Exclusive Stream: SEWERCIDE – “Megalithic Tomb”


Come and get your fix of crusty old-school death metal, courtesy Melbourne’s own Sewercide.

After a series of demos, splits, and last year’s very lit Severing the Mortal Cord EP, Sewercide are ready to drop their debut full-length record, Immortalized in Suffering. I was first introduced to the band by Lacertilian, our resident metal polyglot/gourmet chef/lizardperson. He really digs the band and goddammit, so should you.

“Megalithic Tomb”, the seventh track from the upcoming album, kicks in with hefty drums and a forceful guitar riff. Throughout, the band spits venom as they shift seamlessly from blastbeats to grooves and back again. You’ll find yourself alternatively air drumming and nodding your head like a dingus just as the track abruptly closes with the words of The Gemini Killer from Exorcist III, “He’s inside with us! He’ll never get away! His pain won’t end!” Jam it below.

Awesome, right? I’ve got even more good news for all US-dwelling metal nerds. Sewercide are planning a big daddy United States tour in support of Immortalized in Suffering. Peep the dates below and check them out in your neighborhood.

6/1 – Los Angeles, CA
6/3 – Phoenix, AZ
6/5 – Dallas, TX
6/6 – Austin, TX
6/7 – Houston, TX
6/9 – Gainsville, FL
6/10 – Tampa, FL
6/13 – Atlanta, GA
6/14 – Lexington, KY
6/17 – Baltimore, MD
6/18 – Philadelphia, PA
6/20 – Brooklyn, NY
6/21 – TBA
6/22 – TBA
6/23 – Worcster, MA
6/24 – Buffalo, NY
6/25 – Rochester, NY
6/26- Cleveland, OH
6/27 – Pittsburgh, PA
6/28 – Detroit, MI
6/29 – Minneapolis, MN
6/30- Colorado Springs, CO
7/1 – Denver, CO
7/6 – Oakland, CA
7/7 – Oakland, CA
7/8 – Ashland, OR
7/9 – Bend, OR
7/10 – Portland, OR
7/11 – Seattle, WA

Immortalized in Suffering is out June 13th on the very righteous Unspeakable Axe Records. Preorder it here, Like Sewercide on Facebook to get the details on their upcoming tour, then go get yourself a beer. You deserve it, champ [Lizard note: Joe means “cobber”].

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  • Toilets? Sewers? COINCIDENCE?



  • Crust?… And Death Metal you say ay?

  • tour nowhere near me

    and hold up . . . how many languages does Lassy speak?

    • i guess atl counts

    • I assumed you lived in TBA, USA

      • ToBeAnnexed, USA.



          BLAME RT FOR HB2

          • u cannot have a north, south and west carolina. that wood b too many carolinas lolz

          • on a real level, the state has always ignored wnc. they believe the state stops at hickory.

            FREE WNC


          • the “Pword” sounds dirty.

          • RJA

            I ordered the Agalloch records btw. Shipping was a little steep through them so I paid damn near 30 bucks a piece by the time it was done.

          • well, i imagine they arent light. ill probably be placing my order this friday or next

          • RJA

            It all seemed legit as an online order can – used paypal, received a receipt immediately, etc.

          • right on, thanks for the heads up. i guess we both will have a nice set of LPs to look forward to. then my buddy can stop talking about his etched Faustian Echoes LP

          • petition to rename “North Carolina” as “Carolina”, and “South Carolina” as “Redneck Beach”

          • accurate/10.

            if youre going to annex anything, make it SC

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            And rename itself Beardtopia.

          • p sure we have a lock on beards/capita

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            Are we talking Billy Mayes and Grizzly Adams kinda beards, or guy vaping in the corner of Starbucks hoping that someone notices his fedora and Ayn Rand book kinda beards?

          • both

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            Wow, I figured the Grizzly Adams types would’ve gone full Hostel on the neckbeards if they were anywhere near each other.

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            No clue.

          • Groo The Wanderer

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            It was Blackbeard. I shot him an email to see what was up.

