (their words not mine)). All production delays are the plant’s fault, but the boxes are now fully manufactured, and final samples are on their way to me to inspect. So, the delay is only about 3-4 months in total, which is actually quite normal with such a set.

            3) The decision to not use PayPal was not a question of buyer’s rights, it was geared towards the fact that PayPal is not well-set up to deal with such a large scale one-off endeavor. The reason I know is from doing the Strapping Young Lad and Moonsorrow boxes beforehand and having to go through this with them. They not only held onto nearly all the money from pre-orders until every single box was delivered, they even held onto afterwards, so I had to shell out the entire productions on my own and then fight to get paid afterwards because they are paranoid of internet fraud. That put the label on the brink of bankruptcy twice.

            4) I worked on the Emperor box for nearly 3 years before putting it for sale, that means tons and tons of work and also monetary investment to get it to the point of pre-order. I wasn’t banking on pre-orders to finance the project, I was already huge digits deep into its investment for a long time before putting it for sale. By the time I put it for sale, everything was finished and submitted to production and the plant has taken this long. It is true that the pre-orders have helped offset costs from the plant while it is producing, but as stated multiple times, the production ballooned so much that I will come very close to break even when the entire thing is sold out, so I am certainly not living off any profits from the box. The label is operating on sales from other project, and the box was only possible in its entirety because of the success of other projects on the label.

            5) The Candlelight LPs won’t be out before the box, and they are very different in style to the box. I understand that one style is for one person and one is for another. It was not my choice to not release the albums individually however, I do not own the rights, Candlelight does.

            Negative assessments of the label are totally fine, but I think that they should be stated with true facts instead of stretched facts. All of this information has been stated publicly, so no new information here, just piecing it together as I understand some of it might have been missed.

          • Howard Dean

            My apologies, I was misinformed! I was going off of what I had seen and heard from people across different channels of the internet over the last few years. But getting the narrative behind it gives it some context. It all makes more sense.

            Question: Do you normally peruse this blog, or did someone tell you about this discussion? Because that was some seriously quick feedback to the conversation. I wish some distros responded to email correspondence that quickly!

          • Blood Music

            Thanks for understanding, I can understand how information gets bent as it goes from source to source. I read this blog from time to time as well as many other blogs (I’m just a music fan like everyone else here, so I keep pretty active on what’s coming out through forums and blogs). But I saw the discussion because I was aware of the Setentia track premiere (of course).

            Again, I don’t really mind negative discussion of the label, that isn’t the issue, I just like to correct when some information has been twisted that’s posted. I know it’s a lot of information to go through to follow the label religiously, and some info I’ve only ever mentioned in some single interview or a single FB post. It gets hard to keep up, and it’s hard to please everyone, so there’s always going to be some people saying the label sucks for this or that reason – can be valid too, just personal reasons for many.

          • How did you randomly appear here? Do you have some sort of radar detector that dings when some internet metal nerd is talkin’ shit about your label?

          • We premiered a song from a band on his label. Y’know. On the post above.

          • Just interesting that he appeared right after HD wrote his comment.

          • RJA

            I honestly appreciate the explanation – I’m sure some of these box sets are quite the task.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Hahaha. BYAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

        • Pentagram Sam

          I didn’t have to pay a fee to preorder the Perturbator, but it did take about three months after release date to get here. It didn’t ship til 6 weeks after release

        • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

          A) BM is one man, and he has shed a lot of light on how impossible it has become to run BM (which is why radical changes are afoot).
          B) Yes, the Emperor box set pre-orders came up way before they should have, but everyone was also informed that it would take an extremely long time to deliver.
          But a box set of that magnitude has never been delivered before, by anyone I’d say. There was no telling how long it would actually take to get things off the ground.
          EDIT: Nevermind, see below.

      • Blood Music

        The reason is that the album was released and after a week or so had only sold 20 copies, which means not many people had heard it. I stumbled upon it and thought it was amazing and offered to help them reach a wider audience.

        I think the assessments of what a label is capable of are not very realistic. A label can hook bands up with worldwide retail distribution, connect them with people who may never have heard the music since the label is active on other projects as well, hook them up with booking agents, as well as larger budgets and all kinds of other opportunities.

        Taking Perturbator for example, his sales have gone up more than 10x due to the label (and yes, his income dramatically too). He’s hit all the major physical formats on all his releases, had a lot of physical merch produced as well, and begun touring the world.

        We’ve already sold more than 20 copies of the Setentia album in pre-order, so it should do a bit better than it did for the band on their own and help them grow into a larger unit with larger budgets. The record industry is a lot more complex than a couple negative posts on the internet will have you believe. Each band needs to be built from scratch, so I’m trying to help Setentia get a wider fanbase.

      • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

        It’s going to be much harder to actually get your music out there without a label backing, as opposed to just having it lying around at some undusted corner of the internet. And as long as label’s exist – it’s going to be (somewhat) harder to get gigs too.

  • Howard Dean

    In related dissonant metal news: The Synarchy of Molten Bones is a fucking monster. Holy fuck. The wait was worth it. The guitars are out of this world, the drumming relentlessly pummels, and the vocals are next-level unhinged. Hail!

    • Howard Dean

      Downvotes?! Oh p’shaw! You’ll cowards don’t even Iatrogenesis.

      • I need to check this out. As I’ve pointed out time and time before I’m not a big DSO fan. But your description on the drums has got me somewhat interested now.