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            Shit, I just noticed every last one of his comments, even on the new article, got deleted. Hoping he’s OK. Doesn’t seem like he got banned, just pissed off for one reason or another. Tell him I say hi!

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            If I hear back from him. He might have gotten pissed and gone full KJM.

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            I don’t see why. Nothing seems to be pissed off about. Doesn’t appear like anyone went off on him, and doesn’t seem like Joe or the rest of the crew scorned him for anything. I’m scratching my head on this one.

            It’s not like him or someone had a Sebastian Bach/William Shatner moment. Google it, it’s the most hilariously idiotic battle of the year!

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            He told me he is going to just lurk in the shadows for a while.

          • BACH!!!!!!!!

            Cool cool. Good to know he’s OK, at least, though I’m gonna miss his delightfully snarky humor.

          • more beer

            I think he will be back. But yea I like him a lot too.

    • “tour nowhere near me”

      Are you located in Venezuela now?

      • i tried to type yes but the internet went out

        • Disconnect your devices, your lights will probably go off and burn your fridge or something.

          #LivingInVenezuela #JustVenezuelanThings

          • Eliza

            You don’t need to say that bad things will happen in order for me not to disconnect my devices.

          • You should call for sick tomorrow morning at work so you can use that time to make a long file for goods and food and fight other people for the products.

            #LivingInVenezuela #JustVenezuelanThings

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            From what I’ve read recently, Venezuela’s two inches from turning into El Salvador. šŸ™

          • I think we have some common issues: bad governance, rampant criminal rates.

          • its just an excuse to buy nicer new ones, Eliza


  • Unspeakable Axe for best label of 2016

  • Austin Flushers: Sewercide is playing at Bull McCabe’s (?!?!) on a Monday night. Y’all should join me in attendance.

    • Is Austin getting destroyed by the rain?

      • For the past nine months or so. My buddy’s house has flooded twice.

        • I’ve seen that shit on the weather channel. I can only imagine how much it sucks actually being there.

      • Stanley loves to talk weather. Next time you see him on here ask him how his weather is.

        • Stanley


          • I’ve always been fascinated by weather for some reason. Especially tornadoes. I can watch tornado vids for hours.

          • more beer

            It is much different when they are blowing by you. I have had a couple of them not too far away from me at work. It’s pretty scary.

    • Cowboy Dick

      *peoples republic of Austin. I reckon.

    • Leif Bearikson

      Or come to Dallas the Sunday before and party with me

  • Groo The Wanderer

    Goatdayum, this is good! Loving that insanely low bottom end. Definitely noticing some old school Suffocation influence.
    Lo and behold, they are playing practically everywhere in America except anywhere near me. Hrrrrrrrrrrrrumph!

  • I’ve actually never seen any of the Exorcist sequels. Any good?

  • Yussss!!! The low end sounds in here crush and rips every limb.

    I think I will dig this even more than the previous EP.

    #LizardApproved and #HalfElfApproved

    • Lacertilian

      Can confirm, whole album rips, Link.
      You’re gonna love it!

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    fuck yes

  • Geležinis Vilkas

    Now this I like, very killer track!

  • excellent song! m/

  • Dudes just earned a pre order from me.

  • Edward/Breegrodamusā„¢

    Sick Godflesh shirt, brah.

    • It always puts a smirk on my face to know that Justin Broadrick was once in Napalm Death.

      • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

        It gets p amusing to think that Broadrick, Bill Steer and Justin Broadrick had their time in ND conaidering the bands they later became famous for…

        • Groo The Wanderer

          And don’t forget Lee Dorrian (Cathedral).
          PS, there were two Justin Broadricks in Napalm Death? ^^^^^^

      • more beer

        These guys are playing on the same night as Undergang here. I am still going to go to the Undergang show.

  • Eliza

    The riffs… I like them.

  • Count_Breznak
  • Unspeakable Axe

    As Tobi would say, you’re some sick fucking cunts for sharing this. Thanks for helping promote, Toilet, you’re still the best.

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    • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

      We were meant for each other <3