        • Howard Dean

          Knowing your taste/style, I would recommend starting with the early version of DsO: try the albums Inquisitors of Satan and Manifestations 2002. They are more second wave style black metal, but with really strong riffing and an ear for melody. They were a top-tier traditional style black metal band before they evolved. They also had splits with Clandestine Blaze, Mutiilation, and Moonblood from this era that are all really good.

          As for their later (and more well known) stuff–the stuff where they started getting more chaotic and sonically brutal, I think Si Monumentum Requires… is a good place to start (followed by the Kenose EP). These two are kind of a mid-way point between their traditional stuff and the later material. The album Fas… is just pure chaos, really dissonant and technical stuff that is honestly a difficult listen. Paracletus is a more refined version of that chaos, more atmosphere and melody and really unhinged vocals from Mikko (and it’s my favorite album of all time, just perfect for me). And there are a slew of EPs in between that are of a similar style and are all phenomenal. This new album is kind of a mix of Fas and Paracletus, and it is really, really good. Hugely dense, though, so it’s not a casual listen.

      • Also, most of the downvoted content here is usually good content 😉

      • Let me play devil’s advocate for a moment… It is a little jarring to be going through comments about the band Setentia and then see one quick detour towards Deathspell Omega. You have every right to do so, and the readers have every right to downvote if they chose. I ain’t complaining here, I like both bands, and I like the idea of “the invisible hand of unrestricted speech”…but some may voice otherwise.

        • Howard Dean

          I understand you are playing devil’s advocate, so this isn’t directed at you:

          People are free to downvote and dislike comments, of course. I personally don’t do it, because it doesn’t make much sense to me (I’d rather give an actual response if I dislike something, in order to provide some color or give some frame of reference).

          Generally speaking, though, I just don’t get it when the downvote/disdain pertains to someone referencing an album or making a comment about metal music. I mean, isn’t that the whole fucking point of the blog and the comments section–to talk about metal music? If I said something totally unrelated to music or something that was offensive or distasteful or irrelevant (“All people who live in Canada are communist wussies, and I think they should be exterminated by drowning them in poutine”) I would understand. However, in this context, with an article about the band Setentia (a band that plays dissonant metal), I would say that a comment about Deathspell Omega–a band well known for its dissonant metal, and a band who released a new album today–is pretty fitting and not at all jarring. Hell, I believe W even made reference to DsO in his Setentia vs. Ulcerate article from a few days ago.

          • I can’t agree any more with this statement.

          • I could be completely wrong too, I guess we’ll never know…cause like you said, a downvote isn’t really constructive criticism. So until somebody speaks up, we’re just going around in circles guessing at it!

          • I kinda don’t mind it. I just know where all the good shit is at the bottom of the comment section.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            DOWN FUCKING VOTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • Howard Dean

            Exactly this! That’s why I’m can never make sense of it in situations like this, and why I can’t think of a reason for it (besides it being me making the comment, which may in fact be the reason for the downvotes!).

          • If only there was a Byahvote button

          • Howard Dean

            Exactly. I’m going to contact disqus. Maybe even Facebook. They need to get in on this before it blows up and they miss the boat. Byahvotes will rule the day!


    • You hear all these bands drawing influence from DsO like your Plebian Grandstands and your Misthyrmings and then you hear this Ep. It serves as a reminder that there is only one DsO.

      • Howard Dean

        They really have a distinctive sound, and as I’ve always said, they are one of the only bands who actually achieves atmosphere, emotion and “feel” in their chaos–stuff that is sadly missing from a lot (most) of the dissonant metal out there. There is not sterility to it, even though the music is otherworldly chaotic. This new album is a monster, and has met all my expectations (which were lofty).

        I have to say that Misthyrming is a cut above most of the other bands in the style, though–partially because they are a little different and kind of do their own thing. They are a lot more melodic than most of their peers, and they are definitely one of the few who can conjure some healthy atmosphere and “feel.”

    • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

      Dude, it’s DsO!! I expected mastery and that’s what I got. Anything less would be uncivilized.


    • Jack Rabbit

      I haven’t listened to DSO before, but the album is insane. Near perfect blend of atmosphere, riffs, technicality, and all that jazz.

      • Howard Dean

        If you are enjoying Synarchy, you need to tackle the trilogy of Si Monumentum…, Fas…, and Paracletus, and work your way around from there to the EPs. And though it’s essentially a completely different sound, I wouldn’t neglect the early albums and splits. They are more than competent.


        • Jack Rabbit

          I’ll be sure to check those out. Thanks 😀

  • RustyShackleford

    My butt. It has been ruled. I have been shamefully out of touch with dissonant deathy jams. Thank you Mr. President. Yep.

  • Jack Rabbit

    God, the whole song was killer but that second half really stuck out.

  • Speaking of New Zealand. A new Heresiarch album is in the works.

  • oh fuck to yes!!

  • Joaquin Stick

    Yet another band to add to my dark side. Damn you W. Now I need to find more happy music to balance this out.
    (obviously listened to them in your last post, but this track solidified it)

  • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

    Good stuff, but I still prefer Ulcerate by a reasonably wide margin. Because I’m biased like that.

  • That album cover has an anus in the middle of it.

  • AeonsOvChaos
  • Waynecro

    Goddamn, this song is a ripper and a bludgeoner! Thanks, Dubya!

  • Count_Breznak

    They try a bit too hard to sound like Ulcerate while being more conventional. More posty-death is always good, tho.